‘Agent Elvis’ Characters, Explained: Does Agent Elvis Resemble Elvis Presley In Real Life?


Here are the main characters of “Agent Elvis” and their personality traits that make the series all the more memorable. Not much is known about Gabriel Wolf except that he blames Elvis for his childhood trauma and his father’s death. Here’s to waiting for the second season to learn more about him so that we can add him to the list of antagonists with substance. Right now, The Commander seems to be more of an antagonist than the ones Elvis faced in the series. Even his persona as a superstar seems to have a bigger antagonist that is constantly getting him in trouble and is also creating a strained relationship between him and Priscilla.

Spoilers Ahead

Elvis Presley

The character based on the real person with the main character energy certainly gives us the vibes of the star, and with the southern drawl of the voice actor Matthew McConaughey, he really sold the character well. Although the authentic lilt of his voice was missing, they brilliantly captured the honest answers he would dish out to the media upon being asked questions. His interactions with his fans closely resembled his real-life interactions and made us sympathize with Priscilla as well. The character Elvis has an arrogant gait, and he treats the Commander as an equal rather than as his employer. He is vocal about his ideals and does not give a hoot about what others would think about his opinion. He harbored respect for President Nixon and did not doubt his personality even after the other characters outright slandered him. He quickly changed his notions about Nixon only after meeting and stalling him with a conversation so that Cece could quickly steal the classified documents related to the identity of TCB. This garners more respect for the character, as he chooses to believe what he sees rather than believing rumors.

The character, Elvis Presley, was merely associated with the personality traits of being stubborn and rash, with a major savior complex that affected his work and personal life a lot. Even though Presley is portrayed as a family man who loves his wife and his daughter, he prioritizes his career and spends more time busting drug cartels than focusing on his loved ones. The viewers have been made privy to the more sordid details of his family life, where a gradual drift can be noticed. Although his character was very exaggerated, it did capture the essence of the superstar he was while also capturing his casual approach toward the movies he had to act in. He preferred saving the world to the movies he was cast in. He was shown more as a person who hankered after heroics, as he secretly coveted Neil Armstrong’s position as the first man on the moon. He was satisfied only when the series fueled the conspiracies of the Moon Landing being a hoax cooked up for the television, and this is where Elvis had his moment on the moon, standing in for Neil. In some instances, the character comes off as shallow, and in other instances, he comes off as a kind-hearted and progressive man. He is really loved by his pet chimpanzee Scatter and his best friend Bobby, and Elvis would do anything to save their lives while also supporting them financially. He is portrayed as jumpy due to the flashbacks that have been locked to his brain. This, however, did not put a damper on his zeal to become the world’s hero. Although a little exaggerated, the character did resemble Elvis all too well.

Bobby Ray

Bobby Ray, one of the supporting characters and best friends of Elvis, is a mixture of both dunce and intelligence. He can learn how to operate any vehicle or plane in a matter of minutes. His lack of awareness of his surroundings has proven to help him out many times and has also saved his life. He is the one person Elvis can count on at any time in his life. He also stands in for Elvis during his movies whenever Elvis has to go on his mission to save the world. One of the most underrated characters in the series is Bobby, who is a ride-or-die kind of guy. He will take any as well as give his own life to help Elvis. He has a love-hate relationship with Scatter yet does not hesitate to save him when, in Episode 10, Scatter is sent to space via a one-way ticket to the moon. He transformed a plane into a space shuttle and only chose to mention its potential dangers once they had safely saved Scatter.


Elvis’ pet chimpanzee, Scatter, who has an IQ above average for a chimp, was trained at NASA to become the first chimp to ever go into space. After NASA cast Scatter out, he was taken in by Cowboy Jeb and sold to Elvis when Jeb went bankrupt. Scatter loves Elvis in his own way; he is always ready to listen to whatever Elvis says unless it bans him from drugs, alcohol, nightly fun, and gambling, in which case it might as well fall on deaf ears. He accompanies Elvis on his missions and helps him out by making the missions a lot easier with his unhinged accuracy for shooting at people. He is a fighter, and to save Elvis and help him out, even while he is stoned out of his mind, he agrees to be sent to space. Although he hadn’t known he wouldn’t come back, we’re pretty sure he’d still have gone anyway, having faith that if anything went wrong, Elvis and Bobby would come to save him. He also continuously fights with Bobby and has arguments with him because Bobby is the only one who can understand him.

