‘Island Escape’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Chase And Addison Escape The Island?


Island Escape, directed by Bruce Wemple, makes us privy to a mission undertaken by a few mercenaries where they had to go to this island and save the daughter of the person who had hired them. But gradually, they came to know that it was not an extraction mission and that there was something strange happening on the island that they weren’t able to understand. So, let’s find out what was actually happening on the island and if the mercenaries were able to make it out alive.

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Why Was Russ Reluctant To Go On The Mission?

Addison had approached Chase and told him that she was looking for people who could be of help in a mission that she was going to undertake. The daughter of some CEO was stranded in Gran Manan, and Addison had to carry out an extraction, which is why she was recruiting mercenaries. The CEO was ready to pay a huge amount of money to bring his daughter back to him, and Chase couldn’t say no to it, though he knew that the mission could prove to be very dangerous. Addison told Chase that they had once met each other approximately 2 years ago, but Chase didn’t remember anything from that time. He had met with an accident, of which he had a very blurry memory, and after that, he couldn’t remember anything from his past life.

Also, in the past, he was recruited into the ghost program, run by TSL laboratories, and they stripped him of any legal identities so that in case he died, nobody would know about it. That is why Chase had no way of knowing about his past life or what had happened to him during that mission.

Apart from Chase, Addison had also approached a man named Russ as she wanted him to be a part of the mission. Russ and Chase knew each other from before, and Chase was not on speaking terms with him. Russ was the same guy who was with Chase, on the mission, when he lost his memory. Chase believed that he had lost someone close to him on that mission, which is why Russ was concealing information from him, but the reality was not so simple. Russ knew that if he started telling people what he had been through, nobody would believe him. When Addison also went to ask Russ to join them, he told her upfront that she was committing the biggest mistake by going on that mission. He had also sent anonymous threats, to discourage Addison from going on that island. But Addison was adamant, and Russ agreed to accompany the group, realizing they were going to go with or without him. Russ never told anyone why he didn’t want any of them to go to that god-forsaken island, as he knew that very soon, they were going to witness it for themselves.

What Was Happening On That Island?

Apart from Russ and Chase, Addison recruited Dex, Tag, and Colt for the mission, and they, too, agreed to it because the CEO was ready to pay such a huge amount of money. It was decided that Chase, Addison, and Dex would go in one direction, and Russ, Tag, and Colt would search for the girl in the other corner of the island. After the search was over, they were supposed to meet at a middle point where a helicopter was supposed to be waiting for them. All they knew about the place was that a science experiment had gone wrong, and people had been killed for some reason.

Addison’s group was searching the forest when they met a man named Dr. Garrett, who had come a day prior to them to work with the research team. Gareth told Addison and Chase that all his colleagues had been killed, and somehow, he had managed to survive. There were some very weird things happening on the island, and with each discovery, the group became more and more perplexed. Dex found his own journal lying in the forest, and he saw that there were entries in it that he hadn’t made. Apart from that, one of the dead bodies was wearing the exact same watch that he wore, and Dex didn’t know what he should make out of it. Also, they had found the daughter of the CEO, Stacey Callahan, dead in one of the camps, but when they went ahead, they found that she hadn’t died. There were these huge zombie-like humanoids that were roaming in the entire forest, and they were hunting everybody down.

On a closer look, Addison and others realized that these humanoids were their clones, though they had no clue how these creatures had come into existence. The only difference was that these monsters were huge in size and didn’t have the IQ of a normal human being.

Dr. Gareth, after observing everything, came up with a theory that sought to explain the anomalies taking place on the island. So basically, there was a kind of wormhole that surrounded the island, and every 3 days, a quantum event happened due to which a new version of the same person entered the island. Addison and Chase realized that they were stuck in a loop, and the dead bodies they encountered while coming were their own older versions that had died or were probably killed. Now, according to Dr. Gareth, there was no way to go out of the island, but that’s when Russ revealed something to the entire group that gave them a bit of hope and made them realize that if everything went as per their plan, they might be able to come out of there alive.

Are Chase And Addison Able To Escape The Island?

During Island Escape’s ending, Russ told everyone that it was not the first time he had been there on the island. He told everyone that the last time he had come with Chase, he was able to come out of that wormhole, though, in the process, Chase had lost his memory. Time functioned differently on the island, as the last time Chase had come there, the year was 2023, but when he got out, he realized that he had gone two years back in time, and it was 2021. There was also a destruction sequence that was initiated as soon as the time period of 3 days expired. That destruction sequence created a gap in the wormhole that surrounded the island, and if anyone could reach there on time, they could successfully come out of there. This entire charade was the work of the same TSL laboratories that were running a program to create a super soldier by using a drug that could potentially enhance the physical ability of a human being.

Russ told Addison that they could take the same boat that they had taken last time to escape from there, but before he could reach there, he and Tag were attacked by those humanoids. They first killed Tag, and then they killed Russ. Chase came back to help his friend, but he was not able to save his life. In his dying moments, Russ revealed to Chase that Addison was his wife and that he should escape from there and lead a happy life with her. Dr. Gareth also converted into one of those creatures midway, as he, too, would have consumed the medicine or somehow gotten infected. Chase was able to kill him, and together with Addison, he was able to make it out of there.

But another twist happened in Island Escape at the very end, and once again, we realized that Chase had lost his memory. Addison chose to let Chase go alone because she knew that now that he didn’t remember anything, he wouldn’t believe her even if she told him the truth. And she feared that it would push him away forever. Allison knew that they would have to start all over again. They were stuck in a loop, and the organization was not going to stop until they created the perfect soldier. Maybe they had been on the island a million times before, and they were going to keep coming back in the future, too. So once again, after the nightmare ended, Addison met Chase, and everything happened in the exact same manner as it had been happening. This quest would keep going on until Addison and others found a way to get the better of the people who were pulling the reins and had made them into lab rats, or maybe if they had been able to save Stacey, then there would have been a different outcome. Until that happens, Chase will have to go through that excruciating ordeal over and over again.

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