‘Lovestruck In The City’ Ending, Explained: The Complexities of Modern Relationships


It isn’t easy to define love, to define the feeling of love. Can any two love stories be similar? There are so many people in this world, and no two people are ever so similar. They say opposites attract, but still, some people try to find something similar. You can go out looking for love and might end up finding it at the most unexpected places. Park Jae Won and Yoon So Na are two such people who found love when they least expected it. The couple who got lovestruck at the beach, will they remain lovestruck in the city?

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‘Lovestruck In The City’ Plot Summary – Interviewing 6 Random Youngsters in Seoul

Seoul is a big city with people always flocking around. With so many people, the chances of meeting a partner are high as well. In this active dating scene of modern Seoul, Six youngsters are interviewed to know their ideas of love, past relationships, expectations, and thoughts on relationships. Park Jae Won is a lead architect in his father’s firm, Choi Kyung Jun is his cousin who also works in the same company as an Architect, his long-time girlfriend Su Rini works multiple part-time jobs and has no intention to find a full-time job.

Rini’s best friend Lee Euno is a freelance marketer and, Kang Geon is a novelist. Three of them are childhood friends. Kang Geon’s ex-girlfriend Oh Sun Young is a Physical Education Teacher in High School. She is a serial dater but couldn’t get over Kang Geon. Oh Sun Young broke up with Geon because of Rini and Euno. Initially, they were unaware of the other being interviewed. But they find it out when the interview is broadcast.

The Complicated Love Story of Jae Won and Sona

Jae Won and Sona did not know that the other one was going to be interviewed. Their friends knew about their love story, but Sona had kept it a secret from hers. The two romantics met at a beach in Yang Yang. Jae Won had gone for a holiday while Sona did a part-time job at a restaurant there. Sona is young, wild, and free. She catches Jae Won’s eyes, and he instantly falls for her, like love at first sight.

In a short time, they start dating each other. Sona moves into Jae Won’s travel trailer. They start spending more and more time together by surfing, painting, traveling, and eating. They are living what a summer dream could look like. Jae Won proposes to her to get married. Although Jae Won was serious, she agreed with him for fun. They get married on top of their trailer, though not legally valid. When the holiday is over, Jae Won leaves first, and Sona promises to meet him again in Seoul. However, Sona does not meet him on their decided date and calls him to tell him they are over.

True Identity of Yoon Sona

Jae Won is shocked and disturbed by this behavior of Sona. He wants answers but is unable to reach Yoon Sona. Sona is also living in Seoul but has not encountered Jae Won yet. She is afraid to meet him, more like ashamed. Sona was living with Park Jae Won with a fake identity. She was not Yoon Sona but Lee Euno, Jae Won’s cousin’s friend. Sona wasn’t only scared to face Jae Won and her own friends. Euno had moved to Busan to marry her boyfriend and got a new job. The day she moves in, she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. In a rage, she throws away her phone and stays locked in a room. Already broken-hearted, Euno goes to her new workplace only to find out that her employment has been canceled.

Devastated by the reality, Euno takes a bus without knowing the destination. The bus leads her to Yangyang and to Jae Won. Wanting to leave her reality behind, she takes up the name of Yoon Sona, the cool girl who took her job in Busan. All the time she spent in Yangyang and with Jae Won was not her real self. She was not the calm and bubbly Yoon Sona but boring and simple Lee Euno.

‘Lovestruck In The City’ Ending, Explained

As the interview progresses, everyone gets revealed to each other. When Jae Won comes to know that Sona is also part of the program, he starts sending her video letters through the interview. He accidentally finds out the real identity and whereabouts of Yoon Sona/Lee Euno because of his cousin and Euno’s friend Kyung Jun. After a lot of messy and uncomfortable conversations, Jae Won and Euno get back together. Euno wanted to find who she really is and they decide to find it together.

Kyung Jun and Rini, who were the ideal couple start facing issues in their relationship. Kyung Jun wants Rini to change her lifestyle, whereas Rini likes how she’s living and does not want to change it. After facing an embarrassing event, Rini ends her five-year relationship with Kyung Jun. Oh Sun Young still calls Kang Geon even after breaking up with him for two years. She finds comfort in him because he listens to her. He had told her to call him whenever she missed her mom. Sun Young decides to get over him and tells Kang Geon so. She never calls him again.

The complex love lives of urban youngsters are portrayed in ‘Lovestruck in the City.’ As the times change, the perception about life also varies among the people. Specifically, in the big cities, like Seoul, people barely have time for themselves. One has to find love inside them before they go out to find it. It sure doesn’t sound easy, but that was the path Lee Euno chose because she didn’t want to live to be Yoon Sona Forever.

Lovestruck in the City is a 2020 South Korean Romantic Drama series directed by Park Shin Woo. It is streaming on Netflix.

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