‘Furies’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did The Damocles Take Over The Olympus?


Furies is a revenge drama series that revolves around Lyna Guerrab and her introduction to the Paris criminal underworld. When Lyna figured out that her parents were involved with the underworld, she chose to distance herself from them. The fact that her boyfriend, Elie, was a cop did not help her case either. They had been dating for three years, and Lyna had successfully managed to not disclose much about her parents. On her birthday, she visited her parents, not knowing that it would turn out to be one of the most terrifying days of her life. Just as she was about to cut her birthday cake, someone shot her father, Darius, dead. Her mother, Amytis, was wounded, and Lyna was left completely traumatized. Her father acted as a banker and laundered money for gangsters, and the police suspected that the Fury was behind the mess. The duty of a Fury was to keep balance in the criminal underworld, and if someone threatened to break it, it was their job to kill them. Lyna spent her time in prison honing her combat skills and finding out who the Fury was.

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How was Lyna related to the Fury?

In Furies episode 3, Lyna found out that she was not the biological daughter of her parents. Le Fixeur had his doubts about her, and while doing a background check, he discovered that the real Lyna Guerrab had died a long time ago. Going back to her childhood photo album, Lyna discovered that there were no pictures of her before the age of 5. She hoped to find answers from her mother, but after the attack, Amytis had become mostly irresponsive. All Lyna learned from her was that a woman in black had brought Lyna to her parents when they lost their biological daughter. It did not take Lyna much time to figure out that Selma was the woman in black.

Lyna assumed that Selma was her biological mother, but upon confronting the Fury she learned that Selma was her aunt. Lyna experienced a sense of joy when she learned the real identity of her parents—her father was Driss and her mother was Kahina, and they were madly in love when they had her. Selma chose not to confess the entire truth and lied to Lyna about her parents dying in an accident.

Selma depended on Lyna to carry out her duty as the future Fury. Selma’s family, the Aragos, were the seventh members of the Olympus. But unfortunately, the entire family was wiped out as a result of greed. The criminal families conspired against them, and Daria Aragos, Selma’s great-grandmother, was the only surviving member of the family. But instead of vengeance and a place in the Olympus, she proposed to become the person who ensured that balance was maintained in the criminal underworld. And that was how Daria became the first Fury.

In the course of Furies, Lyna found out that Selma had lied to her. Driss had been alive and locked up in a secret prison for the last twenty years, though Selma had convinced the Olympus that she had put a bullet in her brother. Lyna sneaked into Elie’s system and dug out confidential information on her father. She hoped for a sweet little reunion, but she soon figured out that her father was a criminal mastermind.

Who was the masked man?

A masked man and his gang had been haunting the Olympus lately, and it was the duty of the Fury to kill the threat. It became evident that the man behind it was determined to take over the Olympus with the help of the Bible, a highly confidential book of the Olympus with the secrets of influential people. The book guaranteed the power that the Godfathers had over the whole of Paris, but with the Bible gone, they feared an upcoming disbalance in the system. While chaos had been unleashed in the criminal underworld, Lyna hoped to seek respite from it all by secretly visiting her father. Driss was put behind bars after he attempted to scheme against the Olympus. Selma was expected to kill her brother, but she could not do it. She instead locked him up and kept the information under rugs.

Lyna wanted to trust her father when she met him for the first time, but she was trained by Selma, and her eyes wandered to quickly detect any oddity. While talking to her Driss, she had been scanning the entire room, and she found it strange that the guards’ uniforms were freshly washed on the same day, and everyone except her father had brand new sneakers on. Lyna realized that her father had taken over the prison and was the one in complete control of the place. He could leave the place whenever he wanted because, according to the Olympus, he was already dead. Selma had noticed that the bullets used by the masked man were the same ones Driss used, but she did not realize that her brother was back in action. Lyna was heartbroken when she realized that it was Driss who killed her adoptive father. He returned as the masked man to avenge the godfathers for taking everything away from him, and for his plan to succeed, he needed to take out the Fury as well. In a short span of time, Lyna had grown deeply attached to Selma, and she could go to any extent to protect her.

Towards the end of Furies, Lyna figured out that Driss had kidnapped Selma, and she was determined to bring her back. She discovered that Darius embezzled money for Driss to protect her from learning the truth about her birth parents. By the time Darius realized that he had landed himself in a war with the Olympus, it was too late. He wanted to confess the entire truth to Selma, but his wife reminded him that if he did so, Selma would take their daughter away and turn her into a Fury. But Darius was afraid of losing his life, and he was ready to sacrifice Lyna to protect himself. Driss had been spying on the Guerrabs, and he killed them when he found out that they were about to confess the entire operation to Selma. Driss hoped for his daughter to join hands with him and fight the Olympus. He had an incredibly big plan, and he already had a mole within the system to make everything a little easier.

