‘Fake Profile’ Ending, Explained: Were Camila And Miguel Dead? What Happened To Pedro?


Netflix’s Fake Profile is a Colombian millennial telenovela that starts with a seemingly simple plot but takes you on a wild ride. Logic is definitely not on the menu; expect to be served with sensual visuals, family drama, romance, and even a pinch of thrill. The constant revelations were too much to handle, and the drama is stretched to a point where you will be ready for anything to happen on screen. 

We are introduced to Camila Roman at the very beginning of Fake Profile. She is a dancer at a club, but on her dating profile, she pretends to be a nurse. A handsome man’s profile caught Camila’s attention, and they matched on the dating app. She learned that Fernando Castell was a plastic surgeon located in Colombia. He came to Las Vegas on a trip, and luck connected them. After chatting online for few days, they finally decided to meet. There was an instant spark between the two, and within a couple of dates, Fernando was already discussing his plans to start a family with Camila. According to Fernando, his life’s mission was to find his soulmate, and after meeting Camila, he knew she was the one. Camila revealed that she was not a nurse but an erotic dancer. She assumed it would offend Fernando, but the man was just happy to be by her side.

Spoilers Alert

‘Fake Profile’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Camila was ready to introduce Fernando to her friends, but he bailed on her. The next morning, he called her and explained that his sister had been admitted to the hospital and he could not make it to her house due to a sudden emergency. Camila was desperate to meet the man she had been in a relationship with for the last four months, and she decided to pay him a surprise visit. Before landing in Cartagena, Camila left him a message discussing her plan. Camila traveled to the clinic Fernando worked in and was surprised to find out that Fernando Castell working there was not the man she met in Vegas. Camila showed him the pictures on the dating app, and even though the pictures were of Castell, they were taken from a distance, making it impossible for Camila to recognize them. She felt deceived, and even though the driver tried to smooth her mood, she was just not ready for it. Camila remembered the fake Fernando mention of Riviera Esmeralda while taking over the phone, and she asked the driver to take her to the luxury residential complex. Upon arriving at Riviera Esmeralda, Camila saw the man she was dating with his wife and children. She was devastated and was ready to leave when suddenly she was greeted by the manager, Cristobal Balboa, and he offered to show them around a vacant apartment that was up for rent. He mistook them for another couple, and Camila decided to play along. David was confused by the entire situation, but Camila asked him to pretend to be her husband.

After spending a few minutes at the residency, Camila learned that Cristobal was dating Adrien, the son of Pedro Ferrer and the owner of a new restaurant at the residency. Camila discovered that the man she was dating was married to the heiress of the Ferrar empire. The entire property belonged to Pedro Ferrer, and his daughter, Angela, helped him run the empire. Angela’s husband was Miguel Estevez, the man who cheated on Camila. They had two kids: Eva and Lucas. Camila was now all the more determined to dig deep. She decided to rent the apartment and make Miguel pay for playing with her emotions. She reintroduced herself to Miguel as their new neighbor. He was dumbfounded upon seeing her at his doorstep, and he begged her to keep his children out of the matter. He apologized for faking it, even though he wanted Camila to believe that he was truthful about his emotions. 

Miguel pretended to be Castell to enjoy the freedom that the plastic surgeon had. He was envious of the man, and during his off days, he tried to live Castell’s life. Camila was not interested in explanations; she simply wanted to warn him of the chaos that she would unleash now that she was his neighbor. When Camila was leaving his house, his son, Lucas, noticed her. The next thing we know, Lucas has installed cameras in her house because he believes that his father was unfaithful to his mother and was involved with Camila. Even though Camila had reasons to hate Miguel, she ended up sleeping with him when he visited her house. Lucas felt betrayed when he saw his father make out with the neighbor, and he resorted to self-harm. When Angela entered Lucas’ room, she saw the video footage and took him to the hospital. Miguel had no idea that his wife and his son knew about his extramarital affair. Later, Lucas asked his mother to promise to get rid of his father, and while Angela did not make any promises, she asked Lucas to keep the entire incident a secret.

We later learn that Lucas found the cameras lying around in Pedro’s living room, and he decided to make good use of them. He knew that his grandfather disliked Miguel, so he tried to win his trust by proudly discussing the cameras he had installed. It was initially Pedro’s idea to install cameras in Camila’s house, but his associate, Tina, did not go through with it. But he was lucky that his grandson did, and he had the perfect footage to destroy Miguel.

