‘Into the Night’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Did They Find A Cure to Survive Harmful Sunlight?


Netflix’s Belgian series ‘Into the Night‘ follows a group of aircraft passengers who learn about a deadly global event. Due to a change in the sun’s polarity, the contagious radiation transmitted by the sun kills everything it comes in contact with. To save their lives, the passengers travel into the night, avoiding sunrise and sunlight on their way. By the end of Season 1, they finally reached an underground bunker in Bulgaria. From thereon, Into the Night Season 2 resumes.

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‘Into the Night’ Season 2 Plot Summary

Season 2 follows a similar narrative style as it follows the backstory of the living passengers before they boarded the plane. The story begins with Zara Oblonskaya and her ailing son, Dominik. In Season 1, Zara told a fellow passenger, Ayaz, that she traveled to Mexico for her son’s treatment before the catastrophe hit the planet.

In the present timeline, the passengers have spent 9 days in the bunker trying to adjust to life underground along with the military soldiers. They have modified their sleep cycle as per the tragedy, as they wake up at night and sleep during the daytime. The civilians, the military, and the NATO ambassadors try to figure out measures to stop the harmful sunlight, but they fail to find anything concrete.

In the meantime, a fellow crew member, Ines Ricci, and a military soldier, Heremans, get into a fight, and in their brawl, they burn down the stock food. With less food and nothing from the surface providing nutrition, military commander Colonel Lom suggests traveling to an underground seed vault in Norway and growing food in the bunker.

Colonel Lom assembles a team to travel to Norway that includes Ayaz. Out of protection, Zara argues with Lom to not send Ayaz on a risky mission. Colonel Lom subtly threatens the civilians in the bunker that the facility is under military command and they are obliged to follow their orders. The quarrel marks the beginning of an endless squabble between the military and the civilians that becomes the central conflict of Season 2.

The Deaths and Tragedy

Due to the apocalypse, many people all over the globe lost their lives. At this juncture, saving one life meant saving the whole world. But that’s the lie we tell ourselves to feel more human. In reality, our flaws like greed, revenge, and anger always take over.

In ‘Into the Night‘ Season 2, Zara Oblonskaya and her son Dominik were locked inside the generator room. Others tried to open the metal gate, but it was impossible to save their lives without a door handle and proper equipment. In a brawl between soldiers Felipe and an agitated Ayaz, Colonel Lom was accidentally shot. Later, without a safe rescue, Zara and Dominik also lost their lives.

Many other deaths followed as Ambassador Gerardo from NATO was mistakenly shot by a Russian soldier, and Richard “Rik” Mertens sacrificed his life to help Sylvie and other crew members run away from the military’s wrath. In his act of courage, Rik hit a military jeep with a fuel tanker, killing Felipe, the Heremans, and the Russians in a massive explosion.

In the end, Ayaz shot an unknown man who arrived in Norway in a submarine, S-245. His identity will be revealed in Season 3.

‘Into the Night’ Season 2 Ending Explained

Captain Mathieu, Ayaz, Osman, Jakub, Markus, and Ambassador Bisset reached Norway on an Airbus A318. However, at the seed storage facility, they met a psychotic woman, Gia Snow. While the crew loaded the seeds into the airplane, Gia got paranoid and locked herself in the cockpit. She destroyed the plane’s controls in her anxiety, making it impossible for Mathieu to fly out of Norway. They got stuck in the ice country.

Meanwhile, at the bunker, Felipe and Heremans found a pen drive in Lom’s pocket while they were preparing his body for burial. Through a CCTV footage, they discovered that Sylvie handcuffed a NATO officer, Terenzio Matteo Gallo, near the gate and left him to die in the open sunlight. Felipe used the evidence to avenge Sylvie and other civilians who constantly raised their voices against tyrannical military forces. Felipe imprisoned Sylvie and other passengers and started harassing them. Though, in the end, Sylvie, Laura, Ines, Rik, and Horst managed to run away. They planned to fly out of Bulgaria on the helicopter brought by the Russians, but to hold back the military culprits, Rik had to sacrifice his life. He finally became a hero in his life.

Inside the seed storage facility, Ayaz held Markus at gunpoint and informed him about his confession letter that he gave to Ines before leaving the bunker.

According to the letter, Colonel Lom ordered Markus to lock Zara and Dominik inside the generator room to scare them. To take revenge, he orchestrated the plan. But later, Markus and Lom discovered that there was no spare key to the generator room, so their prank went too far. Lom faced poetic justice as he was shot accidentally, but Markus, equally responsible for committing the crime, needed to pay his debt, as Ayaz underlined.

In the end, Ayaz pointed the gun at Markus, but unexpectedly, a stranger from the submarine ran into the cold storage facility. An agitated Ayaz shot the stranger before the screen faded out.

Into the Night Season 2 Ending Explained 2021 Netflix Series Jason George
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‘Into the Night’ Season 3: Predictions

In Season 2, an unknown missile destroyed the Bulgarian Airport and the Russian airplane (near Russian Bunker) to stop both the countries from reaching Norway to retrieve the seeds from the facility. Felipe and the Russian soldier tried to speculate on the identity of the third armed force but failed to find any definite answers. However, they suggested that this third group could be a part of a European country as they easily intercepted the radio signals about their plans for Norway. It could possibly be the men from the submarine, but the truth will further unravel in Season 3.

Mathieu and his group on a seed mission were stranded in Norway. Ayaz fired a shot at the man from the submarine, and if those people pursued revenge, they would definitely harm the civilians. However, Sylvie and her group boarded a helicopter to reunite with the group in Norway. If they reached the ice country safely, they would probably figure out ways to survive because that’s what they have been doing all along.

Before fading out, Season 2 gave away crucial information about a rat that survived the sunlight. Since the beginning of the season, Horst and Laura have been experimenting with rats and left them out in the open to see if they can survive the sun. The basis of their experimentation came from Dominik, who saw a rat-like creature (a Guinea pig or a hamster) in a hospital in Brussels, after a deadly catastrophic event hit the planet. The rat that survived the sunlight was covered with a frozen tin vessel. Hence, it could be speculated that like water, even ice acts as a shield against harmful sunlight. It was the ray of hope everyone was looking for to survive the apocalypse. Season 3 will follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

‘Into the Night‘ is a 2020 Post-Apocalyptic thriller series created by Jason George. Season 1 & 2 are steaming on Netflix.

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