‘Masters Of The Universe: Revolution’ Ending Explained: Will Despara Be The Villain Of Season 3?


In the lead-up to the conclusion of Masters of the Universe: Revolution, it was revealed that Skeletor was actually King Randor’s half-brother. He was originally named Keldor, and he was from an island planet called Anwat Gar. He was the rightful heir to the throne of Eternia, but due to a technicality, he had to go back to his home planet. Anwat Gar was invaded by Hordak (because that was his hobby), and he trained Keldor, gave him the Havoc staff, and turned him into Skeletor. By the looks of it, the duo tried to invade Eternos but failed. Skeletor was arrested and then restricted to Snake Mountain. But with the help of Motherboard, Hordak managed to make Skeletor the king of Eternos, meddle with the magic (thereby robbing Adam of his powers) of the realm, turn the populace into robots, and then invade it. However, Skeletor had other plans.

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Did Teela manage to control her newfound powers?

Initially, Skeletor’s plans were to do the bidding of Motherboard and Hordak. But then his alter ego (or his original ego) acted up, in the form of a holographic Keldor, and urged him to kill off both Motherboard and Hordak and take control of Eternos. He took out Motherboard while she was busy parsing through the data in the walls of Castle Grayskull, and, after an incredibly hard-fought battle, surprisingly, Skeletor actually succeeded and killed Hordak, too. But Evil-Lyn entered the picture through a portal, severed the Havoc staff from Skeletor’s body, and took it to Teela, thereby allowing her to combine the powers of the staff of the Sorceress, the staff of Ka, and the Havoc staff, and restore balance in Eternia and resurrect Preternia.

Given how that exercise started taking a toll on Teela, Adam decided to enter the vortex created by her, along with his upgraded sword, and invoked the power of Grayskull to give her a boost. The process transformed both of them, and before dealing with the task at hand, Adam and Teela decided to seal the deal with a kiss instead of partaking in the good old “will they, won’t they” routine anymore. On that note, Teela took to the skies to use her newfound powers to bring back Preternia and restore the place that was a home for the dead. Skeletor started turning the brainwashed public of Eternia into minions that were made of his personal concoction of magic and technology, and Adam intervened and broke the spell that was being used to control them.

Did Adam turn Eternia into a Democracy?

In Masters of the Universe: Revolution, the final battle against Skeletor and his forces pushed Adam and his friends to the limit. It even brought Granamyr, the dragon, out of his slumber and onto the battlefield. And just when he was about to breathe his last, Teela completed the last stages of her spell and resurrected Preternia. That not only allowed the dead to achieve a form of immortality but also freed Evil-Lyn from the guilt of destroying it in the first place. Skeletor made one last ditch attempt to kill Adam, but the ghost of Randor appeared beside He-Man and helped him defeat Skeletor. All the souls who were trapped somewhere between Eternia and Preternia were finally freed. Even though Skeletor was soundly defeated, he tried to hold onto the spirit of Randor. However, Adam used all the power coursing through his body, channeled it through his sword, and transformed Skeletor back into Keldor, thereby robbing him of his dark magical powers.

The shot of Keldor accepting his defeat while looking at all the heroes was reminiscent of the shot of a defeated Loki looking at the Avengers in The Avengers. To be honest, Keldor’s whole arc was pretty similar to that of Loki, who was Odin’s adopted child and then turned into a villain when he couldn’t legally take the throne of Asgard. Keldor had blue skin, and the original color of Loki’s skin was blue because of his connection with the Jötuns. Anyway, the Horde jetted off into space after being relieved of their duties since Skeletor had no hold over them anymore. After that, Adam put an end to Eternia’s monarchy and declared that it’d function as a democracy. According to him, his search for the next king and his own indecisiveness regarding being the next king led to this whole fiasco. So, he wanted the people to take that responsibility and choose their leader instead of blindly following an endless cycle of nepotism. Keldor was jailed in Castle Grayskull, and I think Masters of the Universe: Revolution should’ve unpacked the topic of how he was wronged because of the fear of “bad optics,” thereby initiating his villain arc. That would have forced Adam to see Randor in a different light, but the show doesn’t have that kind of time in this season. Andra decided to run for office. As for Adam and Teela, they chose to focus on their relationship and maintain the peace and tranquility of Eternia.

Will Despara be the villain of Season 3?

During Masters of the Universe: Revolution‘s ending, we get our first look at the character known as Zodac. He seems to be the leader of a team called the Cosmic Enforcers. They all wear similar-looking helmets. They are gathered at a colosseum that is built on an asteroid that is being held by a giant (I guess), which is connected to several other asteroids with colorful chains. And after seeing Evil-Lyn’s beautiful display of heroism, Zodac expresses his desire to make her a part of this team. Who is Zodac? What is the job of the cosmic enforcers? Well, apparently, Mattel introduced him as some sort of generic villainous character. Then DC Comics turned him into a centrist of sorts, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe kind of continued that version of the character. The iteration of the character that we see in Revolution seems to be a neutral player too. I think the best way to describe Zodac and the Cosmic Enforcers is by calling them the show’s version of Marvel’s Watchers. They oversee the events of Eternia, but they never intervene (unless it’s absolutely necessary, I guess). Now, that sounds too restrictive for someone like Evil-Lyn, even if she isn’t evil anymore. She is still chaotic, and she has recently chosen a side (the good one), so playing a neutral figure probably won’t suit her. Well, technically, we don’t see Evil-Lyn accepting Zodac’s offer. So, who knows? Maybe Season 3 of Masters of the Universe will have a cold open where Evil-Lyn slaughters the Cosmic Enforcers for sitting on the fence despite being so powerful.

The narrative shifts from the asteroids of neutrality to what seems to be Etheria, i.e., the home planet of Hordak and his Horde. Someone has apparently retrieved Hordak’s body from the battlefield and put him in some kind of Bacta tank where he is healing. Yes, of course, Masters of the Universe has a bunch of parallels with Star Wars. Hordak’s unconscious body is visited by a masked individual who tells her master to rest as Horde Prime does its work. She says that once Hordak regains his strength, they’re going to kill Skeletor and He-Man. So, as far as I can figure out, this masked character is Despara. She is supposed to be Adam’s twin sister, Adora, who was kidnapped by Hordak and trained to become one of the leaders of the Horde. When did Hordak kidnap Adora? Well, during one of the flashback sequences, we see Hordak jumping from a tower in Eternia while a distressed Randor and Skeletor watch him escape. Maybe that’s when he did it. That said, much like the information regarding Skeletor being Keldor, the fact that Adora being Despara is going to shock Adam and possibly the rest of Eternia. Why do Randor and his family have so many secrets? Why can’t they just talk and keep everyone in the loop? Maybe we’ll get the answers to that in the yet-to-be-announced Season 3 of Masters of the Universe.

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