‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3: Easter Eggs & Comic-Book References, Explained – Does Marc Have A Third Personality?


“Moon Knight” Episode 3 builds the drama further as it sets new conflicts and drops a plethora of Easter Eggs and comic book references that connect to the larger MCU universe. It reveals the sins of Khonsu and the reason why he was abandoned by the other gods. The episode also sheds light on the character of Layla, while hinting at her father’s death. The narrative brings a few characters from the comic book universe and Egyptian mythology while hinting to the viewers about the possibility of Marc Spector’s third personality. Let’s learn more about them one by one.

The Ennead

Khonsu summoned Ennead by eclipsing the sun to put Harrow on a trail to try to bring Ammit to life. This is where we get our first look at the other Egyptian Gods of the MCU version of the Ennead.

7 out of the 9 gods have been revealed, namely Khonshu, Ammit, Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathor. Other than these, we have already been introduced to Bast or Bastet in Black Panther, who is another member of Ennead in the comics. We do not know if we will get a glimpse from Bast in Moon Knight, but this does tie our Fist of Khonshu to Black Panther.

Interestingly, Hathor, Goddess of Music and Love, is not a member of Ennead in the comics and seems like an MCU addition. She does, however, exist in Egyptian mythology as the Goddess of Women, the Sky, Fertility, and Love. We have to wait and see if she has more to her in the upcoming episodes, since her avatar, Yatzil, did help Marc by directing him toward Senfu’s sarcophagus.

The Banishment of the Gods

When Khonshu speaks to Ennead, he mentions how the gods banished humanity but he stayed back. This is when Horus mentions that it was humanity that abandoned them. According to the comics, monotheism (the belief that there is only one God) is what abandoned the many gods of the Ennead. The only way for them to carry on their vigilance on humanity was via their avatars, some of whom we see in Episode 3. Not only did this hurt their pride, but the fact that one of their own, Khonshu, went against them and stayed back with the very humans that abandoned them, meddling in their affairs and revealing his presence, made the Gods banish Khonshu.

The Sins Of Khonsu 

All that Khonshu does in Episode 3 does count as his sins, basically. He eclipses the sun, which he states will certainly risk the wrath of the gods. Manipulating the sky is clearly not something legal, especially with humans watching. However, Ennead decides to give Khonshu another chance. However, Khonshu does the trick again, this time turning back the night by 2000 years. Both these acts, even if sins, are proof of the power of Khonshu, a true Elder God. But they are sins nonetheless, and Ennead eventually imprisons him in stone.

The reason Khonshu was banished by the gods was due to his involvement in the affairs of humanity. The gods had their own avatars who would only observe humanity. But Khonshu and his way of justice, with which he dealt with humans firsthand, is what crossed the line and resulted in his banishment. Perhaps it was something that happened when Arthur Harrow was the First of Khonshu before Marc Spector.


According to Egyptian mythology, Senfu, or Sneferu, or Snefru, is the “bringer of beauty.” During his lifetime, people worshiped him as a God. He was the one who designed the first true pyramids as we know them today, including the Great Pyramid of Giza. So it makes sense that he was tasked with recording the location of Ammit’s Tomb by Ennead, as Layla mentions in Episode 3.

Layla’s Father

When Layla talks to the forger woman, her father’s apprentice, who gives Layla a fake passport to Egypt, they both speak of Layla’s father. We come to know that he was also an archaeologist, and it was he who taught Layla everything about it. We also find out that her father died in the desert due to some incident. This incident perhaps also involved Marc, as Harrow reveals later on. We do not know if Marc is directly responsible for the tragedy, but it is evident from his reactions that he was somehow involved. And perhaps this is why he has distanced himself from her, keeping things to himself. Also, from the way Layla talks about her father, it seems that she wasn’t that fond of him. Episode 4 will probably give us more information about this.

Anton Mogart, Also Known As, Midnight Man

Layla and Marc meet Anton Mogart, who is in possession of Senfu’s sarcophagus. In the comics, Anton Mogart is also known as “Midnight Man.” A master thief, he gets his name due to the fact that he carries out his thefts exactly at midnight. Anton Mogart is a common adversary of Moon Knight who worked with Raul Bushman, who was the very guy who left Marc Spector for dead in the desert, from where he was given new life by Khonshu.


Bek is Anton’s right-hand man. In the comics, there is one Kareesh-Bek who is one of the slayers of Nimrod Strange, who was an African warlord who also has a connection to Moon Knight. Moon Knight’s long-time friend, Benjamin Abramon, was killed by Nimrod. His belief that he could not be defeated made him build Arsenal, a suit that had weapons from all his assassins.


The last time we heard the name Madripoor was in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” That Layla and Anton mention their last meeting in Madripoor makes sense, since Anton is a thief after all. And Madripoor is an island that is a safe haven for criminals like him and villains. It is a lawless nation located in the Indonesian archipelago. Madripoor is the only place where criminal extradition isn’t allowed. Baron Zemo, as well as Sharon Carter, have a lot of sources in this place. So it is possible that Layla, Sharon, and Baron have all met each other? It can be true.

The Third Personality Of Marc Spector

During a fight scene between Marc and Harrow’s goons, we see Marc blacking out. After he gains consciousness, he finds one of the henchmen stabbed to death. He didn’t do it, and he knows that Steven (Grant) isn’t capable of hurting someone either. This brings in the possibility of a third personality. In the comics, we do have Jake Lockley, the cab driver who picks up intel from the streets. We do not know if this is him, but then who else could this be? Is Marvel planning to introduce a new personality, one that isn’t in the comics?

From the looks of it, Episode 4 will take us inside Ammit’s tomb. But with Khonshu trapped inside the stone, we have to wait and see how a powerless Marc and Layla face Harrow who no longer faces Khonshu’s threat.

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