‘Etharkkum Thunindhavan’ Ending, Explained: Can Krishna Save All The Women Of His Village?


Women are frequently used as conduits by gangs in tiny villages to acquire dominance over the impoverished or society in general. Because the system is faulty on every level, it is difficult to suppress its unbridled power as a norm. While men believe they are the superior species, the opposite gender is subjected to atrocities and exploitation. In villages, power operates differently, and the ecosystem suffers greatly as a result of these inconsistencies. Innocent people’s lives are being lost. When corruption wants a platform, it invariably finds one, hurting economies and possibly even democracy. “Etharkkum Thunindhavan” tries to portray the narrative of Krishna, a lawyer who wants to do good and, when the system fails him, takes matters into his own hands. This act alone has the potential to affect the outcome diplomatically, and we can only hope that in the next film, we will see a stronger return with justice being administered fairly. Let us learn about Krishna’s quest for justice through a well-written narrative.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Etharkkum Thunindhavan’ Plot Summary

Men confessing honorable acts of nobility are shot at the beginning of “Etharkkum Thunindhavan.” The rumor is that a certain man is murdering people. Krishna Kumar is the salvation in their views. There is a network outage in the village. For a few hours, no one has access to cell phone coverage or the internet. Krishna emerges from a garage area bloodied in the face as his mother’s face, full of questions, appears outside with the entire Police Force looking to apprehend and imprison him. He is splattered with blood and wields a sword in one hand.

Sangramgarh village is a rich tiny settlement. Women were always seen as prosperous entities in the village, with sacred rights and existence. Certain festivals served as pedestals to honor their genuineness. This festival is reported to be celebrated in Dakshinagarh, a nearby town. It is considered that marrying a woman from this town is the most prosperous option for a man from a neighboring town. The ceremony honors women while also resolving any community issues that may arise.

There is a special businessman family in Sangramgarh that is preparing to honor their son, Prem, for all of the achievements in industrial business that he has brought to the area. We see him in his room, his rifle pointed at his wife’s head. We get a firsthand look at his criminal tendencies. The party continues after he kills her with a shot to the head.

Particular ladies from certain households appear to be in a state of despair. Krishna Kumar, who is starting a love affair with a newfound crush named Aarthi, hears about their stories. These women’s stories begin to unfold when they call Krishna for help. The story of Krishna’s chivalry and valor begins with Aarthi’s companion Raagini, who has an affair with a boy. This young man is linked to Prem, who is quietly but systematically exploiting women and their families.

The death of Malathi, a girl from the same village as Krishna, and her family have a significant impact on the community. The plot thickens, and the village realizes that there is a growing threat in the town. Krishna’s father, for whatever reason, wants something done about it. When Krishna learns that Malathi has already had two abortions, he is already on high alert.

After a lady committed suicide as a result of a domestic conflict, the town was deeply affected by the incident and refused to celebrate any women’s festival. The Kumar family is hiding a horrible secret, and a memory from their past haunts them every day. After accepting the events that occurred, Krishna’s life is set to change when he invites love into his life and seeks to assist the ladies in his town. Krishna must work to preserve his wife’s dignity, as well as the dignity of the other women in the community.

‘Etharkkum Thunindhavan’ Ending Explained: Can Krishna Preserve His Wife’s Dignity?

Krishna Kumar is a well-respected lawyer from Sangramgarh. He is a vibrant man who enjoys singing and dancing. His father is a lot like him, with the same interests as him. Krishna is a devoted and sincere son. His mother expresses her care for him all of the time. However, a traumatic event remains vivid in their minds.

Krishna had a younger sister when he was a child. They were playing along the road one day. Two bikers pass by and smack the girl in the back of the head with a stick. She is knocked out and dies instantly. They were devastated by their loss. They put a photograph of her on an altar in the living room and ignite an oil lamp that remains lit. It has never been put off for 25 years. The Yashoda residence, where Krishna and his family reside, has never been locked, and no one has ever left the house abandoned. This was done solely to ensure that no one in the village is denied assistance at any moment when they request it.