Why were Driss, Selma, and Lyna arrested?

Parques’ goal was to replace Selma and become the new Fury of the Olympus. He had convinced the Godfathers that he was more capable than Lyna. He had been way ahead of her during the recent attacks, and the Olympus made a quick decision to name him the new Fury. Lyna soon joined the dots and realized that Parques had been working for her father. Driss sacrificed his men to help Parques prove to the Olympus that he was the next best candidate after Selma. A Fury is given access to all of the Olympus’ secrets, and unknowingly, the Godfathers have handed their enemy a weapon of destruction. 

Upon killing Parques with Orso’s help, Lyna discovered that Parques had been granted access to the mine. She learned from Orso that the mine was an armored train that moved through Paris via the underground, and it was the safe of the Godfathers. Once Lyna figured out that her father wanted access to the mine, she lured him to a meeting point and demanded that he return Selma. Driss planned on stealing the mine from Lyna to execute his plan, and he was ready to kill his sister for it if necessary. Lyna realized that there would never be an end to the killings, and she had to find a way to interfere. She sought help from the police believing it would put an end to the bloodbath. Driss, Selma, and Lyna were arrested.

Why was Driss after the mine?

It was not just the gold, cash, and other valuables that Driss was after; at the end of Furies, the real reason was disclosed. When Lyna confronted Selma about killing her mother, she confessed that her mother was still alive and in hiding. Driss felt betrayed when he discovered that his wife, Kahina, was an undercover agent and that she belonged to a family of cops. When Selma found out the truth, she planned on murdering her, but Kahina was smart, and she escaped before anyone could react. She left without any trace, and Driss could not make peace with the sudden turn of events. So, he tracked down Kahina’s family in the hopes of finding her, but nobody knew where she was. He ended up shooting her family dead, and even after twenty years, Selma believed that her brother was still searching for Kahina. The mine would give him access to unimaginable data, and he planned on using it to gather information on Kahina.

After escaping from the police and then the Damocles, Driss raided the mines. Selma and Lyna teamed up to stop Driss from finding Kahina and killing her. The Furies tackled Driss’ men as they went from one compartment to another. Soon they discovered that Driss had planted a bomb in the train. Selma decided to defuse the bomb, while Lyna was tasked with stopping her father. With the help of her two lovers, Elie and Orso, Lyna successfully managed to stop the train. By the time the train stopped, Selma had defused the bomb, and all of Driss’ men were killed. 

Lyna followed her father as he tried to run for his life. She shot him, and he realized that he had nowhere to escape. Driss chose to spend the last few minutes of his life admiring the Paris sky. Selma found him, and through their conversation, we learned that it was not Driss who had killed Kahina’s family twenty-five years ago, but Selma. She could not accept that she failed to protect her family from an undercover cop, and as a result, she wiped out Kahina’s entire family. She manipulated Lyna because she needed her help to take down Driss. He had every intention of finding Kahina, and considering that she had betrayed him, he perhaps would not have spared her. Selma chose to bury the truth, and one day hopefully Lyna will realize that she could not trust her aunt completely. Furies ends with Selma shooting her brother dead. Selma returned to the Godfathers, hoping to be reassigned as the Fury, but she had a surprise waiting to be discovered.

Who took over the Olympus?

After presenting her case before the Olympus, Selma expected the godfathers to react. She was confident that without the Fury, the criminal underworld would collapse, and she was prepared to maintain the balance again. As Selma walked closer to the six members, she realized that they were shot dead.

During Furies‘ ending, Selma and Lyna find out that the Damocles had taken over the Olympus. The Damocles were international mercenaries known for their brutal ways. They engaged only in high-level operations, and in return, they could demand anything they desired. Everyone feared the Damocles, and the ending suggests that when the Godfathers made a deal with the Damocles, they did not realize that the price they would have to pay would be their own lives. The international group of assassins realized that the Olympus had fallen weak and there was no one to protect them. They took advantage of the situation, and it resulted in them taking over all of the underworld in Paris. Will the Furies now protect the Damocles? Or will they rise against them? Lyna and Selma are clearly outnumbered, and they are not in a position to rise against the Damocles. To survive, they have to align with the ruthless assassins for now. It is not too far-fetched to expect an uprising in the underworld in the future, considering that the Damocles have hurt too many to establish their position. But for now, the Furies work for the Damocles.

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