Cece Ryder

Cece is the agent The Commander had sent to keep an eye on Elvis while also keeping him out of trouble. A cocktail of childhood trauma and badass skills in a leather suit, Cece could also have been inspired by Catwoman. She has unresolved issues with her mother and has no clue who her father is. At the end of the series, it is implied that Goulet might be her father, although we cannot be very sure about that. Cece, being a natural observer—one of the perks of having a traumatic childhood—gets a pretty good read on Elvis and discovers his weaknesses. To get him to agree to go on any of those missions, Cece had figured out how to stroke his vanity by promising him her stun gun the first time around. Her manipulation tactics and superb awareness skills let her shine in her missions. She works for the Commander, yet she is not afraid to switch sides if the situation so requires. She is a loyal friend, but she is also petty, which is why she waits until Elvis proves that he needs help before really helping him. She is not one to be undermined, and she loves her greens. She is ambitious and won’t stop till her work is done by getting Elvis to go along with her plans, as long as she also helps him out with his plans as well. She helps Elvis rediscover his memories, mainly because she is rather curious about Project Tupelo herself. This was also her way of taking revenge on Professor Leary, who had not brought her on board for the project. Cece is a force to be reckoned with, as she also chooses to tag along with Elvis of her own accord to help save Scatter because the chimp provides her with the best batch of greens. She does not feel attracted to Elvis and is rather intrigued by how easy it is to get him to agree to something he had been adamantly negative about.


Bertie might have also been involved in Project Tupelo because of the scene in Episode 10, where she warned the Commander to make sure that Elvis was not hurt. She is the designated guardian of Elvis after his mother lost her life. It is implied that Bertie’s influence could be the reason why Elvis chose rock and roll as his passion. She took care of him and could also sympathize with Priscilla as she tried to get him to understand that his own actions had been creating a rift between the couple. She loves Elvis, and she also tries her best to keep him out of trouble. She, too, gives in to his plans and agrees to help him out as she invites The Commander over, even though she absolutely detests him, to keep him busy while Elvis finds out about his memories. She is a strong, independent woman who is also quite fed up with Scatter racking up a large number of bills due to his gambling tendencies. She keeps the chimpanzee, Bobby Ray, and Elvis in check and is almost a full-time babysitter.

The Commander

He seems to be a deranged caricature of Nick Fury, right down to his signature beard. The Commander portrays both sadistic and masochistic traits, as he loves the sadistic feelings he gets from being an outright menace to society as he funds Hughes’ little projects while killing everybody who stands in his way. The masochistic tendencies come out only during his nightly visits to various known ladies, like Nixon’s wife, the First Lady, and also after Bertie clearly demeans him. He enjoys getting humiliated by Bertie, while he has some pretty questionable pictures with the first lady that he sent Elvis and Cece to retrieve under the pretense that they were classified documents of TCB. His obsession with Elvis had not dampened down even after Elvis had quit the agency; rather, his experiments on Elvis seemed to be the reason behind his heightened obsession with Elvis. He wanted to use the power Elvis wielded over the world as a famous rock and roll artist.

Elvis’ voice and songs had amassed a huge following, and everybody seemed to be at his beck and call, which is what The Commander had wanted to weaponize. With the help of the mad scientist Hughes, just when Elvis had signed up for the army, the Commander introduced Project Tupelo, and had gotten other scientists like Leary on board as well to finish the experiments. He knew Elvis would not be able to resist the trip down memory lane, and he also knew that when he would find out that his concert would be used as a weapon of mind control that turned people primal, he would not hesitate to save them and thus accept one last mission from The Commander. He also knew that Elvis would be crazy enough to save Scatter; however, he couldn’t have foreseen that Elvis would use himself to shield the plane. This is where his plans for clones came into play. This could also mean that the Commander could very well have had a clone of Elvis playing Elvis in the first place. His inhuman and deranged tendencies make the series a lot more intriguing, and we are here for it.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla’s character had a lot less screen time than her counterpart. Of course, the series was about Elvis, but this just goes to show the underlying message that even though Elvis genuinely loved his family, he simply had no time for them. In the ending scene, when Elvis leaves to go meet his fans, Priscilla understands and supports her husband; however, she is fed up with how much he doesn’t prioritize time with her even a bit. It just goes to show how tumultuous the couple’s relationship might have been at the end. Priscilla’s reduced screen time had a meaningful impact on the viewers, as her role in the show helped her share a glimpse of how it really went down at their home. Just a few phone calls, and she was expected to support him throughout, as her husband sometimes forgot she even existed. Being a teenage bride during that time must have done wonders for her insecurities as well as her pride. This goes to show how riddled with drugs Lisa Marie’s childhood must have been while Elvis had still been alive. We can tell Priscilla was no stranger to drugs herself as she expressed familiarity with them when Elvis asked her to try out LSD with him. Under the pretense of a happy marriage, Priscilla opened up to sharing her life as the wife of an absent husband.

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