‘My Demon’ Ending Explained: Do Do Hee And Gu Won Have A Happy Ending?


My Demon has come to an end, and the ride hasn’t been as eventful as we would have liked. It was a feel-good story that just promised a lot more excitement in terms of its premise but was ultimately rather mellow. Everything was complicated yet was solved within minutes, without any intrigue. The thrill was an expectation because of the initial promise of corporate intrigue mixing with the supernatural realm. Regardless, it has come to an end, and this is the summary and ending of My Demon.

Spoiler Alert

What was Gu Won and Do Hee’s past?

Gu Won and Do Hee’s love story started two hundred years ago, in the Joseon era. Gu Won went by the name Yi Sun, and he was the son of a nobleman. Meanwhile, Do Hee was known as Wolsim, a famous courtesan who just wanted to die because she had realized that her life did not offer her any equality or dignity. Both of them fell in love, and Wolsim changed her mind because Yi Sun introduced her to the Christian faith, and the couple decided to change the world. Before that could happen, Wolsim was murdered by religious zealots. Yi Sun killed everyone around him in a rage and decided to abandon heaven since it was his faith that had led to Wolsim’s death. Yi Sun became a demon and roamed the earth, making deals with humans for two hundred years, but he had no memory of his human life. Years prior to the present day, Gu Won made a deal with Do Hee’s father, who was desperate to save his wife and unborn child, who were on the brink of death.

Do Hee’s father was Cheon Suk’s business partner, and he had left the company a while back. After that, Cheon Suk had become authoritarian and greedy with the company, and she planned on making sweeping changes, ones that were detrimental to the workers, for the sake of greater profits. Do Hee’s parents and Cheon Suk got into an argument about it, and the former vowed to expose her. A furious Cheon Suk followed their car to stop them, and that is when she witnessed their accident. Do Hee’s parents were speeding because it was their last day on earth. That was the day they had to hand over their souls to Gu Won, and they just wanted to meet Do Hee once before it happened. Sadly, the accident killed Do Hee’s mother, and Do Hee’s father died when his soul was collected. This entire thing was witnessed by Cheon Suk, and she was convinced that she had seen the devil. Cheon Suk never found out the details of it all, but she changed as a person and became law-abiding and conscientious. Do Hee was initially passed around by her relatives, but she ended up with Cheon Suk. Initially, Cheon Suk approached this relationship with guilt and responsibility but grew to have a fondness for the little girl. Do Hee grew up to have her own business and was a successful person. Cheon Suk was happy for her, but she really wanted her to have someone by her side, namely, a husband. She knew that she had limited time on earth because of her cancer (which is revealed in the last episode), and she did not want Do Hee to be left alone when she passed away.

Why do Do Hee and Gu Won get married?

Someone is trying to kill Do Hee, and when she desperately needs saving, Gu Won is there. However, something strange happens, and while he protects her, his tattoo ends up getting transferred to Do Hee. That is the source of his powers, and Gu Won can only use them if he is holding Do Hee’s hand. Therefore, they form a partnership where Gu Won acts as Do Hee’s bodyguard, as long as he gets to hold her hand whenever he wants. When Cheon Suk passes away, she puts a condition in her will that Do Hee can only become the chairwoman if she gets married within the year. Therefore, Do Hee needs a husband, and by that time, Gu Won is jealous enough to not let anybody else take that spot. But he disguises it as a mutually beneficial arrangement, and that is how they get married. However, Gu Won is getting weaker by the day because his powers are not in his body.

By this time, Noh Suk Min, who is the primary antagonist of My Demon, has discovered Gu Won’s true nature and wants to kill him. Seeing Gu Won in danger, Do Hee decides to give up the company to protect the person she loves. Looking at Do Hee’s sacrifice, Gu Won also confesses his love to her, and they are together as a real couple now. But Gu Won is still in danger because his powers haven’t returned, and unless Do Hee dies, he cannot survive. On what they think is their last day together, both of them are in another life-threatening situation, and this time, Gu Won jumps into the fire to save Do Hee, which miraculously transfers back the tattoo to his arm, thereby solving the problem once and for all.

What Finally Happens To Do Hee And Gu Won?

Noh Suk Min wants complete control over the company, which he gets after the death of his mother and Do Hee stepping back from management. But Suk Min’s ambitions are based on destruction, and while confronting him about it, Do Hee realizes that he is the murderer of Cheon Suk. The latter had just been framed by his father. Suk Min escapes, and he burns his face so that Gu Won cannot find him. Meanwhile, Gu Won and Do Hee break up because they come to know the truth about their pasts. But Suk Min isn’t aware of this, and he kidnaps Do Hee to lure out Gu Won and kill him. Suk Min’s plan almost succeeds, and he is able to kill Do Hee when she gets in the way of his aim at Gu Won. However, Gu Won brings Do Hee back to life, breaking the fundamental rule of demons that they cannot resurrect the dead. Do Hee barely gets time to tell Gu Won that he wasn’t the reason for her death but the reason she had been alive and happy before he disintegrated in front of her eyes.

For the world, Gu Won has passed away. But he cannot accept that yet. Or maybe she is simply in a daze. She puts on the blouse she was wearing when she first met him and goes to the ocean, where she asks to make a deal with him. Do Hee asks for him to come back to her, and surprisingly, her wish is granted. It was one of those days when God was feeling benevolent. When Gu Won was told that Do Hee would have to die for him to get back his powers, he made a bet with God that if he could get back his powers while Do Hee stayed alive, she would lose. God did lose that bet, and bringing Gu Won back to life was her compensation. The lovers are finally reunited and cannot be separated again. 

During My Demon‘s ending, Do Hee meets Suk Min, and he goes mad when he sees that she and Gu Won are both alive. While his mind is running a mile a minute, thinking of ways to take revenge, he hallucinates that his mother is there in the cell with him and loses his mind. It is possible that Cheon Suk’s spirit is actually there, and Suk Min just doesn’t have enough mental faculties in place to fight that. His death sentence is upheld by the court, and Suk Min will spend the rest of his days in prison. Outside, Se Ra regrets how she abandoned her son for her own sake, and she sets up a center to help other children who are victims of domestic abuse. Ga Young does something similar. She is about to leave for England when she comes across a little girl who reminds her of herself. Ga Young decides to stay back to help her and probably others like her. Finally, Do Hee hands over the chairmanship to Seok Hoon. Do Hee says that if she had accepted it, it would have been because of Cheon Suk’s help. Do Hee is not interested in nepotism; therefore, she stepped back to let Seok Hoon take the post. Finally, Ms. Shin goes public with her relationship, but people already knew that for a long time because of the photos in her cabin. Meanwhile, Do Hee and Gu Won continue with their married lives, fighting with each other and vowing to love each other in the same breath. They are both aware that Gu Won will outlive Do Hee, so they plan to cherish the moments they have together, leaving the future for the next day.

Final Thoughts

The best part of the show was the chemistry between the actors, which made up for a lot of fallacies and missed opportunities in the script. My Demon has been memorable for the few weeks of its runtime, but it remains to be seen if that status is held into the future.

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