Why Did Camila Travel To Cartagena?

While initially, it seemed that Camila had simply arrived to seek revenge on Miguel, we gradually got to know that she was involved in an underlying sinister plan. The fact that she could rent the luxurious apartment and pay David to be her pretend husband was a little too much, to begin with. Even though she explained that she had been saving money all her life, it seemed odd. Towards the end of Fake Profile, Camila reveals that she was paid by Pedro to destroy Angela and Miguel’s marriage. Tina contacted Camila when she found out that Miguel was dating her. She told her the entire truth about Miguel and offered to pay for her trip to Cartagena. Camila did not trust Tina initially, but after arriving in Cartagena, when she found out that Tina was right, she decided to work for her. 

Camila’s father was an abusive man, and her mother killed him to protect Camila. Her mother was sentenced to life, and Camila needed money to pay for a lawyer to fight the case. When Pedro offers her money for destroying Miguel’s life, she agrees to it. She shifted to the house next door to keep the sexual tension between her and Miguel alive. She knew about the cameras that were installed in her room, but she did not know about Lucas’ involvement. By sleeping with Miguel, Camila created a rift between Angela and Miguel, just like Pedro wanted. Angela was ready to divorce Miguel, and Miguel had accepted his fate, but he was curious to find out the entire truth behind Lucas’ decision to place hidden cameras in Camila’s room. When he found out that Lucas had a bag full of cash and new consoles in his room, he knew that Pedro had bribed him to work against his father. 

Meanwhile, when Camila’s ex-lover, Vicente, was arrested, he demanded to have a face-to-face conversation with Camila. He promised the detectives that he would confess the entire truth behind his Cartagena visit after his conversation with Camila. He asked Camila to leave for Vegas as soon as she could because the people she was working with were dangerous. If she failed to deliver what she had promised, they would kill her. Pedro had paid Vicente to keep a close watch on Camila in case she went astray. Vicente did not follow their orders and made contact with Camila. They were ready to take Camila down if she did not work according to their plan, and that gradually started to affect Camila. Vicente was eventually killed for working against their order, and Camila realized that she was playing with fire.

Why Did Pedro Hire Camila And Inti?

Pedro referred to Camila and Inti as his executors. He was convinced that his children had selected the wrong partners, and he wanted to fix their mistakes. Pedro believed that Miguel married Angela simply because she came from a wealthy family. He tested Miguel’s loyalty once, and he failed at it. After his affair with the previous neighbor, Pedro assumed that Miguel would make the same mistake, and he did. By tracking down his activities in Vegas, it was easy for Pedro to come up with the perfect plan. Angela was next in line to become the company’s CEO, and Pedro was afraid that his son-in-law would destroy what he had built over the years. 

Pedro paid Inti to mingle with his son Adrian and destroy his relationship with Cristobal. Inti shared a past with Cris, and that was all the more reason why Tina chose him for the task. Inti joined as a waiter at Adrian’s restaurant, and he soon caught his attention. Even though Adrian was engaged to marry Cris, he could not deny the sexual tension that he experienced every time Inti came close to him. When Cris realized that Adrian fantasized about Inti, he decided to come clean about their past. Two years ago, when Cris and Adrian split up, Cris suffered from extreme loneliness and decided to bury his pain by sleeping with another man. Even though Cris paid for Inti’s service, he could not betray Adrian. Inti later took him to a club, and they did drugs together. Cris had addiction problems before, and after that night, he started to depend on drugs once again. He had to spend six months in rehab to get his life back in order. Cris was ashamed of that night, and that was the reason why he chose never to discuss Inti before. Cris, Inti, and Adrian were briefly in a polyamorous relationship, but gradually Cris started to be affected by Inti and Adrian’s closeness. Inti’s goal was to destroy Cris’s image and become Adrian’s lover. He uploaded pornographic videos of Cris to an account he created. Inti planted drugs to further break Adrian’s trust. When Adrian came across the videos and found the drugs in his bedroom, he decided to break up with Cris. Cris was ready to work on their relationship, but when he realized that Adrian had lost his trust in him, he packed his bag and left.

Did Camila And Miguel Die In The End?

