‘Back To 15’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Did Anita And Joel Stop Eduardo?


Back to 15 Season 1 had left us on a cliffhanger where Joel had accidentally gotten to know Anita’s secret, and that had changed the dynamics entirely. Anita’s life was changing without her going back and forth in time, and she was not able to comprehend how it was happening. Now we have to say that the strength of Back to 15 is not in the uniqueness of its narrative but in the relatability of its characters. The characters are endearing, and you are invested in the story even when the entire time travel concept has absolutely no logic behind it. But as we said, the makers also knew that the USP of the series was not its sci-fi elements, which is why they left a lot of things to our imagination. So, let’s find out what Joel and Anita were up to and if they were able to go back in time and mold their present the way they wanted to.

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Plot Summary: What Happens In ‘Back To 15’ Season 2?

In the first season of Back to 15, we saw that Joel had logged into Anita’s Photoblog account, because of which her reality was changing, and she was not able to understand how it was happening when she was not doing anything. She finally reset her password and went back to high school in 2006. Two months had passed since her sister’s disastrous birthday party, and she didn’t know how she had gone ahead in time without knowing, as this was not how time travel used to function before. A cultural festival was happening at her school, and she was the president of the organizing committee, totally unaware of what she had to do. She got to know what was happening to her when Joel was forced to perform his magic trick by Carol and asked to go on the stage.

Joel obviously hadn’t prepared anything, and he was as dumbfounded as Anita, so he ended up reciting a poem. The poem was actually the lyrics of a song named Bullet Train that had not been released up until then, and Anita immediately knew who had been tampering with the timeline. Anita had a fellow time traveler now, and though Joel wanted to go back to the year 2021, Anita wanted to stay in 2006 as she still needed to make a lot of amends. Anita did not understand that no matter how much she tried, not everything could be in her control, and there would still be facets of her life that she wouldn’t like and would want to change. She didn’t understand that if she had the capacity to ascertain everything, then life would lose its charm, and she wouldn’t be satisfied even then. Joel had no option but to agree to her, and he stayed back, reliving all the horrors and in the process tampering with the past, which was obviously going to create a whirlwind in the present timeline.

Teenage is a rather confusing time, and it was clearly evident by looking at the lives of Anita and her friends that they didn’t know what they wanted to do. Everybody seemed to be attracted to everybody, and that is why there were a lot of heartbreaks and conflicts happening on a daily basis. Anita had decided, even before coming back to her past, that she wanted to end up with Henrique. She just couldn’t forget the moments she had spent with him on that roof in Paris, and she wanted to do things the right way so that she ended up creating a future that she wanted. But obviously, life had other plans, and Anita just couldn’t control her impulses, even when she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Anita was attracted to Fabricio, though she still didn’t like it when Carol got close to Henrique. Joel didn’t want to be stranded on a date once again, so he was trying really hard to impress Anita and make her fall in love with him.

Meanwhile, Carol was also infatuated with Douglas, and things were getting complicated for everybody as no one knew who was going to end up with whom. Anita knew that she had to convince her sister, Luiza, to come back to Imperatriz because only then could she prevent her from having a bad relationship with their mother and make sure that she didn’t end up having a miserable life in the future. Luiza did come back, and Fabricio thought that he would get a chance to be with her. Luiza told Fabricio that she didn’t want to get back with him, though she would love to be best friends. It did feel like, for some time, that Fabricio was in denial, and he just didn’t want to accept that he had started feeling something for Anita. The fact that he had dated Luiza was probably making him even more awkward, and he kept his feelings to himself until the very end.

How Had Eduardo Become A Rich Investor?

Life was going fine until one day, the inevitable happened, and Luiza and Anita’s father succumbed to his illness. Anita’s life was shattered, and she just couldn’t deal with the grief. On the spur of the moment, she decided to post a picture on her Photoblog account and go back to 2021. When she reached the present timeline, she realized everybody’s life around her was a mess. She met Camila in a club in Buenos Aires, and ran away after she saw her, as she wanted to erase the fact that she had a past. Camila caught hold of her and told her mother she was about to sell her house as there was a new investor who was aggressively buying all the properties in Imperatriz. Anita didn’t want to remember her past, but the fact that her mother was selling the house where she had made so many memories with her father greatly affected her. She decided to go back to Imperatriz and ask her mother not to sell the house.

