‘Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous’ Season 3 Summary & Ending, Explained


The first two seasons of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous established 6 teenagers who get a chance to tour the famous Jurassic Park. However, a dinosaur outbreak and failure of the technical system grounded the kids on the island without any connection with the outer world. In the wilderness, they thrive to survive, and leave the island, before they get eaten.

Season 3 takes the thrill ride ahead, where their chase is to find a transport to leave the island.

‘Camp Cretaceous’ Season 3 Summary

After all the failed attempts to call for help, the teenagers decide to take matters into their own hands. The group plans to build a raft to leave the island through waterways, however, soon they spot a Yacht near the docks.

The visual of the boat filled them hope but soon reality kicked in as they figured it was out of gas. Hunting for the gas in the wilderness, the group faces violent behaviour from even the peaceful herbivores. The leader, Darius, deduces the presence of a mutated dinosaur called Scorpius rex, who was as threatening as their previous antagonist from the season 2, termed as E750. Only this time, they are hunting the group in pairs, being even more dangerous than its predecessor.

With a mutated Scorpius rex on the loose, the group tries to find the fuel so that they could leave the island and save their lives.

‘Camp Cretaceous’ Season 3 Ending Explained

Dr.Wu, the lead scientist of Jurassic World, had been experimenting with dinosaur mutation in Camp Cretaceous. After the success of his first hybrid project, E750, Dr.Wu went on to create another superior breed called Scorpios Rex. The world’s first hybrid dinosaur was his prized possession until the system went haywire and he had to leave the island in an emergency.

In the episode “Whatever It Takes”, Dr.Wu arrives on the island on a helicopter with a mission to retrieve his experiment. It is when Darius reveals to him that his experiment has asexually multiplied itself threatening the whole island. But Dr.Wu is unbothered about those living beings, he just wants to retrieve his private laptop, so that his indominus sample could be showcased to the world.

In episode “Stay on Mission” the laptop gets destroyed but Dr.Wu steals the flash drive on which the indominus sample was copied by Sammy. Dr.Wu leaves with a successful mission.

The group is left behind. With the help of other dinosaurs, they killed the indominus Scorpius rex ,bringing balance back to the island. They leave the island on a yacht. However, a roar coming from the locked deck suggests the presence of a dinosaur on the boat. It could be Ben’s pet Bumpy, with whom he was having a hard time separating.

Camp Cretaceous Season 4 will follow Dr.Wu and his vile use of an indominus sample to create a dinosaur disaster in the human world. The group would try to stop him from repeating the mistake, but before that, they’ll have to deal with a much greater threat on board.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous‘ is an adventure animated series based on the Jurassic Park novel by Michael Crichton. The series is created by Zack Stentz and is streaming on Netflix.

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