Why Did Carla Leave Gustavo In ‘Thursday’s Widows’? The Maldonados, Explained


The Maldonados were the last ones to buy a house in the Tinseltown of Thursday’s Widows, known as Los Altos de las Cascadas, and the community welcomed them with open arms. Carla and Gustavo looked madly in love with each other, and it felt like they were a bit different from the other couples who lived there. It seemed like Gustavo really adored his wife and valued her presence in his life, but things were not as simple as they seemed, and gradually, we got to know that their relationship was probably the worst of the lot. So, let’s find out what happened to Carla and Gustavo and why the former decided to leave her husband for good.

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What happened between Carla and Gustavo?

Gustavo was the kind of man who felt good about himself when he hung out with powerful and wealthy people. Maintaining his status was an important aspect of Gustavo’s life, which is why he decided to buy the house in Los Altos de las Cascadas, even though he knew that it would drain all his savings. It was a bad financial move, but Gustavo didn’t care about that, as he just wanted to flaunt his wealth and tell the world that he had made it in his life. Carla, on the other hand, didn’t want to move there, as she was happy with the small world she had created for herself.

Gustavo told her that he was buying the house for her, but in reality, it was a gift that he was giving himself. Gustavo had these phases where he became way too insecure and ended up doing bizarre things, the consequences of which Carla had to bear. The man abused her physically at times and really got angry if she did anything without asking him. Carla didn’t have anything to hide, and she was as pure-hearted as a person could get. Carla and Gustavo were trying to have a baby, but the former wasn’t sure if she wanted to take such a big step at that juncture. She was unsure if she wanted to have a baby with Gustavo. There were times when the man scared her to death, and she didn’t understand what she had done wrong to make him lose his temper. But Gustavo was like that, and nothing could be done about it.

After every fight, Carla made herself believe that Gustavo wasn’t an abuser and that maybe things would get better from there. But she was delusional in thinking so because such behavioral traits do not vanish overnight. All hell broke loose when Carla decided that she would work with Mavi, and she didn’t inform Gustavo about it. This was after Gustavo raised suspicions about one time when Carla used his card to buy a puppy for La La, her neighbor. Gustavo had told Carla very rudely to get his permission before using his credit card the next time. Carla felt really hurt, but she forgot about the issue, hoping that it was just a one-time thing and that Gustavo didn’t mean what he really said. But now, once again, Gustavo was extremely mad at her for working for Mavi. Things got really heated up, and Gustavo hit Carla so badly that she fell to the ground, and the beating left a huge black scar around her eyes. Carla was distraught, and Gustavo had the audacity to ask her the next day to forgive him just because he had apologized to her. But Carla could never let go of her feelings and get over the fact that the person she had decided to spend her life with had treated her in such a manner.

Why did Carla decide to leave Gustavo?

The thought of leaving Gustavo for good hadn’t crossed Carla’s mind until she met Rosa and Carmen, two other ladies living in the neighborhood who didn’t have good relationships with their husbands, and they probably had been through a similar ordeal in the past. Carmen told Carla that a person never really changes, and if Gustavo had behaved with her in such a manner, in all probability, he would repeat it again in the future. Carmen told Carla upfront that she should think about leaving Gustavo because if she stayed, the cycle would keep going on, and then a time would come when Carla would find out that this was what she had to bear her whole life. At that moment, Carla decided that she would leave Gustovo, and she knew that it was the worst possible punishment she could give him.

Carla, at this point in Thursday’s Widows, had found out that she was pregnant and had made up her mind to get an abortion. She knew that Gustavo was not the kind of man with whom she would want to have a baby, as she herself was not happy with her relationship. Carla asked for Mavi’s help, and she went to the hospital and got an abortion. She then came back, secretly packed her things, and left without saying anything to Gustavo. She knew that if she told him about her plans, he would start acting all psychotic, lose his temper, and convince her not to go. That is why she found it best to leave secretly, and it had the exact impact on Gustavo she had expected.

Gustavo was wrecked, and he didn’t know what he could do now to curtail the damage that had been done. Carla’s leaving him became the reason Gustavo agreed to join Tano’s plan and commit suicide. Gustavo wasn’t having any financial crises; in fact, he was doing great for himself, but he couldn’t imagine a life without his wife, and she should have thought about it before. When Carla was there, he made all sorts of allegations against her when she was doing nothing. And if he knew that his anger was so bad, then he should have done something about it before. But the fact was that he kept on making Carla a victim because he didn’t feel that it was that bad a thing.

We had seen how he comfortably went to her and asked her to forget about whatever had happened and that they would go on vacation and spend some quality time together. Gustavo deserved to be where he was, and Carla had made the bravest decision to live life on her own terms and not spend even a minute more with her abuser. Gustavo was having second thoughts just before Tano and Martin were going to execute the plan. But Tano convinced him and made sure that he committed suicide with them. Gustavo, at the end of Thursday’s Widows, was dragged into the pool by Tano, and together with Martin, all three of them gave up their lives.

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