‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did The Aliens Communicate With Mitsuki?


The biggest problem that the WDC, Nikhil, Mitsuki, Trevante, and others were facing in Invasion was that they were not able to decipher what the purpose and the end goal of these aliens were. It felt like the aliens wanted to destroy the human species, but there were mysteries that had yet to be solved and things that were still unknown to even the most genius minds who were working day and night to understand the entire dynamics and get some breakthrough that allowed them to get back control. So, let’s take a look at a detailed recap of Invasion episode 5 and find out if Mitsuki and Trevante are able to make any sort of progress.

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Who kidnapped Sarah?

Aneesha, Clark, and all the others started searching for Sarah, but there was no sign of the girl. Hanley, one of the members of the resistance group, was of the opinion that by staying there, they were compromising on their safety, but Clark told him upfront that they were going to do everything in their power to find Sarah. Aneesha had lied to the group that her name was Ann Lewis, as she didn’t want them to know that they were the same family whom the WDC was trying to find since they had that alien object in their possession. One of the members of the group found out that there were marks of tires on the ground, and by looking at them, he realized that it was the military that had come and taken Sarah with them when they were not there. Luke started feeling even more guilty as he blamed himself for the disappearance of his sister.

Aneesha kept telling Luke that it was not his fault, but he kept saying that had he not gone to help Ryder and Clark, Sarah would still be safe. Clark figured out that there was only one operational military camp in the area, and in all probability, Sarah would have been taken there. He decided that they would go there the next day and try to rescue the girl, though Hanley was totally against it as he had grown suspicious of Aneesha’s intentions and believed that she was hiding the truth from them. Hanley had started snooping around in the hope of finding out who this woman, who was telling herself to be Ann Lewis, was. Hanley struck gold when he overheard Luke talking to Ryder, and he came to know who she was and what she was hiding.

Hanley came and told all the members of the group that Aneesha had broken their trust and hidden her real identity from them. That’s when, in Invasion episode 5, Clark came forward in support of Aneesha and told everybody that she had told everything to him the day they had met. Aneesha felt overwhelmed by Clark’s gesture, as she knew that she hadn’t said anything to him. She realized that she had been wrong in judging Clark and that he was actually a good man who was just trying to help her family. Aneesha came to talk to Clark the next day when they were leaving for the rescue mission, and she apologized to him for lying and told him that from hereon, she would try to put her trust in him. Aneesha told Luke that she was wrong in assuming that they didn’t need any help and that they could survive on their own. The circumstances had become dire, and Aneesha realized that had the members of “The Movement” not been with her, she might not have lived to see another day.

What did Trevante and Rose find?

Rose had brought Trevante back to her place, and she still didn’t know if she had done the right thing, as the military and the police force were searching for them. Rose did find it bizarre that the drawings made by a boy could lead them to unravel the mystery. Rose saw one of the sketches, and she realized that she had seen the place before. It was the place where Rose came from, and she took Trevante there, hoping that they would find some valuable information that would help them stop the alien Invasion.

We had seen at the beginning of Invasion episode 5 that an elderly couple, Martin and Lisa, had heard some voices coming from their farm, and they came out to see what it was. We came to know that Martin and Lisa’s son, Felix, had disappeared sometime back, and after that, a lot of other people also went missing. Nobody was able to figure out where they had gone or what had happened to them. And now, Lisa too had gone missing, and Martin sat there stupefied, with a harrowed look on his face. Rose tried asking him what had happened, and he muttered something about the aliens pulling Lisa up. Trevante also made an observation, and he realized that the sketch of the scarecrow that was made in Casper’s journal was from a top angle, as if someone were looking at the farm from the sky.

Trevante knew that somehow Casper’s consciousness was connected with that of aliens, and the drawings that he was making depicted how the aliens were looking at the human world. Also, when Rose and Casper went into the middle of the field, they could feel the presence of some other entity in that place. It was evident that the aliens were present, and they were using the same cloaking technology to hide themselves. Martin told Rose that for a moment, he thought that whatever was up there was going to take him inside, too, but somehow he managed to escape. He had a lot of guilt as he had abandoned his wife and ran from there, but at that moment, he was so petrified that he couldn’t think of anything else.

