‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 17 And 18: Recap And Ending – The Sorcery Of The Ice Stone


“Alchemy Of Souls” has reached a decisive moment in the politics and future of Daeho. Jin Mu has already won over the royal palace as the queen herself is a soul shifter working with him, and now he has brought Bu Yeon back to Jinwoyon and has been provoking Jinyowon’s leader against Songrim. The crown prince and Jang Uk met each other at Gaema village, looking for different people, but the answers led to one person, the queen. Jang Uk catches a person following him but doesn’t have a clue that it is his father, Jang Gang.

Why Does Mu Deok Accept To Get Herself Killed?

Jang Uk points his sword at Jang Gang in suspicion, but he is unfazed. He tells Uk that he followed him because he recognized the sword. Jang Uk relaxes a bit and starts asking him about his father. Jang Gang calls him an absolute maniac whose wife had an affair, and he ran away, abandoning his son and his Gwanju position. Uk has heard people gossiping about this, but it is his first time hearing it on his face. He is surprised to find out that the man also knows about his mother, who was the most beautiful woman in Daeho.

Jang Gang warns Jang Uk to never use sorcery and leaves. Jang Uk thinks he is a man who has been suffering because of sorcery. Mu Deok has been waiting for Jang Uk to return but is shy to express her feelings, and Uk leaves no chance to tease her about it.

So Yi has entered Jinyowon as Bu Yeon, but seeing Mu Deok has got her worried. Mu Deok doesn’t know So Yi, but she remembers Bu Yeon visiting her outside Jang Uk’s home, and her umbrella had caught her eye. It was the same umbrella that she had bought for Seo Yul. She visits Yul with Uk and intimidates him by interrogating him aggressively. Uk compares her nagging to a husband-wife quarrel and stops her.

Yul answers all the questions to Uk. He had given the umbrella to a blind girl named So Yi. If she is acting as Bu Yeon, there is a big threat coming to Daeho. Bu Yeon’s mother is happy to see her daughter, but she feels something is wrong with her. Before she can confirm her doubt, Jin Mu puts an offer before her. He is greedy and is using Bu Yeon’s mother to fulfill his ambition.

Lady Jin calls for a meeting of the unanimous assembly without informing Songrim about it. Songrim had been on the lookout for the ice stone secretly, and Jin Mu had it. However, other mage families were unaware that an ice stone still existed after Master Seo Gyeong destroyed all of them. Lady Jin tries to paint Songrim in a bad way and tells everyone that the master had given the stone to Jinyowon, and she revealed it because Songrim had been bothering other mages a lot lately.

When Park Jin mentions destroying the ice stone, all the mage families go against him. As the fight breaks out, Jin Mu sees an opportunity and tells Lady Jin to take charge of the assembly from Songrim. Park Jin refuses to let her take the ice stone back without destroying it. A war almost broke out, but Jang Uk stopped them. He assured them that the poem written by Master Seo Gyeong had the answer to why ice stone still exists.

All the mages have read the “Words Of Heart” written by the master, but only Jang Uk knows the real meaning because Master Lee has told him. Cho Yeon and Dang Gu retrieve the book from Jinyowon, but Dang Gu tries to stall the time because he thinks that’s what Jang Uk wants. In the meantime, Jang Uk and Seo Yul meet with the crown prince and reveal the queen’s real identity to him. He was dubious of her, but now he is convinced that the queen is a soul shifter. They are discussing this matter in Jongjingak, but back at the assembly, the king has ordered something ridiculous.

He wants to see the power of the stone and gives orders to kill Mu Deok and bring her back to life. Park Jin resisted, but Mu Deok agreed right away. It was her most-awaited chance to get her energy back. Mu Deok thinks she is the only one with a plan, but it is far from true. The queen wants to shift her soul into Bu Yeon when the ice stone’s energy opens and Lady Jin, on the other hand, wants to kill Mu Deok. She has understood that the girl beside her is not really her daughter. Bu Yeon had asked her mother to get rid of Mu Deok, and she has a chance now because she wants to hide the truth.

Lady Jin suffocates Mu Deok with her spell, but Mu Deok gets a vision of young Bu Yeon with her mother. Before breathing her last breath, she calls Lady Jin her mother and sheds tears. Lady Jin is dumbfounded and collapses on the floor. The ice stone is up in the air, but the queen cannot control it. It is the soul of Bu Yeon inside Mu Deok that is controlling it. Bu Yeon won’t let her body die easily.