When Krishna is most enamored with Aarthi, his new life begins. He has to have her, but he does so with the utmost respect, knowing that she lives with her parents. Krishna’s parents devise a scheme to marry her, but they also instruct a trustworthy confidante to notify Aarthi’s parents that she might be kidnapped. Amid the turmoil during a prestigious village wedding, Krishna marries her and then vanishes when Aarthi informs him of Ragini’s SOS alarm on the app that Krishna downloaded on their phones. 

Krishna grabs her phone and fights his way through the crowd to Ragini. He tracks her location through the app and arrives just in time to discover Prem’s thugs are hunting her down to kill her. He stands up for her honor and takes her into his personal custody. This enrages him greatly, but he must remain calm and figure out a solution to save this girl. Prem calls and demands that he send her over, or else vulgar intimate films of her will be posted on social media.

After attempting numerous methods of conforming to the law and securing Ragini, Krishna turns to the courts to resolve the situation and carry out justice. Krishna and Aarthi have started a new life together after Krishna gradually won her over from her father, but there is another peril they must confront together. Prem strategically shoots a film of Krishna’s wife in the shower and of them making love in their bed. He sends it to both Krishna and Aarthi, as well as the entire community, causing enormous internal strife for the Kumar family.

Krishna has figured out how the broadcasting network works. With this footage of his wife’s being leaked, he has her sit in front of the phone camera and has her speak clearly of her vulnerabilities as a woman. She even names the criminals and identifies them with their families, prompting Krishna to join in.

When they submit the case in court, the judge dismisses the accusations and exonerates Prem. Krishna, caught off guard, decides to take matters into his own hands. While the trial is in progress, someone mysteriously dumps a body in the Yashoda mansion, and Prem’s buddies burst in, beating Krishna’s father and destroying the altar. The residence’s eternal flame goes out. The men of the home, along with Krishna, are imprisoned, and the house is locked.

Krishna and his father are released two months later. He switches off the town’s network after communicating with a judge as part of the plan. And apprehends everyone involved in the ruse. He kidnaps them and imprisons them in a storage facility. Prem realizes they’ve been apprehended, so he contacts Krishna and threatens him, as well as the 500 other women who are his victims. Krishna must act as soon as possible.

In the evening, he transports all of the accused to Prem’s warehouse, where Prem awaits him. Prem discovers the network is not on in the entire community when he brags about a video he possesses. Krishna is in complete command and does not waste any time. He has summoned all of the accused’s families, and Prem’s father-in-law soon shows up.

We observe Krishna following the law to the letter at the end. As a lawyer, he presents the case of what these men did to their families, who are also present, and attempts to absolve them of their crimes, although not completely comprehending the gravity of the situation. Krishna creates a unique dialogue to demonstrate their horrific actions. Krishna has won part of the war when their families kill some of their own. An accused cop kills himself after admitting to having changed his character as a result of Prem’s presence in his life. Prem is assassinated by his father-in-law, who yearned for his daughter to return home.

Krishna tells the world that he killed these men, thereby exonerating the true killers by stepping out of the warehouse covered in blood. The truth is never revealed in the village, but the women protest his detention. When the entire police force is about to arrest him, Krishna walks down a jasmine-scented lane. Some can see it as a beautiful irony to the concept of justice.

Final Words

Suriya plays Krishna Kumar, a legendary hero that the world requires today. He is educated, but his hands are constrained by a corrupt system, and he is striving to make a difference in a world dominated by social media. We witness a system that stifles justice and refuses to do what is required to meet society’s most fundamental decency needs, and we can only hope that this will change soon.

“Etharkkum Thunindhavan” instills pride in the fact that men of good character exist. A subject that today’s ladies in the southern part of the country seek passionately. A complex film with just the right number of oddities, happiness, societal issues, and drama to keep you entertained. It’s incredible and a job well done, making it a must-see.

“Etharkkum Thunindhavan” is a 2022 Indian Action Drama film directed by Pandiraj.

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