Seung Hi And In Ho In Doctor Cha Season 1, Explained: Did They End Up Together?


Season 1 of Doctor Cha ended on quite an ambiguous note in regard to the relationship between In Ho and Seung Hi. In Ho was told by Eun Soo to pursue Seung Hi, “for a change” since she was always the one who had been waiting for him. In Ho does mention that it would be a very shameless thing to do but that suggestion undoubtedly gets stuck in his mind. There is a lot to be explored here in terms of their relationship and whether there is any scope for them to actually get together. To be honest, what they had done was one of the worst things ever. If they really had such strong feelings for each other, why did In Ho not get divorced from Jeong Suk years earlier? It couldn’t have been just for Jung Min and I Rang’s sake, considering he had another daughter anyway. 

It has been mentioned quite a few times that Seung Hi and In Ho were each other’s first love in college. In fact, everyone thought that they would end up together and they might have if Jeong Suk had not gotten pregnant. Seung Hi and In Ho broke up but maybe In Ho never got over her. We are not talking about it in a way that he was still pining for her. But maybe, in some corner of his mind, he believed that he had compromised in life. Seung Hi came from a rich background and for reasons of her own, even Jeong Suk believed that she was an amazing person. In Ho’s mother had not been happy about Jeong Suk being her daughter in law and it wasn’t until the very end that she acknowledged her worth.

In addition to this, In Ho never came across as being sensitive or emotionally intelligent. In Ho was a selfish man who only thought about himself and his current circumstances. He should have stayed faithful to Seung Hi to begin with and when the repercussions of that changed the course of his life, he still did not learn his lesson and cheated on Jeong Suk again. In a way, maybe he thought about it as a one-time thing. He probably never thought that he would see Seung Hi again or be tied to her. But he failed to check if Seung Hi thought the same way. We don’t think he made his feelings clear when he was cheating on her. Jeong Suk did that after the deed was done. That is why Seung Hi continued expecting something from him. It is true that she knew that In Ho did not want an illegitimate child. But Seung Hi wanted to be a mother so she went ahead with the pregnancy. It would be unfair to say that she did it to tie down In Ho because Seung Hi’s past and the repercussions she faced from her family indicate that she did it out of her own desire to be a mother. It would have been much easier for her to abort the child and keep her family’s money. But she chose something else.

Eun Soo was right when she said that In Ho is not that charming. We don’t see it or even hear it once from the ladies as to why they both fell in love with him. Jeong Suk might not have pursued In Ho if she hadn’t been pregnant. But Seung Hi was in love with him. She came from an affluent family, and she was a beautiful woman who had everything going on for her. Unlike Jeong Suk, she had absolutely no reason to settle for anyone or anything. It is just one of those times when we don’t understand why but maybe Seung Hi did indeed love him. Though we don’t see it in the series, Doctor Cha, it is impossible that Seung Hi never met another man after In Ho. There must have been someone who pursued her and expressed his feelings for her. Considering the changing times, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine that there was a person who was willing to be a father to Eun Soo as well.

Seung Hi’s life could not have stopped in one place due to her pregnancy or her affair. She was a successful woman who had travelled the world and there was nothing to stop her in life except herself. This means that she never really got over her feelings for In ho and despite everything going on for her, she wanted only him to be her partner. Seung Hi was aware that she had no right to want what she did but when someone said that the heart wants what it wants, he wasn’t just talking about the sweeter side of longing. Seung hi had a hard life and even though it was one of her own choosing, she wanted to see the result of it. That is why she got so belligerent and stubborn in Doctor Cha, about not being the one to leave. We think it was her last ditch attempt, a final push for what she had always wanted. Once that wore off, it did not matter whether she was successful or not because she was done. 

When Eun Soo told her that In Ho and Jeong Suk were divorced, Seung Hi did not care because she had long realized that she may or may not have had In Ho’s love but the other things that one requires for a good relationship, the trust, understanding and support, she never had. If she was worried about Eun Soo, then Seung Hi had to realize that In Ho would never stand up for her the way he did for Jung Min or I Rang. As for In Ho, when he was sitting in his director’s chair, he thought of Jeong Suk and her children, not Seung Hi and Eun Soo. he never loved Jeong Suk, but he had affection for her, one that comes after spending twenty years together. 

We believe that Seung Hi and In Ho were still in love after everything that happened in Doctor Cha. What others would think is probably not a real roadblock for them considering everything they have been through together. It was odd that Seung Hi chose In Ho’s hospital for the affiliation. It is probably a signal that though they might not get together immediately, they needed a way to be in each other’s life. They would have to build the missing parts of their relationship organically and only then would their love have a chance. We don’t think that Seung Hi and In Ho in Doctor Cha ended up dating after his divorce. But we also believe that they have a lot of unsaid things between them and they are slowly working on being each other’s support and partners going forward. 

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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