When Anita got home that day after talking to Camila, she saw her 15-year-old self-sitting beside her and convincing her to do the right thing. That 15-year-old Anita was a personification of her conscience, and it was trying to tell her that she would have to stop running away from her past. Anita once again went back to Imperatriz, and she was shocked to see what had happened to all her friends and family. Carol had become a physical education teacher while Luiza had married Fabricio and was working with him in his cafe, though they were very unhappy in their marriage. Henrique had started working for an anonymous real estate investor, and Anita didn’t appreciate it, as it was because of this investor that the entire town was torn apart. Joel had been living in his van for the past six months, all the while desperately trying to find Anita.

Joel told Anita that when she decided to post a picture after her father’s demise in Back to 15 Season 2, he too came back to the present timeline with her and realized that he didn’t even have the means to survive properly. Joel took her to meet everybody, and Anita did feel good to be back. All the friends were meeting after a long time, and they decided that they would not think about their issues and problems for the night and enjoy the time they had together. All of them got drunk and had the bizarre idea to vandalize the property of the investor where Henrique used to work. There was a small replica of the Eiffel Tower installed there, and Anita and her friends decided to bring it down. As soon as that structure fell, they knew that they had committed a mistake. The police arrived at the scene and took them into custody, and that is when they got to know that the investor was none other than Eduardo. We had seen earlier that when Joel and Anita had gone back in time together at the beginning of Back to 15, Eduardo had stolen Joel’s journal. In that journal, Joel had written everything that was about to happen in the next 15 years, and Eduardo studied it, memorized it, and then placed bets where he knew that he was going to win. Joel knew that Eduardo was not capable enough that he would make such a fortune, and he was sure that he had the journal in his possession. Joel told Anita that even if she didn’t want to go back in time, she would have to do it to take all of them out of his mess. Anita agreed, and once again, she went to her room and logged into her Photoblog account.

Ending Explained: Are Anita And Joel Able To Stop Eduardo?

Anita thought that if she didn’t think about her father’s death and didn’t meet people who reminded her of her past life, she would be able to escape that pain and grief. But it was not true. No matter which timeline she was in, her father was always going to leave her at some point in time, and she had to accept that fact and move ahead. Her father loved her, and he always believed her daughter to be a fighter who could stand in front of the storm and still emerge victorious. After Anita saw in Back to 15 Season 2 what Eduardo had done, she felt compelled to once again go back to 2006 and at least make sure that all her friends did not end up in such bad situations. Anita and Joel once again went back in time with the sole motive of taking the journal back from Eduardo. They knew that he was going to come to the annual festival organized at their school because he would want to test if what was written in the journal was true or not. It was the same festival at which Joel had won the lucky draw and got a laptop, obviously in another timeline. Eduardo did pick up the number 42, and he did win the lucky draw, but to Anita and Joel’s relief, he had not yet memorized the journal, which meant that if they took it from his possession now, they would be able to stop him. Eduardo escaped with the journal while Anita and Joel followed him. Anita and Joel were able to catch hold of him and get the journal, and they decided to burn it down so that no one else got to know what the future was going to be like.

Will There Be A Season 3?

Well, season 2 of Back to 15 didn’t end on a cliffhanger with regards to the intent of every character, as it was clear what each one of them wanted to do. But saying that, we also know that there were a few love stories that were incomplete, and the makers would probably want to come up with a third season so that the audience would get to know if there was a possibility of anything happening between their favorite characters. So, in the end, Anita shared an intimate moment with Joel and promised him that she wouldn’t keep him waiting this time. It pretty much felt like Joel and Anita would be a thing from here on, but just when Anita was about to log into her Photoblog account to travel back to the present timeline, something unexpected happened.

Fabricio arrived at her house, and he finally told Anita that he had started liking her. They shared an intimate moment, after which Anita went back to 2021 and decided to delete the Photoblog for good. But did she delete it in reality, or did something make her change her mind? Well, we don’t know that, though if there is a season 3 then even if she deleted her account she would find a different way to travel back in time. Personally, we think that the makers should not stretch the storyline any further and end it on this note, where Anita once again has a perfect life, is living with Camila, and is doing great professionally. But we know that Back to 15 has a huge fan following, and the makers might feel compelled to give the audience something more. Maybe in the next season, we will find out if Anita ends up with Joel, Fabricio, or someone else entirely, but we do hope that at some point, she makes peace with her choices and stops going back in time to change everything.

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