‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?


Harlan Coben’s Shelter Season 1 ended on a potential cliffhanger where we saw Luther still roaming free, and Mickey’s life was under grave threat. Mickey had found his father, and that in itself was a huge relief, but the work was only half done. Somebody had to stop Luther, as that man wasn’t in a state of mind to listen to anybody and understand a perspective other than his. Also, there were many more children who needed to be rescued, and now that the baton has been passed on to Mickey, it would be interesting to see if he carries on the legacy of his father or if he takes a step back and decides to lead a life devoid of any kind of hassle.

Knowing Mickey and the kind of man he was, we don’t think he would be able to turn a blind eye if he knew that someone needed his help. We had seen in the first season how he had gone to great lengths to find Ashley, and not even the threat of death was able to stop him from doing so. Also, Ema and Spoon didn’t even know Ashley that well, but still, those two kids did whatever they could and stood alongside Mickey at all times. As of now, there hasn’t been any announcement of Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 2, but let’s discuss the possible directions the lives of the characters could lead them to if the makers decide to carry on the franchise.

Will Mickey and Ashley meet again?

Ashley had been taken to a safe place, as the members of the Abeona group and even the bat lady knew that she wouldn’t be safe if she stayed at Kasselton. The trafficking ring was still pretty much active, and it could be possible that they would once again try to abduct Ashley and give her to the old man who wanted to buy her. We believe that it is pretty much possible that Mickey and Ashley will cross paths once again. Maybe in the future, Ashley will try to establish contact with Mickey and let him know about her whereabouts, or it could also be the case that some incident coerces her to once again come back to Kasselton and seek Mickey’s help. Ashley and Mickey shared a very close bond, and we don’t think they would ever forget each other, considering the kind of impact they had on each other’s lives. It is also possible that Ashley becomes a part of the Abeona group in Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 2, and we see her rescuing kids and giving them a second life.

Will Ema confront Whitney?

Well, Ema had a lot of things to resolve with Whitney, as at the end of Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 1, we had seen that Whitney felt apologetic for what she had done, and she went out there on social media platforms and, in front of the entire world, confessed how she had broken the trust of that one person she had loved with all her heart. Whitney didn’t care what repercussions her actions had, and she had expected that people would say all sorts of negative things about her. Whitney wanted to rectify the mistake she had made and that is why she had gone ahead and confessed to what she had done, because that’s how much she prioritized Ema in her life. We believe that in Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 2, we will see both girls reconciling with each other. Possibly, a romance would brew between them, and they would come closer than ever.

Will Hannah tell her husband about Shira?

As far as Hannah was concerned, the water had gone over the bridge a long time ago, and she had realized by the end of season 1 that she could no longer hide the fact that she and Shira were having an affair. Troy came to know about Hannah’s affair, and the moment he confronted her, she realized that she had unnecessarily created a problem for herself. Hannah didn’t want to continue with her marriage, which had become very evident over the course of time, even if she didn’t end up with Shira. As far as Shira is concerned, she didn’t want to be a homewrecker, and that was the only thing that was stopping her from accepting Hannah into her life. She was worried about what people would say, and she also felt that because of all the distractions, she was not able to take care of her nephew properly. In Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 2, we think that Hannah would definitely file for divorce because if she decides to stay back for the sake of Troy, it would be the biggest mistake, and nobody in the family would be happy.

Will Luther Come Back To Take Revenge?

After almost getting killed, Mickey was able to find his father. Just when Mickey was about to give up on his quest, he got an epiphany of sorts, and everything became very clear in his mind. He understood the kind of man Luther was, and he realized that he would have never given Brad an easy death. That’s when Mickey went to the underground tunnel and found Brad in the same safehouse where Luther’s younger brother had died back in the day. Brad and Mickey didn’t have the time to sit back, as a predator was on the loose, who was not only looking for revenge but also wanting to subject the Bolitar family to the same pain as he had felt after the loss of his brother.

In Harlan Coben’s Shelter season 2, we will see Mickey and Brad trying to stay a step ahead of Luther and get the better of him before he executes any other devilish plans of his. We believe that Dylan Shakes and the Bat Lady, aka Lizzy Sobek, would also have a crucial role to play in the scheme of things in Season 2, as they, together with Brad, knew things about Luther that probably no one else did. Till the time Luther was alive, no one was safe, and the bat lady knew about it very well. The bat lady could always foresee what was about to happen, but still Luther had gotten the better of her. Henceforth, she won’t let that happen. Probably, Bat Lady has a plan of action in her mind, which she would probably reveal to Mickey and now even Brad in season 2, and together, they would end up finding Luther and also busting the human trafficking ring that was spoiling the lives of so many innocent young girls.

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