‘Luck’ Ending, Explained: Did Sam Eventually Find Her Own Forever Home?


Directed by Peggy Holmes and animated by Skydance Animation, an upcoming animation studio, “Luck” the movie is an Apple Original movie distributed by Apple TV+. The movie is a family-friendly movie that sends a gentle message of not losing hope and an even more obvious moral of misfortune and good fortune being the two sides of the same coin. The movie ends on a happy note where Sam finds the forever family that she deserves and absolutely adores. The film was released on August 5th, 2022, and has amassed both adorations as well as some tricky reviews.

‘Luck’ Plotline: What Is The Animated Film About?

The film follows a girl named Sam, who seems to have lousy luck in surplus. She tries to lead a normal life even though she has misfortune tailing her. Her bad luck had also made it impossible for her to find a forever home. Sam had an adorable young friend, Hazel, who accompanied Sam and also made videos with her. Sam, however, had to move out of the orphanage because she was past the age of being adopted. She had to start her life as an adult in New York City. In the meantime, Hazel was waiting for her forever family to adopt her from the orphanage. While dealing with her misfortune, Sam managed to find a lucky penny that was dropped by a black cat named Bob. At first, she thought nothing of it and took the penny home to give to Hazel. However, when she woke up the next day, her misfortune seemingly disappeared, and she could go about her day properly. Sam realized that the penny was indeed special. However, once she let it go, her bad luck made her flush it down the toilet. She met Bob again, who was trying to find that penny. Through Bob, Sam enters a secret world that is in charge of dishing out both fortune and misfortune. Sam accompanies Bob to get back the lucky penny she lost and also saves Bob from being banished from the good luck area to the bad luck area. With the help of a magical leprechaun named Gerry, they managed to find the coin, but then lost it yet again.

Sam and Bob then venture down to the Bad Luck Land to find their lucky coin so that Bob can escape banishment, and Hazel gets to be adopted. However, they cause several mishaps while trying to use Jeff’s Bad Luck generator machine, and they cause the land to be severed from the human world. This leads to mass panic with bad luck particles affecting everyone, as a result of which Bob and Sam venture out yet again to find some good luck that remained in Bad Luck to help out and reconnect the world to the human world to make it all normal again. Throughout their adventure, Bob comes to admire Sam, and in the end, asks her to adopt him as her cat, so as to become her forever family. The movie ends with Sam and Bob going to pick up Hazel for a sleepover after she finds a forever home. Hazel’s new family is very accepting of Sam and Bob, and the family invites them for dinner after the sleepovers.

Obsession With Good Luck: A Little Insight Into Sam And Bob’s Life

Humans are very superstitious creatures; they imbue superstition onto a lot of things that might go against or for them. Black cats have always been associated with witches, who are usually held as evil in nature. Witches and black cats have been stigmatized and are always cast out of society. Black cats, in general, are treated terribly in public. Adoption rates for these cats have just started increasing. The movie associate’s black cats with good luck, although with a twist, and also catches the stigma against them during the scenes when Sam first meets Bob. Although the movie later backtracks and says that, in fact, the Black Cat had another Lucky Penny on him, which made it easier for him to be lucky. The movie essentially brings out that there is no such thing as good luck without some bad luck. It’s easier for people to appreciate some favorable luck after some misfortune. The film really pushes the ideology that there is always good luck in bad luck and the message that everything happens for a reason.

Sam and Bob first meet the Dragon, Babe, who is in charge of the entire company, to discuss their woes. Babe had a love story with Jeff, the unicorn, which she had stopped meeting due to her fear of bad luck. Jeff was in charge of the machine that dished out bad luck particles, which are mixed with good luck particles in a big machine called the Randomiser, which then shoots both lucks at random, which is then transferred to the human world. Babe is very afraid of even a little speck of bad luck. She tried to sabotage the Randomiser with just good luck after it malfunctioned due to the influx of bad luck generated after Bob and Sam stopped Jeff’s machine from sending bad luck into the Randomiser for 2 hours. They did so to help out Hazel, but instead, they caused a malfunction, and the lucky wires that connected this world to the human world were severed. With the help of Jeff and Babe’s feelings, they managed to make Babe understand that bad luck and good luck were simply two sides of the same coin. If a person hits absolute rock bottom, the only way to go after that is to rise up, and that is good luck. A little misfortune had made the company treat lousy luck as a pariah. The dragon finally overcame her misunderstanding of bad luck when she observed that her fear of her employees getting hurt due to bad luck was being helped by the makers of bad luck, who did not shy away from assisting the rest and also providing some leftover good luck that they kept safe to set the misfortunes right.

Ending Explained: Did Sam Eventually Find Her Own Forever Home?

The movie sets up a reason for the misfortune. It allows the characters to draw the conclusion that after a bout of misfortune, there’s always some fortune that follows. The passage in-between where misfortune meets fortune, Bob says that to get back to the side of fortune, Sam needs to jump. Gravity does not work the same way, and the only way to cross over is to jump, because down leads up to a good fortune. They treat both luck as a mirror and as two sides of the same coin. The members living and taking care of the department of lousy luck seem to adjust and adapt to their little misfortunes and find joy in them. After the incident, Sam and Bob unite both departments of luck, and everybody joins in.

Finally, in the end, Bob, after admiring Sam, asks her if he could become the forever family that she had been missing. The movie ends with Sam adopting Bob as her cat, and they become good friends. Hazel gets adopted into a loving family that allows her to spend time with her beloved Sam and Bob. They adjust and are always prepared for the little mishaps that occur around her. Sam’s boss even helps her out when mishaps occur. At the end of the film, Sam makes her own forever family and lives happily with her cat Bob, who seems to be obsessed with his phone, and Hazel, who helps out Sam with dance chores.

Final Words: Animation And The Magic It Created

The animation movie speaks of the style adopted by the famous animation companies PIXAR and Disney. Skydance animation has brought back the style with adorable characters. With dramatic effects and vibrant colors, Skydance brings up the topic and turns it into an approachable fairytale with a modern twist. The luck factor is shown as random, and everything happens for a reason. If Sam had not experienced any of the misfortune, she would not have met Bob and learned of a completely different world that existed. She would also not have gotten to meet Hazel or her boss, who has become irreplaceable to her. Sam would have never gotten the chance to make new friends like the Leprachauns, Dragon, Unicorn, Bunnies, Root creatures, Goblins and other cats who worked in the luck world to generate luck. She experienced a whole new world at the expense of suffering from her lousy luck, and it does seem like a pretty good deal.

The story seems to follow John Lasseter, a former executive of Pixar and Disney who had been laid off for various reasons. After losing all hope in life, John finds himself back at work at Skydance Animations. He struggled with finding work while Skydance Animations became the excellent fortune he received after his misfortune. His animated film follows the storyline of his life quite closely, and he comes up with a good plot for the movie, albeit with a few unnecessary plot points, but nevertheless a fun watch.

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