‘Constellation’ Season 2 Theories & Expectations: Will Henry Rebuild CAL?


Even though there is no official confirmation for a season 2, the first season of Constellation ended on a massive cliffhanger, which makes me believe that it would likely be renewed for another season. In this universe, anyone who crosses the Kármán line starts hearing voices and hallucinates after their return to Earth. Irena Valentina Lysenko, the executive controller of Russian Roscosmos, came across a number of astronauts (including herself) who experienced such a strange phenomenon, and while the viewers already know the reasons behind it, the characters in the show are yet to find out.

Spoiler Alert

What Will Happen to Jo with a Disfigured Face?

The closing shot of Constellation Season 1 revealed that the Jo with a disfigured face was very much alive. It means she would be able to make contact with Earth and might be able to return only after she has treated her face wounds. In her reality, her daughter Alice and husband, Magnus, finally came to terms with her death, but her survival will mark the beginning of a new conflict in their lives, especially when Alice gets to know that her mother is stuck in a different reality. It can be speculated that if Jo with a disfigured face returns to Earth, then she might help Paul and Henry recreate the CAL machine so as to help her return to her original reality and reunite with her own Alice. Maybe Jo’s daughter is named Alice for a reason, and it is she who will play an important role in reversing the CAL effect in the second season. Together with Irena, Alice will plunge into the rabbit hole to not only bring back her daughter but also to save the unborn child, whose existence currently dwells between two realities.

Will Henry be able to return to his original reality?

The CAL machine only existed in Henry’s reality because his counterpart, Bud, wasn’t bright enough to create such a device. Now, at the end of Constellation season 1, Bud, out of his greed, switched realities with Henry and destroyed the CAL, believing it would destroy the bridge between the two worlds, making the switch permanent. Maybe that’s possible, or maybe not. Henry, who is currently behind bars for crimes he didn’t commit, will most likely join forces with Paul (who too hails from a different reality) to develop another CAL device in the new reality. Earlier, Bud refused to recognize Paul because he never met the guy, and just like Jo, Paul too was impacted by the CAL and switched worlds. Now, when both Henry and Paul are stuck in the same world, the two will most likely work on the project once again like they did during their time at NASA (considering Henry will likely be able to prove his innocence). If not, then he will help Paul from the prison cell itself. In short, the CAL is the only means to bring things back to normal and, most importantly, to bring Bud back to the original reality so that he can be punished for the crimes he committed.

Will Jo return to the family?

The last episode of Constellation season 1 reunited the family as Magnus and Alice finally accepted the new Jo and decided to continue their journey together. Jo, on the other hand, made peace with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to return to Alice, and therefore, this new world is the reality that she has to live in. However, the question still remains: will Jo bring a new child into the world? The answer is yes, as Jo is unaware of the fact that her unborn child could wreak havoc between the two realities. However, Irena, who has seen Jo’s ultrasound scans, knows that the child is stuck somewhere between the two worlds. Will this newborn possess special abilities to travel between two realities? Or will they suffer from similar hallucinations, just on a larger scale, because of their condition?

Irena, along with her successor, Ilya Andreev, will most likely try to find a solution to Jo’s condition. At this juncture, Irena knows that Henry, living in her reality, is an evil man, so there is no point seeking help from him. And even if they do recreate the CAL machine, it wouldn’t be able to solve Jo’s rare condition. The safest solution would be to remove the fetus, but will Jo let Irena do so? Jo’s unborn child is going to play an extremely important role in the second season of Constellation. Maybe the creators will use Changeling folklore next time around where Irena, the troll, will sacrifice a child to bring back the mother, Jo.

How Will Irena Help the Astronauts?

It is not just Jo, Paul, Irena, or Henry who started to hear and see things after their return to Earth from space. According to Irena’s research, almost all the space travelers suffered from astronaut burnout or high-altitude psychosis. If we consider these astronauts to be black particles belonging to world A, then during space travel, these black particles break into (or come into contact) with the barrier of world B, which establishes an unwanted connection with their counterpart, say white particles. Once the barrier is broken or a connection is established, these black particles and white particles keep seeing and hearing things from the alternative realities. It makes it extremely difficult for them to differentiate between what’s really happening in their reality and what’s not. This can be better explained through the experiences of Jo, Paul, and Henry.

Now, assuming that all the astronauts in the Constellation universe are going through a similar madness, Irena, Ilya, or maybe someone else entirely has to find a cure for it. In short, they have to find a means to close the barrier between the two realities; otherwise, it would make future space missions extremely difficult and complicated. In such a case, no astronaut will ever be able to live peacefully after their return to Earth, and every space travel would be seen as a suicide mission. At the end of Constellation season 1, Irena sends an email to all the astronauts on her contact list, requesting that they share their experiences. Such data might help her or her team develop a permanent cure for this madness. 

Will Bud try to stop Irena and Henry?

If I entertain the possibility that Irena will try to bring Henry back to his original reality, then Bud wouldn’t let her accomplish the task so easily. He will likely turn out to be the antagonist of season 2, who will try to stop Irena at all costs. I believe he won’t be able to stop Henry and Paul after the destruction of the CAL machine, as it was his only way to switch between two realities. Or maybe not. Whatever the case might be, Bud wouldn’t want to go back to his previous pathetic life, and he’ll do everything in his power to stop the people from undoing the chain of events that he and Henry had started. Let’s hope the second season of Constellation takes this thrilling sci-fi story in interesting and mind-bending directions.

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