What Did The Ice Stone Do To Mu Deok?

So Yi hears Mu Deok calling Lady Jin her mother and gets scared that her lie will be exposed and she will die. The ice stone has covered Songrim with dark clouds, but So Yi slashes the stone, which creates a storm and makes So Yi and Mu Deok disappear. The Prince, Yul, Uk, and other mages in Jongjjingak have no idea what’s happening, but they are unable to leave Jongjjingak as there is a barrier covering it. Some mages find So Yi and Mu Deok inside, but Bu Yeon tells them that she doesn’t remember how she came to Jongjjingak. Mu Deok lied that she was already there.

Mu Deok has gotten her energy back exactly as she had planned. She had told Jang Uk that she would leave him once she got her power back, but she couldn’t seem to do that. She has been avoiding Jang Uk, and he has noticed that. The mages can now only wait for the elders to break the barrier, and one of them tries to use his sword but loses his energy instead. The barrier is absorbing the energy from mages. The opposite to that of a soul shifter like Mu Deok, she has gained energy. The mages decide not to use their swords. Back in Songrim, all the mage families have summoned their soldiers, and war is likely to break out to get hold of the ice stone.

Yul finds So Yi and tries to get her to talk. So Yi has a crush on Yul and is happy to talk to him, but Yul finds her pitiful because she is just being used and will end up getting killed by Jin Mu. The petrified soul shifter in the Sejukwon has killed his mother and is now in Jongjjingak. The soul shifter tries to kill So Yi, but a scared   So Yi tells him that she is with Jin Mu. However, she has to bring him other humans to feed off of. He specifically asks for Seo Yul, but she tells him that he is not there. Instead, she sends Mu Deok to bring her a blanket from the room where the soul shifter is. Mu Deok meets Yul, who goes instead of her because Jang Uk has been looking for her. So Yi runs to the room when she hears it from Mu Deok, but the soul shifter has already attacked Yul.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 18: Ending

Park Jin, Master Heo, and Master Lee believe that Jang Gang will return soon as Daeho is in chaos again, and maidservant Kim has been waiting for him with a letter from Master Lee. Jang Gang does return, not at his home but at Cheonbugwan, where he is the Gwanju. So Yi and other mages save Yul, but the soul shifter is still alive. Yun Ok tried spells on him, but he was too powerful.

At this moment, Jang Uk understands that Mu Deok has also gained her energy back and that is why she is avoiding him. The only way to bring her to confess is to put himself in danger. He decides to lure the soul shifter into the secret room and lock him. Mu Deok knows about the soul shifter but has been ignoring it purposefully. She plans to shift souls, but if she does so, all of the mages inside are bound to die. She cannot bring herself to do it and tries to convince herself that she will save them one last time.

Mu Deok gets scared of Jang Uk and grabs her sword as soon as she finds out about his plan. The prince tries to stop her, but he knows that Mu Deok can do anything for Uk. She runs to the secret room and finds it locked and thinks Jang Uk is dead. After opening the door, she only sees the soul shifter and makes him unconscious. Jang Uk appears from behind, and Mu Deok points her sword at him.

When Jang Uk accepted Mu Deok as his master, he asked her to point her sword at him first if she ever had to use it. If she uses it, he will think of it as dying for his master, but if she withdraws it, he will give her a promise. Mu Deok withdraws the sword and asks for a promise from him. Not long ago, Mu Deok had asked Jang Uk to give her a promise for the future of their romantic relationship. Jang Uk kisses her and gives her the promise of the future that she wanted—the promise of marriage.

“Alchemy Of Souls” Season 1 is soon to end, and the final two episodes have high anticipation. As the alternate title of the series suggests, the “Soul Marriage” of Jang Uk and Mu Deok is in the cards, but they need to escape the ice stone barrier first and cool down the potential war in Daeho. Mu Deok is the real Bu Yeon, the most powerful priestess of Daeho, and also Naksu, one of the finest mages of Daeho; while Jang Uk is born with a King’s star—the savior of the world. The most powerful couple in Daeho has just emerged.

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