‘Boo, Bitch’ Ending, Explained: What Happened When Erika Had To Face An Unexpected Twist In The Tale?


“Boo, Bitch” is a Netflix teenage drama about two best friends who have spent most of their high school years staying away from drama, only to realize that they have missed out on the fun and must make up for it now that they are about to graduate. Gia tries to convince her best friend Erika Vu to attend prom with her, knowing how repulsed Erika is by the idea. Erika wanted to be invisible for the few remaining days of school since it helped her to stay away from drama and embarrassment. She had clashed with the most popular girl, Riley, right at the beginning of high school, and from then on, she chose to stay invisible. It was only after taking a look at the yearbook, which featured the name “Helen Who” instead of “Erika Vu,” that she got furious. It was Riley who had spread the name Helen Who, and now, even after four years, she has to live with a name that is not hers. She wanted people to know her by her real name, and she refused to be paralyzed by Riley’s force. And thus, the best friends decided to attend a party and enjoy their lives guilt-free.

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‘Boo, Bitch’ Plot Summary: What Is This Miniseries About?

Erika’s parents were overjoyed after learning that their daughter was finally stepping into a party with her best friend, something that they had hoped for years. After reaching Jake W’s party, Erika and Gia started to open up. They decided to say “yes” to every kind of experience that they would be offered at the party. The high schoolers started chanting Erika’s name after she won a game of beer pong. The party helped them to shine and get over their doubts. Erika even caught Jake C’s attention; the man Erika had had a crush on for the last four years. He was Riley’s boyfriend, though their relationship was not in the best shape. After noticing how self-absorbed Riley was, Jake broke up with her. Even though Jake was with the most popular girl, he preferred a low-profile life, and he found his perfect match in Erika. They interacted for the first time when she made him a drink at the party, and from then on, they felt a growing attraction. Jake wanted to be in touch with her, and Erika was glad to share her number. After their delightful night, the girls walked home, discussing how they were finally living their best lives and would attend prom as well. Just as they promised to live their lives without any care, a vehicle approached them, and the next thing Erika knew was that she was lying on her bed, and it was morning. Gia’s call woke her up, and they wondered what had happened last night. Erika noticed that the chain Gia gifted her was missing, and to find it, they decided to go to the spot where they met with an accident.

After reaching the woods, they found Erika’s chain hanging from the branch of a tree, and right next to the tree was a dead moose, and under it a human body. The body had Erika’s shoes on. This distressed Erika, and she fell unconscious. After returning to her senses, she and Gia tried to figure out what had happened. Was it Erika’s body under the moose? If so, how could she continue to converse with Gia? Gia was convinced that it was Erika’s spirit right next to her, and soon they figured out that Erika was visible to the people around them. Therefore, unlike the representation of spirits in popular culture, Erika could be seen and felt, but she now possessed the power to communicate through electricity, and animals could smell that she was a ghost, and she could also control temperature. But she had to figure out why she was still wandering about instead of ascending. And for how long could she live her life? The best friends go on an eccentric journey to find the answers, but in the process, they grow apart, only to realize how much they need one another to navigate their lives.

What Was Erika’s Purpose In Her Afterlife? 

Erika was invited by Jake to his house to relax and fix the hangover after the party. While Erika was overjoyed by the prospect of it, she also had to figure out the purpose of her afterlife. She and Gia sought help from The Afterlifers, a group of three who specialized in dark magic. Brad was an aspiring magician who practiced low magic; Gavin was a medium, and Raven was a witch. They informed Erika that, at times, spirits can be seen and heard unless their bodies are put to rest. And if the ghost was living a human life, it was referred to as an embodied ghost, whose purpose was to finish unfinished business in their mortal lives. Erika now had to figure out what her purpose was, and she remembered that the night of the party, she was about to kiss Jake, but they did not. She concluded that her unfinished business was kissing Jake, after which she could ascend. She started saying her goodbyes to her family and friends. She knew it would be all over once she kissed Jake, though kissing him was not as easy as she thought it would be.

Riley made her way back to Jake, and Erika had to figure out a way to fulfill her purpose. She was invited to a prom-proposal where she came across Jake. Before she could interact with him, Riley crossed her path, though this time, she was not looking for a way to embarrass Erika. Instead, she wanted for them to be friends. Erika agreed to her proposal, though Riley soon added that now that they were friends, they could not get into a relationship with each other’s ex. Erika replied that she did not intend to go to prom with Jake, and she believed Riley could go with him if she wanted. Jake overheard this conversation and took her aside. He confronted her about not meeting him at his house and asked Riley to go along with him to the prom. Erika reasoned that she always found prom to be problematic, considering how it originated from a racist, sexist, and exclusionary practice. Even though Jake agreed with Erika’s argument, he continued to believe that she was too confusing for him. Knowing how she would lose Jake if she did not confess her feelings, she laid her heart out and disclosed how she had been in love with Jake for four years and that after meeting him at the party, she realized how kind, humorous and sweet he was. She confessed that she wanted to kiss him at the party, and Jake responded that they could kiss now. Erika was astonished by how she could kiss the man of her dreams and not ascend. She was living the moment and not slipping away like she thought she would after fulfilling her purpose.

