Katagari In ‘Tokyo Vice’: Will He Retire In Season 3?


Hitoro Katagari was somebody who had a lot of knowledge about the Yakuza community, and that is why whenever any major case came, he was in charge of things. Katagari was a man who knew how balance was created in the system. He knew that he couldn’t be an idealist, and at times, he would have to choose between good and bad. He knew that the Yakuza had a hold over things, and he couldn’t wipe out the mafia community altogether. That is why, at times, he made peace by siding with the lesser evil, something that we saw him doing in Tokyo Vice Season 1.

Katagari always favored Ishida, as he knew that the latter was a man of ideals. He knew that Tokyo would be safe if a man like Ishida was the leader of the mafia community. What Katagiri was scared of was Tozawa, as he probably knew how treacherous he was. Tozawa did things for his own vested interests, and he had the capability of eroding the entire society through his ill deeds. Katagari knew that and that’s why he tried to get the better of Tozawa and put him behind bars somehow. There were consequences to making such a powerful enemy, and Katagari, at one point in time, got very scared as Tozawa threatened to kill his family. Katagari took a desk job, and he stopped taking any cases related to Yakuza. But he wasn’t able to stay out of the game for long, and soon we saw in Tokyo Vice Season 2 that he started working with Nagato, who was heading a special unit established to wage a war against the Yakuza community. At the end of Tokyo Vice season 2, Katagari expressed his desire to quit the force and lead a life of peace and tranquility. So, let’s find out if Katagari would actually take retirement if there is a season 3.

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Will Katagiri retire in season 3? 

As of now, we don’t know if there will be another season of Tokyo Vice or not, but if the makers decide to give a green signal to the franchise, then personally, I believe that we will once again see Katagari at the helm of affairs. Katagari felt that he had had enough, and now he needed to stop working for the police department. Maybe he also wanted to spend some more time with his family. His wife was disappointed with him when he kept working on Tozawa’s case even after he received death threats. She was disappointed about the fact that he prioritized his career over them. Katagari loved his family, but he was also very passionate about what he did. Jake and Katagari were the kind of people whose careers were everything to them. They were always quite invested and dedicated to whatever they did, and over the years, investigating these cases has become an integral part of their lives.

At the end of Tokyo Vice episode 10, we saw that Katagiri told Jake that if he could meditate for a few seconds without any other thoughts entering his mind, then he had the potential to leave his career. Jake was obviously not able to do it, but we saw that even Katagiri wasn’t able to focus and meditate. Katagari chuckled at the end, and it was indicative of the fact that the man was aware that by saying that he would retire, he was just trying to fool himself. It could be possible that Katagari abstains from indulging in any sort of investigative work in season 3 for the longest time, but I feel that ultimately, some case would come that would catch his attention, and he would give in. Jake’s presence, I believe, would also play a key role in the scheme of things. Katagari and Jake worked very well together, and the former always felt a lot of satisfaction when he saw somebody as passionate as him. Also, I believe the police department would need Katagari’s experience if and when a high-level case involving the Yakuza comes their way. The only reason why Katagiri was taking a step back was that, firstly, he didn’t want to put his family’s life at risk, and secondly, he had put in a lot of energy in the Tozawa case, and he felt worn out in the end. But that fatigue isn’t going to be there for long, and soon, we will see the ace detective back in action again. 

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