Martin said that he saw Billy up there, too, and as soon as he uttered that name, Rose went into a state of shock. Though she did not reveal who Billy was, by the expression on her face, we could assume that he was probably a family member—someone with whom Rose shared a very close relationship. Rose broke down because she didn’t know what she should do. Trevante and Rose hid in the farm as they had heard a vehicle approaching, and that’s when the WDC soldiers came and took Martin with them, just like they had taken Sarah. Trevante didn’t know why they were taking these people and what they intended to achieve through them. Maybe they were keeping them under observation so that they could find something about the aliens.

What did the aliens communicate with Mitsuki?

Mitsuki decided that she would do something to trigger a response from the aliens so that they could come out of hiding and show themselves. Maya was worried about taking this route as she knew that there was a possibility that the aliens might become even more aggressive in their approach, like it had happened earlier. But Mitsuki had made up her mind, and Nikhil was more than happy to let her take the lead, as he knew that she was the only person who could find them a solution. Mitsuki said that she would need each and every piece of equipment present in the lab at her disposal.

According to Mitsuki’s speculations, aliens were somehow connected to the magnetic field of the Earth, and she believed that if she could disrupt that field, then she might be able to provoke them. But even Mitsuki didn’t know anything for sure, and Maya didn’t like the way she was putting her life at risk. Maya had told her that if anything went wrong inside the chamber, then she would take her out immediately. Mitsuki went inside the chamber, and she was able to get the desired result and provoke the aliens so much that a voice started coming out that requested to stop whatever she was doing. A digitized version of a girl appeared in front of Mitsuki, and she talked to Mitsuki as if she had known her for a very long time.

Mitsuki realized that it was aliens talking to her in Japanese so that they could convey what they were looking for. Probably, the aliens had somebody in their captivity who knew Mitsuki from the time when she used to stay in Odawara, Japan, and that is why they knew about things that had happened in the past with Mitsuki. The girl asked why the human species was in conflict with the aliens, and Mitsuki didn’t understand why they were asking such an absurd question when they were causing all the destruction. But still, Mitsuki spelled it out for them and said that the planet belonged to humans and the aliens were trying to destroy their homes, so naturally, they would have to retaliate. The girl said that she didn’t understand what Mitsuki was referring to. The girl vanished, and suddenly Mitsuki could hear Hinata’s voice. She asked the aliens if Hinata was still alive, but she didn’t get any answers. Mitsuki took out her gloves at the end of Invasion episode 5, and she made contact with her bare hands. As soon as she did that, she could hear Casper’s voice coming from somewhere far away. She thought that it was Jamila who had come looking for her. Maya and Nikhil decided that it was time to pull Mitsuki out, as otherwise, they would lose her. Mitsuki fell to the ground, and for a moment, we felt like she had died, but she regained her consciousness and said that the aliens were out there.

So basically, what we deciphered from Invasion episode 5 was that the aliens didn’t know that planet Earth was where human beings lived, and the entire concept didn’t make sense to them. So, they hadn’t come with the intention of waging a war, and they were as amused as anybody else because, according to them, the humans were unnecessarily coming in their way. Also, they had somewhat trapped the consciousness of people like Casper, and these people felt like they were being held in a dark dungeon. Probably, these aliens had been on Earth for a very long time, and it was only now that humans had come to know about their existence.

A lot of things still have to be deciphered in the upcoming episodes, as we don’t know what the aliens were trying to achieve by taking in people like Lisa and Felix, and if they had not come to destroy the human species and as per them defending themselves, then what was the purpose of their visit to planet Earth? It would be interesting to see what Mitsuki does from hereon and if Trevante, Rose, and Jamila are able to do something that brings Casper’s consciousness back.

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