‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Dan And Mike Find In The Fingerprint Report?


The third episode of “Fatal Attraction” takes us back to all those moments in Episodes 1 and 2, where Alex bumped into Dan, the only difference being that this time, we witnessed them through the perspective of Alex Forrest. I have always found it pretty amazing how two people can have totally different thought processes, even when they are in a similar situation. We often make the mistake of thinking that what we are feeling in a particular situation is what the other person is also going through. When we look at things from Alex’s perspective, the entire narrative changes, and we are made privy to a reality that we didn’t think existed. It has already been established in the first two episodes of “Fatal Attraction” that there was something wrong with Alex, and her behavior and mannerisms were a bit strange. We weren’t sure if she was actually suffering from some kind of disorder or merely being impulsive at the moment and getting triggered due to some reason. But Episode 3 lifts the veil and makes us realize that the problem ran deeper and that Alex had a lot of issues in general. So, let’s find out what happened in episode 3 and if Mike and Dan got any closer to finding the truth of what happened 15 years ago on that fateful day.

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Was Alex Suffering From Some Mental Disorder?

“Fatal Attraction” episode 3 removes the doubts we had about whether Alex was coincidentally in and around the same place as Dan or if she was doing it on purpose and making it look like serendipity. Alex was attracted to Dan, and she was trying to cross his path on purpose and give all sorts of hints that she was interested in him. The hints she gave were quite explicit in nature; like one time, she winked at him in the courtroom lobby, and another time, she gave him a compliment by saying that he was a successful lawyer only because the judges couldn’t focus on the merit of his argument since his face was too attractive. The time when the fire alarm rang in the cafe and water started pouring down from the roof was also orchestrated by Alex. She knew that if their clothes got wet, she would have an excuse to bring Dan to her place to change clothes. It felt like Alex was obsessed with Dan, and she wanted to make him fall for her at any cost. She knew that he was married, and the thought that her actions would hurt another woman never crossed her mind. Dan also needs to be blamed equally in that respect because, at the end of the day, it was his wife who would have been scarred for life.

At the beginning of “Fatal Attraction” Episode 3, we saw Alex trying to have a conversation with her ex-therapist and getting disappointed when she was told that the therapist didn’t have the certification to advise any patient in California. What the therapist told her was an extremely rational thing, but still, Alex felt abandoned. In Alex’s mind, she was just trying to take friendly advice since they had known each other from before. The therapist hung up the phone, and Alex just couldn’t understand what she had done to be treated so rudely. A similar thing happened with Alex’s neighbor, Paul Halliwell, who had suddenly stopped picking up her calls, and Alex not only confronted him but gave him a piece of her mind and told him how he was not worthy of being called a friend. Maybe Alex was suffering from a borderline personality disorder, and that is why she had these severe abandonment issues. If, in a fit of rage, she didn’t know what she was doing, and she became self-destructive. As soon as she regained her senses, she realized her mistake, but by then, the ship would have already sailed.

‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 3 Ending Explained: What Did Dan And Mike Find In The Fingerprint Report?

As we speculated in the articles on Episodes 1 and 2, Alex didn’t swallow the pills. She was pretending to because she just wanted some attention from Dan and wanted to stop him from going. After the incident, Alex knew that the situation had gotten out of hand, and she needed to do some damage control. She apologized to Dan and asked if there was any way they could still keep meeting for an occasional drink now and then. Dan felt sympathetic towards her because, up until then, he thought that the poor woman liked him, and she was literally requesting that he spend some time with her. Dan hugged her, and Alex felt relieved, almost as if she had her breath back. In the previous episodes, Dan had asked Alex to get the testimony of a patient named Tracy Sims, whose case he was handling. Alex had told her that Tracy had given her the statement, and Dan was elated to know that she had done the impossible.

But in “Fatal Attraction” episode 3, he got to know that Tracy had been brought to the hospital brain dead, and there was no way anybody could have made her give the statement. Dan felt angry, and he had every right to feel so because Alex had put his entire career in jeopardy. If he had presented the case in front of the judge, he would have been charged with fabricating false evidence, and his license to practice law would have been revoked. Dan and Beth had organized an open house for prospective buyers as they were trying to sell their house. Dan went back home to find that Alex was in the house having a conversation with Beth. Dan and Alex pretended that they didn’t know each other that well and had occasionally seen each other at the court. Dan felt that Alex was trying to threaten him, and he went to her place to warn her about the consequences her actions could entail. Dan told her that if she tried to come to his house again, he would make sure that her career was destroyed.

Mike had sent all the fingerprints that the authorities had found at the crime scene 15 years ago for re-testing. Mike believed that because the technology had advanced, they might find some details that they hadn’t noticed all those years ago. Toward the end of “Fatal Attraction” Episode 3, Mike got the results, which told him that one of the prints belonged to a man who was serving a sentence in prison in Calipatria. Surprisingly, the man was Paul Halliwell, the same guy who was Alex’s neighbor and who was trying to ignore her for some apparent reason. We had seen earlier in Episode 3 how it bothered Alex that Paul was not talking to her, and after he had gone missing, Alex tried to establish contact with him and pleaded over the call to come back as she needed him. In the upcoming episode, we will learn how Paul was related to this entire case and if Dan is able to prove that he was not the one who murdered Alex Forrest.

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