‘Elite Short Stories: Philippe Caye Felipe’ Ending, Explained – Who Is Felipe?


Netflix’s ‘Elite Short Stories’ is back after Season 4 and the first chapter focuses on Cayetana. The three-part mini-series is named ‘Philippe Caye Felipe’ and shows us the life of Cayetana after her breakup with the prince in season 4 of the Spanish teen drama. Before the release of season 4, Elite short stories briefly discussed what happened in the lives of the lead characters such as Guzman, Omar, Samuel and the likes. The new short stories collection seems to be such a preview as well, though the release date of season 5 is not yet declared.

‘Elite Short Stories: Philippe Caye Felipe’ Plot Summary

The mini-series starts with Cayetana and Rebe at a clothing donation before Christmas. The volunteer at the donation throws a fit when people hand him old or torn clothes. While Rebe felt unsure about handing her clothes to the volunteer, Cayetana convinced her to donate. After a few exchanges of snarky remarks, we get to know that the name of the volunteer is Felipe. It becomes an instant joke considering how close-sounding the name was to Cayetana’s ex-boyfriend Phillipe. 

After learning that Cayetana is a seamstress, Felipe asks her to join him for the volunteer service to design and fix the clothes they receive to help provide those in need with decent clothing on Christmas. Cayetana accepts the offer and starts working with Felipe. Meanwhile, the French prince, Philippe, comes across Cayetana once again at the clothing donation and continues to contact her hoping to receive her forgiveness after he tried to force himself on her in Season 4.

How Does Philippe & Cayetana Meet Again?

While Cayetana was busy helping Felipe, Philippe’s car was about to run into a girl named Lora. The girl was searching for her dog ‘Republic’ , a humorous moment considering how Philippe represented the monarchy. In an attempt to help Lora, Philippe with his bodyguards searched for “Republic.” That was when he met Cayetana at the clothing donation. The two shared an awkward moment in which Philippe tried to prove how generous he was to help a stranger find her dog but that did not impress Cayetana. 

Later that day, the prince sent luxurious clothing to the donation drive as a way to show his generosity. A furious Cayetana asked Felipe to get rid of the clothes. The two went on a date as Felipe agreed to let go of the luxurious donation for Cayetana. Even though there was mutual attraction the presence of the prince in Caye’s life was evident. 

‘Elite Short Stories: Philippe Caye Felipe’ Ending

As Caye gradually started getting attracted to Felipe she found Philippe at the clothing donation. People gathered around the donation drive to take a look at the prince which left Caye irritated and disgusted. While Philippe maintained that he was there only to promote the donation drive and not to make her jealous, Cayetana felt that it was another attempt to show her his power and to make her feel jealous about Lora. The two confronted each other, which is when Caye asked him to leave her alone and at the same time confessed having feelings for him. Upon learning about her emotions, Philippe was glad that she cared and begged for her forgiveness. 

After much persuasion, Caye agreed to be his friend and nothing more. Caye and Felipe discussed their situation after the prince left the store. While Caye hoped for another date with him, Felipe refused to continue with their friendship. He stated that he knew that Caye had feelings for the prince and he could not be in love with someone who would run away from him at any moment. Even though she was disappointed, Caye understood Felipe’s position and left the store.

What We Can Expect Next?

This short story indicated a probable continuation of friendship between Cayetana and the prince, Philippe, though there is no confirmation of their reunion in season 5. There are two other short stories which will be released this month, one will focus on Samuel and Omar while the other is about Patrick. The Samuel Omar short stories will release on 20th of December and the Patrick short stories will release on the 23rd of December. 

Elite Short Stories is a Romantic Drama Series streaming on Netflix.

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