‘Bloody Brothers’ Season1: Ending, Explained – Does Jaggi Get Out Of Jail?


It’s been a long time since we instantly liked a show in its first few minutes. “Bloody Brothers” does that for you. Zee5, the online platform on which the show is airing, has taken it upon itself to adapt as many British shows as possible for the Indian audience. It started with “Mithya” and is continuing to do so with “Bloody Brothers,” which is a remake of the show “Guilt,” and ironically, that is the least expressed emotion in the show. However, the format of having only six episodes, with each episode lasting around 40 minutes, is working well for the platform.

The show is termed a “comedy,” and true to its description, it makes us laugh a lot. It subtly parodies the elements of popular detective stories and is very self-aware of its status as a remake, which is seen during a certain joke made by the protagonist that doesn’t land, and he has to explain it. That made us smile. But our one bone to pick with “Bloody Brothers” is that, for a show that respects the intelligence of its audience, it loses the plot in the last three episodes.

‘Bloody Brothers’ Plot Summary – What Is The Story About?

The story opens with Jaggi, played by Jaideep Ahlawat, and Diljeet, played by Mohammed Zeeshan, going home in their car after a party when they suddenly run over an old man. This makes them get down, and they realize that the man has passed away. To not let an old man lie like that on the road, they carry him inside his house and place him on the couch, where Jaggi sees the man’s medical reports and comes to know that he was suffering from cancer. In Jaggi’s words, what they have done by accident hastened his eventual demise, so they shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

The story that follows that night is an accurate representation of the phrase “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” After the funeral of the old man, who is identified as Samuel Alvarez, Diljeet gets a call from the lawyer saying he needs to come to collect his wallet, which he has forgotten in that man’s house. At this point, nobody suspects the brothers. At the house, he meets Samuel’s niece, Sophie, and they are instantly attracted to each other, though Jaggi disapproves of this. Things snowball from there on when Sophie starts suspecting the real cause of her uncle’s death, and one lie leads to another, making the web a lot more complicated. Amidst this, a new character is introduced: Sheila, who is Samuel’s neighbor and was his caretaker. She saw the accident that night and started blackmailing Jaggi to pay her the sum of Rs. 50,00,000 in exchange for her silence.

There is also the sub-plot of Jaggi’s wife Priya, played by Shruti Seth, who is deeply unhappy in her marriage and is troubled by the fact that Jaggi doesn’t seem to care about it all that much. That’s when she meets a woman, Tanya, played by Mugdha Godse, at her gym. Honestly, women working out with open hair is the height of female objectification. But ignoring that, we see Tanya taking an interest in Priya and inviting her to spend some time with her. That’s when she expresses her attraction to Priya, who rejects it before ultimately giving in to it after a few disappointments from Jaggi. This subplot was a very clear case of queer baiting, which has become increasingly common in a lot of today’s content. In another scene, we see that Tanya is someone who works for Handa, the gangster who is the boss of Jaggi and his illegal dealings, and Handa has planted Tanya as a honey trap to be able to manipulate Priya and, ultimately, Jaggi.

And this is where the plot diverges in two different directions. On the one hand, Sheila and her possible role in Samuel’s murder become clearer, and on the other hand, Jaggi and Diljeet are caught up in protecting themselves from Handa, and it is the focus on the latter plot that weakens the second half of the show.

‘Bloody Brothers’ Ending Explained: Does Jaggi Prove His Innocence?

Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, and “Bloody Brothers” Season 2 is clearly coming. Jaggi has very obviously thrown Diljeet under the bus. Diljeet knows about this, and he decides to protect himself by lying to the police that it was Jaggi behind the wheel. When the police arrest him, Diljeet realizes from his silence that he had ulterior motives for what he did and says so to Sophie.

On the other hand, before this happens, we see that Priya has decided to end her marriage with Jaggi, and his business has also been snatched away by Handa. So, he is literally a man left with nothing. Handa and Sheila have come together as partners, though we are not clear if Sheila sees him as that, or as her next victim.

The show ends with Sophie making an appearance and Jaggi releasing a new opportunity when he sees her. And that’s where the first season of “Bloody Brothers” ends. In the next season, we can hope to see the brothers come together to restore their lives and take down Handa and Sheila in the process. To be honest, we can’t wait to watch that.


The dialogues were literally the best part of the show. That doesn’t happen very often. Jaideep Ahlawat and Mohammed Zeeshan played the characters so naturally that they made you like them for all of their complications and flaws. Jaggi was undoubtedly the star of the show, and we laughed when he wanted us to and sympathized with him when he needed us to. Such was the conviction of the actor. Though it falters towards the end, it was a good show, and we genuinely look forward to the next season because we have a feeling that the wait will be worth it.

“Bloody Brothers” is a 2022 Indian Comedy-Thriller series directed by Shaad Ali.

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