Camila suffered from immense moral dilemmas during the ending of Fake Profile. She knew that Miguel loved his children, and it did not seem right to push him away from his family. She realized it was her duty as a woman to tell Angela the truth. She wanted to prove that she did what she had to do because of her circumstances and not because she wanted to destroy a family. When Angela was alone at home, Camila entered her house and confessed that Pedro had paid her to ruin Angela’s marriage. Angela was not ready to believe a word that Camila said, and out of anger and frustration, she started to physically assault Camila. She pulled Camila into the swimming pool, and to protect herself, Camila stabbed Angela with a knife that was lying around. The next thing we know, Angela managed to survive, but Camila did not. Camila injured her head during the scuffle, and she lost her life. Miguel came to Angela’s rescue and helped her get rid of the body. Angela deleted all the surveillance footage that could connect her to the sudden disappearance of Camila. David tried to track down Camila, but the police concluded that she had escaped to Costa Rica with someone else. Miguel felt guilty about the entire incident and tried to drive Angela to the police to force her to confess the crime she committed, but instead, she fought back. Their car met with an accident, and it burned to ashes. We get to know that Miguel’s body was not found after the accident, but the family organized a funeral nonetheless. With Miguel completely out of the picture, Pedro was finally satisfied, though he could not tolerate Inti’s presence. He knew that Inti had slept with his daughter as well, and he could not forgive him for betraying his trust. While he tried to force Inti to leave, Inti, in return, blackmailed him for conspiring against his children.

When Angela was ready to go to sleep, she suddenly saw the ghosts of Camila and Miguel. As it turned out, Camila and Miguel were alive and well. When Miguel was preparing to leave with Camila’s body, he realized that she was alive. He was relieved, but Camila asked him to keep it a secret. Instead of drowning her body in the ocean, he kept Camila safe in their old apartment. Later, Tina found Camila and tied her to a chair to starve and die. Camila managed to break free, and she ran for her life. She contacted David and learned that Miguel had passed away. It is almost impossible to believe that Miguel made it out of the burning car alive, but thanks to the Colombian telenovela, where death is never certain, Miguel continued to live.

‘Fake Profile’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Camila, Miguel And Pedro?

Towards the end of Fake Profile, we get to know that Camila and Miguel tried to find out the actual reason why Pedro wanted Cris out of the picture. They knew the reason why he could not tolerate Miguel, but he did not have any genuine reason to disapprove of Cris. After digging deep, they found out that Angela’s mother had left home for some time when she was little. Pedro was an abusive and deceptive husband, and his wife, Carolina Barragan, found love in a younger man. She left her family to be with him, and the man was named Walter Balboa. Walter Balboa was Cris’s father, and Pedro knew the truth. Since Cris and Adrian were half-brothers, Pedro could not approve of their relationship. Angela was trembling out of fear and shock; meanwhile, Adrian was completely shattered upon learning the truth. Pedro attacked Miguel from behind, and Angela and Camila got into a fight. Amidst the chaos, Angel fired a gunshot which mistakenly hit Pedro. Pedro collapsed to the floor while Camila and Miguel jumped off the terrace. The police arrived at the scene, and Angela was taken into custody. Pedro died, and his body was taken away. Camila and Miguel were severely injured, but they both made it out alive once again.

A month later, when Adrian met Angela, she was furious to learn that only a handful of people attended Pedro’s funeral. She promised to return and teach the ungrateful people a lesson. She was determined to keep her father’s memory alive. Angela was quite like her father; she was ready to go to any extent to protect her family, even if it meant murdering a few people. She had the arrogance of her father, and her promise to make a return suggests that the series might return with a second season. Camila went through physiotherapy to recover from her injury. From what it seems, she is in a loving relationship with David. With the money she had received, Camila managed to free her mother from prison. Fake Profile ended with Camila performing as Red Velvet at Golden Lips. Her mother and boyfriend cheered for her while Miguel continued to watch her from a distance. Maybe Miguel and Camila realized that they were not meant to be together, but after all that they had been through, they respected each other. While Miguel started off as the bad guy, he redeemed himself by helping Camila and protecting his children from Pedro’s influence.

What Can We Expect Next?

If there is a second season of Fake Profile, we can expect Inti to make a return. He promised to ruin Adrian, and now that the family was vulnerable, it might be the perfect time. Since Adrian and Cris turned out to be brothers, the chances of them getting back together are slim. In the next season, we hope to find out more about Tina. She knows too many secrets and must have had a vested interest in helping Pedro. After her release from prison, Angela will surely hunt for Camila and Miguel, and they might be forced to pair up once again.

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Srijoni Rudra
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