‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Characters, Explained: What Killed David? His Friends or His Ego?


The A24 horror movie “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is the ideal fusion of a slasher and a psychological thriller. Directed by Halina Reijn, this freshly released horror is an outstanding effort to show the darkest side of the human being. A group of youngsters and how their chaotic interaction at a party would turn out to be a bloodbath is the pivotal part of the film. The film takes place at David’s house, where his friends come over to throw a ‘Hurricane’ party, but instead of playing the titular game, they end up killing each other for real. Eventually, it takes a twirl when the truth is revealed. What might be the truth? Let’s find out by going through each character’s mental picture throughout the film.

Characters Of Sophie and Bee: Explained

Sophie is in love with her girlfriend, Bee, at least from what it appears. They’ve been dating for six weeks. Sophie used to be an addict but has lately been sober. Despite being from a wealthy family, she appeared to be a down-to-earth person. She and her partner, Bee, arrive at her best friend David’s villa as the hurricane is about to hit. Sophie is a cheerful young lady who seems so charming on the outside that she never gives off the impression of having a traumatized past, but in reality, she does. She never thinks twice about telling Bee she loves her, but Bee remains silent in return. She is, however, alright with individuals taking their time to engage, which suggests Sophie’s patience in developing a strong connection. Despite all the positive energy, her best friend, David, does not want her in his place. Everyone in the group gets skeptical of her when she shows up with her girlfriend. David confronts her and behaves strangely toward the stranger she brought. But Sophie takes care of everything, that too with a smile on her face. After becoming envious of Jordan’s interaction with Bee, she even invites everyone to participate in the game “Bodies Bodies Bodies.”

The charm of the party turns into the darkest nightmare when Bee finds David’s dead body in the stormy weather outside. When suspicion falls on everyone, Sophie’s past traumas come forward. In a fight with David’s girlfriend Emma, it’s known that multiple times Sophie has been hospitalized for overdosing. After that, suddenly she disappeared without telling anyone, disconnecting with everybody from the group. Emma confronts her with the fact that David did not even want her in the first place. He was happy when she abruptly vanished, as he would not have to deal with her anymore. Jordan and Alice seem disappointed with her. Jordan warns Bee not to trust Sophie since, in Jordan’s opinion, the two engaged in physical intimacy. With the exception of Sophie and Bee, all of the gang finally get killed throughout the night.

On the other hand, Bee is a shy and introverted person who believes in taking time in a relationship instead of rushing into it. She hesitates before bursting into “I love you” before fully understanding the other. She arrives at David’s house with her girlfriend, Sophie, but she seems to be hiding something. She explores David’s home and makes an effort to talk to Sophie’s friends, but she finds them strange. When Sophie’s friends inquire about the length of their relationship, they appear surprised to learn that it has lasted for six weeks so far, as if being with Sophie is difficult. Most likely, they are talking about Sophie’s drug abuse. Despite appearing worried by her mother’s constant phone calls, Bee blends in well during the party. But ultimately, everything goes wrong. After accidentally killing Greg, Bee is devastated as all she did was to save her girlfriend. As a result of vomiting on her clothes, she goes to David’s room to change, but in such a big crisis, she puts on makeup. Everyone else’s suspicions fall more on Bee, but maybe she’s just trying to calm herself down. Eventually, we learn what she has been hiding since the beginning as her lies are caught. She lied about her college and her workplace before. When Jordan confronts her with everything, she confesses her lies, revealing a dark secret in her life. She says her mother has a borderline for which she feels embarrassed. After her confession, Sophie still chooses to comfort her.

Both Sophie and Bee appear to be dealing with their abnormalities in a normal way, but their trust is tested by the situation. When Jordan admits to having a romantic encounter with Sophie, Bee becomes enraged and decides to look through Sophie’s texts since she has lost faith in her. Sophie, however, invalidates Jordan’s allegations, but she hesitates to reveal her phone because of her fear. She proves that she had an affair with Jordan by tossing away her phone and hiding the texts. Maybe because of this, Sophie’s friends had warned Bee before. Sophie might seem cheerful on the outside, but she is a dishonest person on the inside. Both Sophie and Bee are young and traumatized. Both of them carry a burden from the past that causes everyone around them to condemn them. However, at the end of the gory night, when everyone is left pointing fingers at one another, it is difficult to tell who is true and who is not. At times, we saw both of them become antagonistic. While Bee kills Greg to defend Sophie, Emma is killed on the opposite side shortly following her fight with Sophie. So, it’s impossible to conclude whether one or both of them are guilty.

