Bandish Bandits (2020) Review: When Pop meets Raag.


Bandish Bandits directed by Anand Tiwari, is a musical romantic series depicting the fusion between two people, from two different genres of music, with completely different family backgrounds.
Radhe (Ritwik Bhowmik), a classical music prodigy is a simple boy of Jodhpur coming from a family of singers with his grandfather Pandit Radhe Mohan Rathor (Naseeruddin Shah), a celebrated singer who is worshipped in Jodhpur for his music. Tamanna (Shreya Chaudhry), a pop star sensation is a modern girl from Mumbai who believes in the current genre of music which is judged by youtube views, unlike Radhe who considers it as noise.

“Chote kapde pehan ke, bada speaker lagake, mic pe gala phaadhke chilane se koi singer nahi ban jata hai”

Tamanna’s latest track failed drastically and she has just two weeks to churn out a good music album to save her contract with the JP music company. She fled to Jodhpur to get inspiration and bump into Radhe at a corporate show. She gets mesmerized with Radhe’s singing and approaches him for collaboration but Radhe has other ventures to fulfill, to be the heir of his family music and his grandfather Pandit Radhe Mohan Rathor, who is in himself very strict and disciplined about his music.

“Mai Sangeet Samrat banna chahtu hu, Panditji ki tarah”

But there could not be a love story without some drama. It seems Radhe’s family has a lot of secrets which he eventually finds out during the course of the series, one among them being money problems. Without having any family member with a stable job, the family goes through many financial problems, with a huge debt from the bank and moneylenders taken by his father Rajendra (Rajesh Tailang). In order to rescue his family, Radhe agrees to work with Tamanna who pays him a huge amount for that. Along with this collaboration, Radhe also practices for the “Sangeet Samrat” competition against his own uncle Digvijay (Atul Kulkarni) to save his “Gharana”. He also falls in love with Tamanna, impressed by her confidence and bubbly nature. But what will happen when his family gets to know about his lady love and his collaboration? Will he be able to fulfill his dream of being a Sangeet Samrat like his grandfather and save his family music and what other secrets are hidden in his family? Get all the answers yourself, by catching up on this series in Amazon Prime Videos.

The most beautiful aspect of Bandish Bandits, among all, is the music given by Shankar Ehsan Loy. The revival of Indian classical music, which somehow is lost in recent Bollywood flicks, is vividly shown in the series. The series is surely a treat for all those classical music fans out there. The music album of the series will surely keep you fixed to the screens and enjoy the sweet melodies. The exotic location of Rajasthan shown will soothe the eyes given that we are locked up in our homes for so long. The forts, “haveli” and crowded bazaars perfectly bring out the culture of Rajasthan. The series also touches upon various social topics, like women’s equality brought out by Radhe’s mother Mohini (Sheeba Chaddha).

The performance of each actor is fulfilling and can bind you with the series until the end. Naseeruddin Shah, no doubt, gave a wonderful performance as Panditji. The series also has its comic elements given by Rahul Kumar and Kunaal Roy Kapoor who make you laugh with their punchlines and impressive comic timings.

Bandish Bandits spread out in 10 episodes, is surely a must watch which will leave you wanting more in the end.


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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal is an Electrical Engineer, graduated from the Indian Insitute of Technology Palakkad. In her leisure time, she likes to watch films but more precisely writes her thoughts about it thus influencing others to watch more Good Content.

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