‘Let’s Get Divorced’ Ending, Explained: Did Taishi And Yui Get Together? What Happens To Go Soda?


Netflix’s Let’s Get Divorced is about the difficult divorce journey of Yui and Taishi. When Yui Kurosawa saw pictures of her husband kissing TV presenter Mimata Sakurako in the gossip columns, she lost her cool. She was not ready to be sympathized with and simply wanted to divorce Taishi Sojhi. But as a celebrity couple, it was not easy for them to get a divorce. Yui was a popular actor, and most of the recent roles she was offered were those of docile, devoted wives. If she ended her marriage with Taishi, then she would have to face the consequences and pay a hefty amount of money to the advertisers as penalty. And Taishi’s political career would be affected by the divorce as well. From reminiscing about their good old days to coming to terms with their present situation, a lot was in store for Yui and Taishi.

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‘Let’s Get Divorced’ Plot Summary: How Did Taishi And Yui Fall In Love? 

Taishi met Yui on the set of her popular television show. Her beauty astounded Taishi, and Yui had the impression that she knew him. Yui believed that she met Taishi during her high school days while shooting a TV show. Taishi rubbished her claims because he was embarrassed by his past. But Yui was right; Taishi was the guy she met during her teenage years and fell in love with. She never expected to meet him years later, but fate brought them together. Eventually, they fell in love with each other, and they could not wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

Taishi belonged to a family of politicians, and his parents were conservatives. They refused to accept Yui as their daughter-in-law. After looking into Yui’s background and profession, they concluded that she was not fit to become Taishi’s wife. With teary eyes, Yui managed to prove her love for Taishi and convince his parents that she was his perfect match. 

Taishi respected Yui’s profession, but it was not easy for him to watch his wife make out with another man on screen. The discomfort worsened, and eventually, his loyalty to her started to fade. Taishi did not know why he decided to cheat; he did it without giving it any thought. Yui was devastated when she was handed pictures of Taishi and Mimata. She was surprised that his parents were unbothered by it. His mother believed that as long as the pictures remained unpublished, the affair was not to be taken seriously. Taishi promised to remain faithful, and things started to go back to normal. Years after the affair, the pictures were suddenly published on the front page of every newspaper. Yui felt insulted by his conduct, and all she wanted was a divorce. Taishi eventually realized that it was almost impossible for him to restrain himself whenever he received sexual offers from Mimata Sakurako. He decided to consult a divorce lawyer to end the marriage.

Who Was Kyoji Kano? What Happened To Kyoji In The End?

Yui wanted to leave Taishi, but she knew how important Ehime was to him, and she wanted to be there to help him in his political journey. Taishi was invited to the bean scattering festival, and he expected Yui to join him as well. On her way to the airport, she met a man she had run into the previous evening. He smelled of tobacco, and in a strange yet comforting way, it reminded her of her mother. The man stated that he won Pachinko after bumping into Yui, and he believed that she was lucky for him. There was something about the man’s attitude that instantly attracted Yui to him. Even though she had to be at the airport, she chose to accompany him to a few rounds of Pachinko. He offered to take her out for dinner, and while she tried to refuse, she secretly wanted to be with him. At the restaurant, she wondered who the stranger was. He did not know that she was an actor, and that was quite relieving for her. She could be an ordinary girl for a change, dating a random man she felt a sudden connection with. It was strange but magical at the same time. Soon it started to rain, and they decided to go their own ways. Kyoji Kano did not have Yui’s number, but he was confident that they would meet again. And Kyoji was right; they met again, but this time they kissed.

Kyoji’s smooth charm made it impossible for Yui to resist herself. Kyoji’s casual approach, his “alive but dead” attitude, and the fact that he was an unemployed artist added to his mysterious charm. He bought a phone just to keep in touch with Yui, and when she traveled to Ehime to help Taishi win the election, he relocated just to be with her. Kyoji was impotent, and they could not copulate, but that did not mean that their relationship was devoid of passion. But gradually, Yui started to feel overwhelmed by Kyoji’s expectations. She was tired of putting up with everyone’s expectations, and Kyoji was the only person who did not care about those things. But eventually, he too started to make demands, and Yui was not ready for it.

Kyoji wanted to become a father, and he was looking forward to raising Yui’s child. Most things in Yui’s life were pre-decided, but she wanted her pregnancy to be her own decision. When Kyoji pressured her, she wondered if he was still the same man she had met before. Kyoji cared about Yui and was ready to become the father of her child, but Yui was not too sure about it. Their relationship came to an end, but Kyoji was respectful of Yui and Taishi. He even helped Taishi win the trust of the voters. Even though he could not be with Yui, he was happy for her and hoped for Taishi and her to be together. In the end, Kyoji became a blogger who covered elections. He traveled the world to document elections. He was a popular figure on the internet, and his blogs often teared up Taishi.

How Did Taishi And Yui Get A Divorce?

When Taishi’s mother learned about the divorce, she clearly stated that she would not allow it. She advised Yui to get pregnant to mend their broken marriage. She even encouraged Yui to spend time with another man if necessary, but divorce was simply not an option. Yui, popularly known for playing the role of “Mikochan,” attracted voters and was important for the election. With his mother controlling every aspect of his life and the voters cheering him only because his wife was a popular actor, Taishi felt worthless. He wanted to win the election all by himself, but he was clueless about the path he had chosen.