While not disappearing was delightful, she had to rethink her unfulfilled business in her mortal life. And above all, she and Gia had to figure out a way to delay the decomposition process of the body that was lying under the moose in the forest. They headed out to a local store to buy ice and, to make a large amount of ice purchase casually, she added that it was for her house party. Jake W overheard it and spread the word. Now, Gia and Erika had to throw a party that had to be epic, or else they would be remembered as the losers they were previously thought of as being. Along with it, the two figured out that it must be a prom that Erika had to attend to ascend since that was what they were discussing before the accident. While Erika’s life was overcomplicated, her budding romance with Jake bothered Riley, who pretended to be unaffected by it.

How Did Erika’s Sudden Change Affect Gia? 

Erika and Gia prepared for the ice-themed party, knowing that the temperature was at a low with Erika’s presence. Gia’s house was packed with teenagers, and while Erika was busy romancing her lover, Gia was struggling to keep everything in order. She tried to stop people from wearing her mother’s collection of coats. She was heartbroken when she noticed Jake M cozying up with her classmate. She thought she and Jake M had a connection, but clearly, he was not her priority. Tired of how the party was unfolding, Gia went up to her room. When Gavin entered the room, he had gathered all the coats and dumped them on the bed without realizing that Gia was lying there. She made space for Gavin and discussed how left out she felt from the party. She was attracted to him, and he was visibly interested in her, and the two eventually kissed each other. 

Meanwhile, Gia tried to convince Jake C to go to the prom with her even though she had previously stated how problematic prom was. She reasoned that she was afraid that he would have never asked her, and he said that he agreed with her, thinking that she was too cool to accompany him to the prom. After clearing up their misunderstanding, they agreed to be each other’s prom date, and she shared that she would wear a midnight blue dress to the event. This made Riley burst out in anger. She stressed that midnight blue was her color and, therefore, she refused to allow Erika to steal away that joy from her. She was tired of Erika taking everything from her, starting with her boyfriend and now the color of her prom dress. But Erika was not ready to be bullied again. She retorted that her boyfriend had broken up with Riley when they got together and that midnight blue was a color that anyone could wear since she did not own it. She announced that she refused to be controlled by Riley anymore, asking for a show of hands from all those who wanted to wear midnight blue. The hands showed that people were no longer scared of Riley’s reaction and instead trusted Erika since she fought for their rights. Everyone chanted Erika’s name as she asked Riley to leave if she did not enjoy the party. Erika was the new popular girl at school, and everyone around her respected her for standing up against Riley, which no one else dared to do. 

While Erika’s popularity rose, Gia was starting to lose her best friend. Erika was drowning in fame, and she hunted down those who hated her. Gia used to leave behind hateful comments in a desperate attempt to bring her friend back to her. But none of it worked. Instead, she became friends with Riley, who agreed to be her frenemy. She started to dress like Riley and speak like her. She had her minions as well. Her friendship with Riley bothered Jake, who did not seem to relate to Erika anymore. She had become an influencer on social media, and her parents were disturbed by the amount of money she had started to spend on reviewing products. Erika believed that she did not have much time left; therefore, she wanted to have as many followers as she could before leaving the world. Gia needed her best friend now that she had kissed Gavin, who refused to acknowledge her at school the next day. 

In her desperate need for likes and comments, Erika completely forgot the fact that she had to take care of her decomposing body, which, if completely decomposed, would result in her disappearance. Gia reminded her of it time and again, and they finally went together to freeze the body with ice bags. Erika was apologetic for her absence and reminded Gia that she chose to accompany her to the woods instead of attending her family dinner, to prove how much she valued their friendship. Gia forgave her best friend and asked her to go home while she took care of the body. Erika left, and Gia took charge. When she was about to leave, a car crossed her path. She saw Riley and Erika enjoying themselves together. She realized that her friend had lied to her to spend time with her new friend, whom she had hated a few months back.

