‘How I Became a Super Hero’ Summary & Ending Explained – Did Gary Defeat Naja?


Without any significant hustle, Netflix’s French Film, How I Became a Super Hero, tries to touch the superhero genre. Regrettably, Douglas Attal’s superhero film is neither fresh nor engaging.

The plot casually investigates supernatural crimes in Paris through police officer Gary Moreau. And If you haven’t guessed yet, then yes, all crimes lead to superheroes and their powers that create conflict.

Plot Summary

In Paris, a group of teenagers torches a nightclub because they were refused entry. Police officer Gary Moreau (Pio Marmaï) reaches the station to investigate further, where his senior admonishes him for his unimpressive results.

In the past, Gary used to work with a group of three superheroes who called themselves “Pack Royal.” Since then, he has been handling super-criminality cases, but he has lost his touch due to a tragedy. Gary is assigned a new partner Lieutenant Cecile Schaltzmann (Vimala Pons), to help him investigate the blazing incidents happening around the city.

At a high school, a teenager with flame-throwing abilities terrorizes other kids and takes them hostage. Gary neutralizes the kid and retrieves some super-serum tubes that may be providing these teenagers strange abilities. Upon further inspection, Gary discovers that someone is exsanguinating blood from superhumans. Their blood is used to make super-serum substances to sell them in the open market in return for a hefty profit. But who is committing this Felony?

‘How I Became a Super Hero’ Ending Explained

A 35-year-old Naja, aka Mathias Najarovski, created flame-serum from Brasero’s blood and blinding-serum from Eclipso’s blood. A superhuman Psychologist Elisabeth Caghieri helped Naja through her secret research. She even disclosed the location and abilities of her clients so that Naja would abduct them and extract blood from their system. Naja’s sole purpose behind this offensive scheme was to earn money and power. However, he didn’t realize that a sloth looking-police officer Gary Moreau would intervene with his superpowers.

Only the “Pack Royal” knew about Gary’s superpower to float things. The leader of the pack, Gigaman, spotted his potential and recruited Gary to the team. Gary became their liaison officer and helped them in covert missions. But when Gigaman asked Gary to use his abilities in a battle, he stepped back. On that mission, Gigaman lost his life, and Gary never blamed himself for that. He gave up his powers and kept them hidden.

However, Gary was compelled to come out of the closet when Naja abducted Gigaman’s daughter, Lily. The “Pack Royal” re-dressed into their superhero costumes to save the girl and end the villain. Cecile, Monte Carlo, and Callista fought against Naja supercharged goons and defeated them.

Naja took Lily hostage and was trying to run away when Gary intervened. Naja overdosed himself with Lily’s electro-ability to attack Gary, but his body failed to wield such gigantic powers. Naja exploded in the air. The media witnessed a new superhero and called him Titan.

Department fired Gary without revealing his identity. Lieutenant Cecile was assigned as the new liaison officer of the “Pack Royal.” She brought Gary a mask, and he embraced it. It suggested that Gary was ready to take the new adventure in life and pursue his superhero career. The vacuum left by Gigaman was filled by the Titan.

Post Credits Scene Explained

Gigaman’s daughter, Lily, aspired to become a superhero like her late father. In her school time, she used to check out superhero rankings and was quite intrigued. Even at the hospital during the end, Lily shared her interest with Gary. However, she was confused about whether she would be able to do it or not.

In the post-credits sequence, Lily sketches her own superhero costume. It is a clear hint that she is ready for the big quest.

How I Became a Super Hero is a 2021 Action Adventure SuperHero film directed by Douglas Attal. The film is in French Language and is streaming on Netflix.

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