‘Birdgirl’ Season 1 Summary & Review – Messy And Not Funny


If you think managing one identity is weary, meet Birdgirl who is struggling with two. The juggle turns her life into total chaos and the writers of the show, Michael Ouweleen, and Erik Richter tried their best to find comedy in confusion.

Birdgirl is an animated Television Series created for Adult Swim, popularly known for their show Rick and Morty. In 6 episodes of 20 minutes each, the series follows the adventure of Judy Ken Sebben who inherits her father’s company, Sebben & Sebben. Judy’s father, Phil Ken Sebben was a popular superhero, Harvey Birdman and this series is a spin-off of the same.

Adding the feminine angle to the entire narrative, Judy is required to save her father’s company as well as save the city, by combating crimes like Birdgirl. Her persona is an analog of Batman, the rich businessman in the daytime and a vigilante at night.

The series follows a situational comedy setup under which Judy aka Birdgirl solves various conflicts at work. Her other persona, for unknown reasons, has been kept minimal, and thus, we don’t see much action throughout. It tries its best to sound funny and earn a smile or a chuckle but fails miserably.

For much of its part, the narrative is messy rather than funny. The situations approached for comedy are either sometimes too gross or too intellectual for an audience. Believe me, they made one entire episode on “foreskin” and it was big-time lame. While Rick and Morty by the same network had a similar style of dark humor yet the writing was its blessing in disguise. Witty one-liners and the depth of Rick’s character keep the fans engaged. But with Birdgirl, it’s all dirt on the lane.

The animation is smooth and visually bearable. Birdgirl is assisted by her workaholic assistant Gillian and her mind-reading friend, Meredith. Though, in its portrayal of the superhero genre, the animated series is an easily forgettable piece of fiction.

Other than its catchy intro music there is nothing snappy about Birdgirl. Though if you are looking for something feminist and pseudo-intellectual, here it is, “Who’s the girl that saves the world?” todo todo “Definitely, Not Birdgirl.

Birdgirl is a 2021 adult animated TV Series created by Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter. It is available on Adult Swim.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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