Character Of Jordan: Explained

Jordan seems strange from the very beginning when Sophie reaches David’s place with her girlfriend. As soon as Sophie and her girlfriend arrive at David’s apartment, Jordan strikes Sophie as odd. She keeps trying to get closer to Bee, even trying to warn her about Sophie. She once in her life tried therapy for her PTSD. Her mood swings make it difficult to tell whether she loves or hates her friends. She shouts when she lies, which is one of her behavioral features. She becomes agitated and shouts in defense after being accused during the “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” game. Even worse, she explicitly admits that she doesn’t enjoy or support her friend Alice’s podcast by rolling her eyes in Alice’s presence. She even kept a gun hidden from everyone after David was killed. In a heated argument with Alice, it is revealed that Jordan may have had a relationship with Sophie, which may not have lasted long simply because of Jordan’s superiority complex. To talk about this, Jordan, in a fit of rage, shoots Alice in the leg. She doesn’t care if anybody is hurt, as when she falls from the stairs, she shoots randomly, intending to kill Sophie and Bee, but instead, she dies. Even though she knew about her impending death, her last words were for Bee to check Sophie’s texts. Jordan doesn’t lie since it seems obvious that no one would do so at the moment of death.

Characters Of Alice and Greg: Explained

Alice and Greg have been in a relationship for two weeks. They met in a bar, and she fell in love with Greg just because he was a libra moon. Greg seems to be a forty-year-old guy who is far older than Alice. Greg is a veterinarian who is mistaken for a terrorist from Iraq or Afghanistan by the rest of the group because none of them know Greg. Just for two weeks’ acquaintance, she brings Greg and falls to everyone’s chagrin. Alice is a charming young woman whose words prove her to be a bit foolish. She trusts the zodiac signs and gets into a relationship with a stranger without knowing the exact details about him. In fact, when told about this, she protests. Although Greg isn’t actually a murderer, Alice is a bit of an idiot. She doesn’t even know which side she’s talking about. She considers Sophie a good friend but agrees with Jordan to humiliate her, and when Jordan is caught hating her podcast, she becomes furious and is shot dead in a brawl.

Characters Of Emma and David: Explained

Emma is an actress and has been David’s girlfriend for three years. However, she doesn’t seem to have a very good relationship with David from the start. The night before the Hurricane party, one of David’s friends, Max, confessed his feelings to Emma. Right after the moment, ​Emma and David’s relationship was torn apart. David, on the other hand, is a bit mad and frustrated because he doesn’t like the presence of his best friend Sophie from the beginning, and he can’t even stand Alice’s boyfriend Greg too. David feels jealous of Greg because he thinks he is more attractive than him. In a fit of rage, he never misses an opportunity to insult Greg. In fact, being suspected as a killer in the game “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” he loses his patience and goes out in the dark and is finally killed. Suspicious of Max’s absence in David’s death, Emma protests. As a result, she argues with Sophie. Whereas, according to Sophie, Emma was only in a relationship with David to have a boyfriend, Emma reveals that David can’t even stand her nominal best friend. Finally, when Sophie apologizes to Emma, ​​who weirdly kisses her as if Sophie loves her too.  

Emma may perceive herself as the most desired person in the group, just as her goddess complex grew at Max’s proposal, but she may never have wished David dead. Anyway, when Sophie gives Emma some pills, she trips and ends up falling down the stairs to her death. It could be that Sophie pushed her away. However, all the death and suspicion are for naught when David’s phone is found in the morning light. Bee and Sophie can see that David turned on the phone video and got injured while trying to open a champagne bottle with a sword. Therefore, nobody has killed him. His ego and jealousy are to blame for this. David was furious when he saw Greg pull off such a feat with the sword. However, to prove himself better than Greg, he committed the same error again later that evening and killed himself.

In the way real dead bodies actually start to be found shortly after playing “bodies bodies bodies”, our idea indicates the presence of evil, but, at the end of the movie, it tries to explain that there can be no evil greater than the darkness inside people. Everyone in this group was wealthy, and the drug addict, having some trauma involved in the past, slowly walked down the path of their humanity. They all point fingers at each other without judging their own faults. Even though David’s murder was a complete accident, the rest died only of suspicion and hatred. Even though Bee is completely new here, she kills an innocent only influenced by her doubts. Even Sophie doesn’t go beyond suspicion because she was the one who provided the pills to Emma before her death. Therefore, even if both survive to the end, neither is freed from sharing the blame. The movie ends on a great cliffhanger, leaving these two in the dark among all the deaths.

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