‘Adhura’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


At the time of writing this article, Prime Video, Emmay Entertainment, or the showrunners Ananya Banerjee and Gauravv K. Chawla haven’t confirmed or denied plans for Adhura Season 2. The first season of Adhura isn’t exactly conclusive, either. It’s quite open-ended, in fact, thereby leaving room for speculation regarding what’s going to happen to the characters in the future. Do I want a second season of this boring and bland show? No, I don’t. But if the people watch it and the producers think that they should spend more money and continue this narrative, then nobody can stop the showrunners from making a second season. With all that in mind, let’s put on our tinfoil hats and speculate where the story of Adhura can go based on what we’ve seen in the show and during its concluding moments.

Spoilers Alert

Ninad’s killers are dead. They are so dead that they can only be resurrected by some kind of evil spirit. By the looks of it, the doctors in the show do not have access to natural or supernatural forms of medication that’ll bring Dev, Malvika, Rajat, Suyash, Vyas, and Devi Prasad. Also, why should they come back? They are homophobes as well as killers. They should remain dead. That said, I’m not ruling out the possibility that someone close to those characters is going to do some kind of black magic and bring them back. And I’m mentioning black magic because that certainly exists. I do want to point out that whoever attempts to resurrect any of the aforementioned characters has to really love them because they are some of the most unlikable characters I’ve seen in a web series. Maybe they’ll be more tolerable if they turn into ghosts, ghouls, or zombies. They’ll just growl instead of talking. As long as they don’t talk, it’s all good.

Talking about black magic, it exists in the realm of Adhura. As shown in the final moments of the web series, Supriya went to a psychic of sorts who promised to help her get in touch with her dead son, Abhi. Supriya is a victim of postpartum depression. She couldn’t tolerate the cries of her child and, hence, drowned him in the bath. Supriya’s husband died by suicide because he couldn’t tolerate the loss of his child. Supriya is guilt-ridden and, hence, vulnerable. When she met Vedant (Ninad’s vessel), she saw it as a second opportunity to be a mother. Yes, women shouldn’t be defined by their ability or inability to be mothers. But Supriya is clearly a flawed character. That’s why she still thinks she needs to be a mother to absolve herself of her sins. However, the psychic said that the spirit that was communicating with Supriya wasn’t Abhi. It was something else. When Supriya opened her eyes after the magical ceremony, her eyes went black, just like the eyes of Ninad’s spirit.

The most obvious inference you can draw from this moment is that Ninad’s ghost has somehow entered Supriya’s body and is about to wreak some more havoc. And it’s possible that that’s correct because Ninad’s ghost clearly had an appetite for violence, and he wanted more. But what if I say that Ninad’s ghost wasn’t Ninad at all? Instead, was it some random evil spirit that was only pretending to be Ninad and murdering his killers to make it seem like Ninad was behind all this? What’s the proof? The hospital massacre, the deaths of the police officers, and Dev’s driver’s murder. If that was Ninad, he would’ve just gone for his killers? Why did he have to go for a bunch of innocent souls? The death of the puppies and the dog is further proof. Ninad used to be a kind soul. Why would he go uber-evil and kill innocent animals? It doesn’t make sense. That’s why I think that Ninad’s soul is still in some kind of purgatory, and a malevolent spirit has done all these misdeeds. Now, it has gained access to Supriya because of her apparent weakness. I also don’t want to rule out the possibility that the spirit that entered Supriya is that of her husband’s, largely because he is played by Anirban Bhattacharya. I don’t think he would take on a role that appears on the screen for a few seconds, and I hope he gets to do more.

Given how Supriya isn’t really connected to Adhiraj, it was weird to see the flickering lights on the plane that Adhiraj had boarded. So, I am guessing that the spirit pretending to be Ninad wants to kill Adhiraj too, because he came to know about him while he was in Vedant’s body. Adhiraj is as vulnerable as Vedant and Supriya, thereby making him a perfect vessel for a demon. However, this spirit has to be really powerful to create ripples from Supriya’s location to the airport. That’s why I am willing to bet that there aren’t one but two demons on the playing field. One has Supriya, and the other is still in Vedant. We know that this spirit or demon is capable of faking the fact that it has left its vessel. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that Vedant still has an evil spirit in him. He could’ve been on the flight (or an adjacent one) that Adhiraj was on because he was supposed to go back home with his parents. That’d justify the flickering of the lights coinciding with the demon entering Supriya’s body.

There’s one more loose thread, and that’s Chandra Prakash Jha. That man was bang on the money regarding the supernatural things happening at Nilgiri Valley School, but nobody was ready to listen to him. He is shown to be a deeply religious person, but he’s also off his rocker. Up until this point, he was skeptical about the existence of something supernatural. Now, he knows for sure that there’s a world that exists beyond the boundaries of mortality. And he’s surely going to access that. Why? To see if his god resides in that realm and if that god is going to give him some kind of a boon. Suppose you have seen enough horror movies and shows, though, you know that the exact opposite of that happens all the time. So, there’s a good chance that Mr. Jha will end up getting possessed by an evil entity, thereby making him the new villain of any future seasons of Adhura. That said, these are just my assumptions about the Prime Video series. Please check it out for yourself and let us know what you want to see in a potential second season of Adhura.

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