The only good thing happening in Gia’s life was Gavin, who started spending time with her after their initial hiccup. He wanted to ask her out for prom, and he sought Erika’s advice, who directed him to simply text her a message. Even though it was just a message, Gia was thrilled to be asked to prom. But her happiness was short-lived since Erika had some other plan. She figured after talking with the Afterlifers that if she was more popular in her death than she was alive, then she would have to never ascend. She wanted to live her newfound fame, and she believed that if she attended prom, her unfinished business, then she would be forced to ascend. Therefore, upon the revelation of the prom theme, she got on stage and started a movement called “#cancelprom.” She publicly spoke about how problematic the age-old tradition was, and she wanted her school to start a movement where they would defy the meaningless tradition and not celebrate prom. She found support, and the students vandalized the prom preparations. Gia was heartbroken. She wanted to attend the prom, and now that she finally had a date, Erika ruined it for her. In a moment of anger and frustration, she challenged Erika to stop her from dragging her body in the middle of the road so that people could find out that she was dead.

‘Boo, Bitch’ Ending Explained: What Happened When Erika Had To Face An Unexpected Twist In The Tale? 

Erika followed Gia, and the two fought it out until the body was pulled out from under the moose. Erika was shocked to see Gia’s deceased body. All this while, she thought she was the ghost, when it was her best friend who had died that night. Gia dressed her body in Erika’s shoes to make her believe that it was her under the animal. She did not wish for Erika to stop living her life right after the night she enjoyed the most. Gia did not know what else to do, which was why she chose to make Erika believe that she was dead and had limited time to fulfill her wishes. Erika refused to accept that it was all a selfless act. She was enraged by how Gia made the decisions all by herself without even discussing them with her. She felt cheated, and she ended their friendship to prove that she could live the best life without her best friend’s presence. But soon after, she was in trouble for a video in which she spoke ill of her friends. Erika knew that only Gia could help her by ruining the video with her powers, and so she texted Gia, who innocently came back to her friend, hoping that they would reunite. But instead, she realized how selfish Erika was, who, even after learning that Gia was glitching and would probably fade away soon, did not care at all about her presence. Gia was desperate to understand what her unfinished business was, but Erika made the process all the more difficult. She chose to break up with Galvin soon after, knowing that she would disappear completely and that would hurt the man who had fallen in love with her.

Erika’s life was going downhill with a new trend, “#uncancelcancelprom.” Students wanted to attend the prom, and Erika was facing the brunt of it. Her social media movement became a joke, and everyone started to cancel her for trying to ruin the one event that they looked forward to. Even her BuzzFeed article was about how she got canceled for canceling prom. Riley and her minions stopped talking to her, and Jake broke up with her. Erika was left all alone. She was now alive, yet she did not have anyone to share her joy with. After being grounded by her parents for driving without a license, she realized how much she missed Gia, her one true best friend. After talking to her parents, she concluded that Gia had been invisible to everyone except her and Galvin. Galvin was a medium, which could also be the reason why he could see her. 

Erika was supposed to help Gia fulfill her unfinished business, but she had failed as a friend. Erika was determined to find Gia and, in some way, help her ascend. She and Galvin got together to discuss what could be her unfinished business, and they realized that it must be something that involved both of them, which was why she could be seen by them. Erika realized that her unfinished business must be prom since she was always enthusiastic about it. Galvin was supposed to take her as his date, and Erika had to help her best friend live her dream. The only problem was that no one knew where Gia was. They set her prom dress and shoes in her room and hoped for her to see the clues and come prepared. Erika got dressed for prom as well, and even though she wanted to cancel prom, she now had to go with her best friend. It was humiliating for her, but she wanted to be there for Gia, and finally, she saw Gia enter the hallway in a beautiful dress. 

After reuniting with Erika, she had her last dance with Galvin. When the prom queen and king’s names were announced, Erika went onstage to talk about Gia. She spoke about their friendship, how much she would miss having her in her life, and what an influence she was. Even though most students did not even remember Gia since she was mostly invisible, Erika wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to her best friend, who meant the world to her. She wanted Gia to be crowned the prom queen, and Riley, who had won the crown, dedicated it to Gia. After this, Gia disappeared into a golden glow as she ascended.

Later, Erika and Jake decided to give themselves another chance since she was back to her usual self. Gia continued to be a part of Erika’s life in the form of light flickers, and lava lamp glows. “Boo, Bitch” started with Erika believing that it was better to be invisible than visible, though, after Gia’s death and a lot of drama, she realized how much it meant to be seen and recognized by the people around us. It was Gia’s love for her that helped her to understand her true worth and fearlessly express herself. She would have never stepped out of her shell had she not believed that she did not have enough time on her hand. Even though it was not in the best way possible, Gia tried to put the interests of her friend before her own, even after her death. Their friendship was one of a kind since, in some ways, Gia continued to live through Erika.

 “Boo, Bitch” is a 2022 Comedy Romance miniseries streaming on Netflix.

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