Taishi and Yui’s lawyers turned out to be ex-lovers, and instead of coming to a settlement, they challenged each other. Meanwhile, since the divorce had not been finalized, Taishi and Yui publicly apologized for Taishi’s conduct. Yui continued to play the role of the devoted wife to retain the endorsement deals, and the couple continued to live stream together. Meanwhile, Taishi’s mother blackmailed Yui to reconsider the divorce by secretly taking pictures of her and Kyoji. Yui had to be Taishi’s supportive wife during the election if she wanted the pictures to remain unpublished. With no other options in hand, Yui decides to extend her support to Taishi’s campaign. During the campaign, Taishi and Yui reconnected. They were able to laugh at their mistakes and freely discuss the people they dated. Taishi had also transformed during the course of the campaign. He made a serious effort to understand the problems that the people of Ehime faced. Instead of making promises, he chose to form groups and listen to the complaints of the people. He made note of the changes that were necessary, and he was determined to become a better representative.

Taishi and Yui’s situation got further complicated when Yui found out that she was pregnant. Since Kyoji was impotent, Yui was confident that Taishi was the father. Initially, Taishi’s family doubted her, but after investigating her love life, they realized that the baby was Taishi’s. His mother wanted to raise the baby according to the traditions of the Shoji family, while Kyoji was ready to father the child. No one cared to ask what Yui wanted, and she was worried that her decision would be influenced by the people around her. Yui decided to keep her pregnancy a secret, but her mother-in-law did not feel the same way. She announced Yui’s pregnancy without her consent.

After the pregnancy announcement, Mimata decided to leak recent pictures of Taishi visiting her at the hotel. She felt betrayed, and she was determined to destroy Taishi’s reputation. Before releasing the pictures, the magazine asked Yui for comments, but instead, Yui offered pictures of her and Kyoji. She was not ready to become a laughing stock once again, so she decided to expose her affair as well. She did not wish for people to assume that she was a victim in their marriage; she wanted everyone to know that she was capable of being with another man as well. After the double affair scandal, Taishi’s lawyer advised them to publicly announce their divorce since that was the only way to save Taishi’s campaign.

Before attending the press conference, Taishi and Yui reminisced about their happy days together. The press conference was held in the same hall where they got married, and naturally, the memories started to surface. Instead of announcing their divorce, they decided to give each other another chance. They declared that they would remain married if Taishi won the election and would divorce if he lost. While Taishi put up a good fight, he lost by a hundred votes, and they decided to submit their divorce papers on the night of the election result. They were not sure why they were getting divorced. They cared for each other, but somehow marriage destroyed the bond that they once shared. Since they were unsure about their feelings, they allowed the people to decide. They could have worked on their marriage if they wanted to, but they needed to grow as individuals. They submitted the divorce papers and agreed to go their separate ways.

How Did Taishi Defeat Go Soda? 

Go Soda won the election, but he never visited Ehime. Taishi remained devoted to the people of Ehime even though he had lost the election. He never had to work hard for anything in life, and somehow losing the election taught him important life lessons. He learned what it was like to be unemployed, and he became more resolute about his dream. He was more involved in politics than he ever was as a representative. He dedicated three years of his life to understanding the demands of the people of Ehime, and he was better prepared than ever before to contest the election.

Taishi met his friend, Shingo, at his ex-mother-in-law’s sake bar and learned that he was working as a driver for the Seyo Pharmaceutical Company. The company had recently taken over BSL-4 after it was downgraded to level 3. Go Soda had once opposed Taishi’s father’s dream project, but after winning the election, he handed it over to a private company promising employment to the people of Ehime. Shingo was in charge of driving Soda from the airport to the research center. Every time he visited the center, he was handed a paper bag. One day, Shingo looked into the bag when Soda was away and saw the stacks of cash in it. Taishi realized that Soda sold BSL-4 at a dirt low price only to get a profit from the pharmaceutical company later. With the picture taken by Shingo of the bag of cash, Taishi reported it to Kyoji. He had connections with important newspapers willing to cover breaking news. Kyoji was confident that Go Soda’s career would be destroyed and that there would be an emergency election in Ehime. Go Soda resigned from his position, and he left the Reformation Party. Taishi won reelection, and as a representative, he was determined to make his seat count.

Ending Explained: What Finally Happens To The Couple?

In the last three years, Yui has been offered meaty roles in international films, and she has been recognized at festivals abroad. Taishi felt proud of Yui’s success, and he realized that his love for her had never faded. Taishi looked forward to the days when they could spend time together as a family with their baby boy. Yui was attracted to Taishi as well. She believed that if she ever had to get married again, she would marry Taishi. But Yui had lost complete faith in marriage, and she believed that the reason they fell apart was because of the expectations that come with marriage. They will remain friends who were once madly in love with one another. Since they are driven by their individual aspirations, we can assume that they will not get married again.

Let’s Get Divorced‘s ending revealed to us that Yui had started dating her co-actor. She no longer believed in romantically committing herself to one person and decided to enjoy the freedom of her single life. Yui and Taishi did not end up together, but as individuals, they had significantly grown. They were now successful in their professional lives and were able to break free from all expectations. While their affection for one another remained, they knew that they were not meant to be together. They stayed in touch because of Yoji, and they enjoyed the time that they spent together. They finally had control over their lives. Taishi became a responsible parent, and even though there were days when he struggled, he enjoyed the time he got to spend with his son. After his political career took a dip, Go Soda and his wife started a bread company, and they seemed happier than ever before. Life did not go as planned for the characters, but each found happiness in their own unexpected ways.

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