The MBTI Personality Of Every Main Character in ‘Bridgerton’ Series


The Netflix original “Bridgerton” series, based on the novels of Julia Quinn, has become a massive sensation for a global audience. It is one of the few shows where the clues to every cliffhanger lie in the personalities of its characters. The character arcs and growth in the show enhance the fun of every romantic and comic scene. As the character fandom of this show is immense, the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI) is the best way to understand how the audience relates to them.

Violet Bridgerton (ESFJ- Consul)

Lady “Violet” Bridgerton is the caring mother of the Bridgerton family. Every social season, she prepares her children to enter the marriage market and find a suitor. Despite being worldly and practical, she only wishes for her children to find true love over mere status. Like a true ESFJ, she is a well-known, selfless people-person, earning a good reputation for her family.

Anthony Bridgerton (ESTJ- Executive)

Being the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony had to take many responsibilities on his shoulders after his father’s death. After his loss, Anthony is forced to suppress his emotions and throw himself into work, which later becomes his coping mechanism. As an ESTJ, he is a status-oriented traditionalist who struggles with emotional intelligence. His tendency to force his decisions on his family isolates him from them, a trait that severely affects his romantic life. He views marriage as a social obligation and looks for a Viscountess in his wife rather than a lover! 

Benedict Bridgerton (ISFP- Adventurer)

The second-eldest Bridgerton son feels like a breath of fresh air from the strict ways of Anthony. A true ISFP, Benedict is an inspiration-seeking adventurer and an artist to his core. He looks at the world beyond status hierarchies and gender roles. Despite not being a troublemaker, Benedict is definitely a rule-breaker! While he mostly keeps to himself, Benedict is far from selfish and is a compassionate older brother.

Colin Bridgerton (ENFP- Campaigner)

While being the third child, Colin sometimes seems more immature than even little Gregory and Hyacinth! He is free-spirited and impulsive and does not like to be bossed around by Anthony. He is often preoccupied with his personal pleasures of flirting with women and even taking long solo trips to get over them. Like his other childish traits, Colin’s love for Marina has also been quite childlike: innocent and untarnished. Nonetheless, his ignorance towards Penelope’s feelings and juvenility hints at a lot of character growth in future seasons.

Daphne Bridgerton (ESFJ- Consul)

Despite being the fourth child, Daphne shows a great deal of maturity and emotional intelligence over her elder brothers. Daphne is the perfect embodiment of her mother’s ideals. She is selfless, kind, and worldly, making her a popular prospect for many bachelors and the season’s diamond. Her selflessness is evident when she agrees to marry Nigel Burbrooke to save her family from humiliation. While all her endeavors aim at being an asset to society, Daphne does not shy away from gracefully pointing out the flaws in it. Her strength and determination save Anthony and Simon from fighting a duel. 

Eloise Bridgerton (ENTP- Debater)

Owing to her undying inquisition and analytical mind, Eloise is the only Bridgerton who boldly challenges the flaws in society. Eloise sees marriage as an institution of imprisonment rather than of love and steers clear of it. Unlike her elder sister, she avoids the spotlight and chooses to be her authentic self as an underdog (like an ENTP). While having a quirky sense of humor, she takes women’s rights quite seriously and respects everyone who rejects unjust societal norms.

Francesca Bridgerton (INFJ- Advocate)

It is strange and unfair that Francesca is the only Bridgerton who had minimal screen time in both seasons. For unknown reasons, she is always out of sight during the courting season. Nonetheless, with her limited screen time, she exhibited a personality with great depth and a strong belief system. Francesca is an introverted personality who spends most of her time practicing her pianoforte. She seems critical of Eloise’s rash mannerisms, indicating that she perhaps does not mind marriage or traditional living. Francesca is the most mysterious one in the family and will likely have the most intense romantic season of the other Bridgerton siblings.

Penelope Featherington (INFP- Mediator)

The sweet Penelope Featherington is a quintessential INFP. She is caring, creative, and intensely emotional. However, due to the consistent bullying by her sisters and society, Penelope hides many insecurities. She is skeptical of every compliment she receives and scornfully replies, “Do not mock me!” Penelope struggles with expressing herself openly and channels her intense emotions as Lady Whistledown. Though emotional, Penelope is far from a fool as she tactfully conceals her identity as the city’s most notorious gossip writer.

Simon Bassett (ISTP- Virtuoso)

Simon is a renowned rake and a heartthrob of London’s marriage market, who refrains from commitment. He hates the attention of the crowd and likes to be by himself. While intensely romantic deep down, Simon seldom expresses himself, which keeps Daphne confused about his feelings. Simon prefers to drown himself in dukedom and boxing to avoid showing his vulnerable side to anyone. He is stubborn about his decision to not have a family and does not break until eventually in the series.

Queen Charlotte (ENTP- Debater)

The Queen of England takes an immense interest in throwing flamboyant balls, matchmaking young souls, and reading newsletters by Lady Whistledown. She finds escapism from the problems in her own marriage by amusing herself through societal trivialities. While being an influential authority, Queen Charlotte is not entirely a traditionalist. Her witty brain works like an underdog, and she puts her sources to work to achieve her goals. She suffers no fools but repeatedly witnesses Lady Whistledown making a fool of her! However, instead of merely getting offended, Queen Charlotte enjoys challenges and constructs a plan to use Whistledown to her benefit.

Kate Sharma (ENTJ- Commander)

Kate is an adventurous, headstrong, bold woman who strives to achieve her goals at any cost. She follows her head over her heart and commits her life to her family’s well-being. Kate neglects her own happiness to secure a bright future for her sister. However, her overprotectiveness becomes exhausting for Edwina. Kate is far from a people-pleaser and does not find it necessary to justify her decisions to anyone. While she shares many similarities with Anthony, Kate does not like to restrict herself to societal norms. She disregards unfair norms against women and lives according to her free will.

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Edwina Sharma (ISFJ- Defender)

Edwina Sharma is a kind woman who gives much of her life’s control to Kate as a way of showing trust and respect. Despite being the season’s diamond, Edwina does not seek the spotlight too much. She looks for true love in her life and does not care about money, popularity, or status. As an ISFJ, Edwina is willing to sacrifice her happiness for the well-being of her family. Regardless, Kate does not let her do so and keeps secrets to avoid hurting her. Unlike her sister, Edwina sees Anthony beyond his arrogant demeanor and admires his chivalry. 

Lady Danbury (ENTJ- Commander)

Lady Danbury is a sharp, intimidating, influential woman who runs the town. She is aware of the whereabouts of London’s high society, and her judgments are wildly impeccable. This trait of hers made Eloise believe, for a moment, that she was Lady Whistledown. Despite her acerbic demeanor, Lady Danbury has a kind heart, evident in her compassion for Simon and Kate. She is sociable, outgoing, and practical in her decisions.

 Marina Thompson (ISTJ- Logistician)

Marina is the graceful and attractive cousin of the Featheringtons, who sought refuge after being impregnated by her former lover. Though Marina disapproved of high society, she quickly adjusted herself to their ways of surviving. Though she craves true love, she decides to settle for a secure marriage with any gentleman who accepts her child. Marina prioritized respectable and financially secure survival over dreamy fantasies. As an ISTJ, she is realistic and practical in her decisions.

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