‘Dick Turpin’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Dick Escape The Syndicate?


The penultimate episode of Dick Turpin introduces us to a new character, played by Connor Swindells, the popular actor best known for Barbie, in the most unrecognizable guise, and I for one love it. You go into Dick’s adventures knowing they’re going to be ridiculous, so after a point, you become quite unfazed by whatever the show throws at you. However, a highwayman with more pizzazz, oomph, and flamboyance than Dick? That is simply preposterous, yet here we are. I’m not going to lie; the absence of Christopher Wilde is a bit disappointing because it almost seemed as if he were the big antagonist of this show. But here’s hoping for his presence in the final episode. With that aside, let’s swiftly dive into Dick Turpin episode 5, where thrills and excitement await us. 

Spoiler Alert

What’s Dick Up To Now That He’s Famous? 

Dick Turpin’s adventures have become famous across England thanks to Eliza’s pamphlets. It seems her fabricated work has made Dick so popular that people from across the country are coming to get a glimpse of him and to have their jewels stolen by the most celebrated highwayman out there. The Warlock takes the visitors on his cart while they await Dick’s entry to steal their goods. However, on this day, despite paying a hefty price, the visitors (a family of three) are met by the gang without Dick. They’re of course furious by this, and the child blatantly proclaims her hate for the gang, leaving them sour. On the other hand, Dick’s actually at his first signing, where he simply gives his autograph to fans. He obviously can’t be in two places at once, but apparently, this leaves an opportunity for another exquisite highwayman to make his presence known in Hempstead. In comes Tommy Silversides, a dashing highwayman whose perfect, bouncy blonde locks frame his agile figure as he effortlessly wields his sword with gymnastic finesse and exudes boundless pizzazz (haw! blasphemy). Tommy has one mission: to replace Dick and make Hempstead his territory. I mean, even Nell isn’t able to peel his eyes off the man and might even have a crush on him, so Dick’s in some trouble. 

Dick thinks he has everything under control at Little Karen’s bar, but unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Whatever Dick’s good at, i.e., pizzazz, vegetable carving (I wouldn’t really count this as one of his good skills, but since he’s vegan, let’s go with it), or even knitting! But most importantly, he’s got hair that makes Little Karen seek his conditioner; you know he’s the real deal. So, Tommy challenges Dick to a duel, and if Tommy wins, he’ll get the gang and Hempstead all to himself, and Dick will, well, simply be dead. 

What Happens to Nell and Dick? 

Nell tries to train Dick with the gun, but he’s not a killing machine like her, so he refuses to even try. However, in the middle of their training session, where Nell admits that they’re good friends, they get kidnapped by members of the Syndicate. Awaiting their entrance is Helen Gwinear, the big boss of the Syndicate. She introduces herself to Dick while he’s struggling to look for Nell, but it seems that’s not a problem at all because Nell is, in fact, Helen’s daughter. She was kidnapped too because Helen wanted to talk to her daughter, who otherwise would never see her. On the other hand, Dick makes a good impression on Helen, and they even get a bit flirty (eww), which Nell hates. Eventually, Helen tells Dick that she wants him to join the Syndicate. On the other hand, Honesty and Moose, who worry for Dick’s safety, try to distract Tommy and get him drunk, but he’s ahead of the game and knows exactly what they’re doing. 

Helen pays attention to the details because she even gets Dick a vegan steak, but that’s not enough for Dick. See, whatever material gifts you give him, whatever fancy hair product you offer, or whatever knitting equipment you have in store for him, Dick doesn’t really care. All he needs is time with his friends (and an occasional Thai spa, apparently). Nell’s slightly impressed, but as the two of them try to run and escape the grand palace that Helen has them in, they stumble upon a room with Tommy’s things. So he actually works for the Syndicate, but Helen wants Dick too because he’s basically a celebrity and everyone loves the idea of him stealing from them. It’s a nice place to be as a highwayman, I’d say. 

What Does Helen Threaten Nell With? 

At the end of Dick Turpin episode 5, Dick doesn’t show up to the duel because he’s put in the dungeons by Helen, and Nell shows up there to try and explain to everyone that he’s run away. The letter she presents is obviously written by her and not Dick, but is read aloud in front of everyone. Now, Tommy’s the new highwayman of Hempstead and the leader of the gang. It seems the niceties were all an act, and Tommy’s actually a terrible person (I mean, obviously, what’d you expect with curls like that), while Dick rots in a dungeon. With his newfound power as the leader of the gang, Tommy’s tyranny is about to take over, leaving chill old Hempstead in turmoil. Meanwhile, Dick languishes in the dungeons all by himself, with no way out. As darkness descends upon Hempstead, a sense of foreboding lingers in the air, signaling uncertain times ahead for our protagonist Dick and his fellows Honesty, Moose, and Nell. Now, I’d imagine Wilde is in the dungeons with Dick and might help him escape. Though this is Dick, we know he’s capable of escaping on his own without intentionally doing anything for it. With only one episode left of Dick Turpin, we can expect a truly dramatic finale, a real duel between Tommy and Dick. 

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