‘Criminal Record’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Adelaide Burrowes?


June Lenker had decided in the previous episode of Criminal Record that she was not going to stop unless and until she found the truth. She knew that the Hayes Lane caller and Errol’s case were linked and that Hegarty was trying to hide his track so that no one came to know what he did in the past. June had Sonya by her side, and both women decided to work together and help each other in whatever way they could. So, let’s find out what June Lenker found out and if she was able to get any closer to finding out what exactly happened on that fateful night when Adelaide Burrowes was killed.

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Why did Hegarty put June on Isaac’s case?

At the beginning of Criminal Record episode 3, we saw that a young boy named Isaac Whitlow was shot at by an anonymous man, and the case was handed over to DCI Hegarty and his division. They were quite low on manpower, so a request was made to the officers of other departments to volunteer and help in the ongoing investigation. Hegarty was the one who approved the volunteers, and on purpose, he chose June Lenker. He wanted to keep her around so that he could see what she was up to. Hegarty’s colleague and friend, Kim Cardwell, kept a close eye on June and her movements, and the latter realized why he was asked to “babysit” her. Hegarty knew something about the Errol Matis and Adelaide Borrowes case, and he knew that he couldn’t let the truth come out in the open. There was foul play involved, and Hegarty knew that if the truth came out, then his entire life would be over. He probably knew that Errol was not the murderer, but still, he pressed charges and put him behind bars. Isaac, the boy who had been shot at, miraculously survived, though he was in a state of coma. The bullet was stuck in his head, and he was kept under observation by the doctors.

We had seen in the earlier episode of Criminal Record that Sonya told June that the woman in the CCTV camera, who was apparently the Hayes Lane caller, was still alive. They started searching for her, and Sonya realized midway through their investigation that they would need more people to help them. Sonya looped in Doris and her friends, and they started sticking pamphlets on the streets and talking to every person they could to find out if they had seen the woman or if they knew anything about her whereabouts. Hegarty came to know about it when he went to meet Tony Gilfoyle, and the latter gave him the pamphlets and made him aware of what was happening under his nose. Tony wanted to gossip about June and told him that the woman could sabotage their careers. But Hegarty still didn’t want to reveal all his cards to June and do something that would make his intentions very obvious.

What did June get to know from Errol?

June was very skeptical about taking all the evidence related to the Adelaide Borrowes case to her home, but Sonya insisted she do so. Sonya wanted June to go through the entire file and the recordings and find something that they were not able to during the preliminary investigation. June got even more confused after she went through all the evidence. It was a very confusing case, and she was not able to figure out Errol’s motives and intentions. She was not able to rule him out as a suspect, but the evidence was not enough to even conclusively say that he was the culprit. Adelaide’s blood was found on Errol’s clothes, and he had tried to escape with Patrick when he met with an accident. Sonya told June that the investigators considered it a case of Murder-Suicide, where they assumed that after killing Adelaide, Errol tried taking his life. But Sonya pointed out that Errol hadn’t intentionally rammed his car, as he was turning right and probably going to his mother’s house when the truck hit him from the side. Had he been waiting to take his life, he would have turned the other way around but hit the vehicle head-on in full force. Sonya asked June to go and meet Errol in prison, as she could probably get some information that could help their case. But June was skeptical, as she knew that she would have to do it behind Hegarty’s back, and if he came to know about it, she would land in big trouble. But Sonya assured her that she would make sure that nobody came to know about her visit.

June finally met Errol, and she got to know that he had an alibi, about which he had told the investigating officers back in the day. Errol was with a man named Mustafa at his barber shop, but the police officials told him that they were not able to find any such man. Errol was in a terrible state, and he couldn’t tell June anything with conviction. He was taking drugs, and the thought of taking his life had crossed his mind many times. One thing that June could make out was that he loved Patrick, and the moment she took his name, his eyes brightened up, and he wanted to know how he was doing. June might not have gotten any solid evidence like she expected, but she came to know the kind of man Errol was.

What did June find out about Hegarty?

At the end of Criminal Record Episode 3, we saw that Hegarty apparently got a tip-off, and he got to know the name and whereabouts of a man named Jason Reeves, who was the one who had shot Isaac Whitlow. The police went to his house, but he had escaped before that. June, who was standing on the perimeter, saw him coming towards her, and before she could do anything, he shot at her. Lucky for June, he missed the shot, and no harm came to her. The police caught Jason and also found his firearm. Another thing that happened at the end of episode 3 was that a police officer named Mick Hargreaves contacted June, as she had earlier called him to ask about an old case in which Patrick was caught by the police but then later released. Patrick was charged with “possession with an intent to supply drugs”, but then DCI Hegarty came to his rescue and said the words that he could vouch for the guy.

June didn’t know why Hegarty was protecting Patrick, but she realized that she was right all this time. Hegarty got to know that June Lenker had gone to the White Cross prison, and he asked her why she was not present during the briefing. June played it well. She told Hegarty that she had gone to the White Cross prison, as she already presumed that he would have been tracking her movements. She said that she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to get suspicious about the fact that she was trying to meet Errol. June told the half-truth, and probably because she accepted that she went to prison, Hegarty bought it also. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what Hegarty does next and if June is able to get the better of him and expose him.

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