‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ Summary & Ending, Explained


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the first animated feature film based on the popular Manga series My Hero Academia. The film follows a 15-year-old boy, Izuku Midoriya who aspires to become a superhero one day. Though all his friends have superpowers, Midoriya is born without one. However, his dreams come true when he meets the Greatest Superhero All Might who decides to transfer his power to Midoriya before retiring. The film follows the adventure of two heroes, Midoriya fighting alongside All Might to save the world.

‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ Summary

The narrative quickly explores the backstory establishing its two prominent heroes, Izuku Midoriya and All Might. While All Might becomes the symbol of peace as soon as he arrives, Midoriya is a young boy without a quirk (superpower) in a world where 80% of people have some kind of special trait. Midoriya had given up all hope to become a superhero when he met the opportunity of a lifetime.

In a lethal battle five years back, All Might suffered an injury due to which he can’t hold his powers for long. He is looking for a successor and when he saw Midoriya running away to save people even without a quirk, All Might couldn’t help but gaze. He finds the future vessel for his powers. All Might transfers his quirk to Midoriya and he enrolls in U.A high school to learn how to use his powers.

In the present day, All Might and Midoriya are traveling to I-island for I-expo, a convention for various research and development. At the convention, All Might meets his old friend, David who used to design all the gears for him. All Might shares his illness, his declining superpower with David who gets alarmed to see the test results. He mutters painfully, “At this rate, the symbol of peace will be lost forever.” All Might is rather hopeful as he knows that his power, “All for One” is safe with Midoriya and he has no stepping down.

Everything was going just right when some supervillains hacked the island security system and took hostages. All Might is estranged too and due to his declining power, he is helpless. Midoriya and his classmates of 1-A are the only hope.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ Ending Explained

Midoriya and David’s daughter Melissa find out that David and his assistant Sam hired the villains to raid the I-island so that they can steal a groundbreaking invention that amplifies quirk/superpowers. The quirk amplifier device was invented by David himself but was later confiscated by the sponsors and locked in a vault for human safety. If the device would fall in the wrong hands, any villain could use it to spread evil. David wanted to steal it for a long time because he can’t let go of his greatest invention but after hearing about All Might’s illness, the need for it rises. David could have used the device to cure All Might, but before he can accomplish his plans, the villain Wolfram uses it against All Might.

In a devastating fight, the two heroes Midoriya and All Might finish off Wolfram and save the day. Through the incident, David understands what All Might was trying to convey. It is time for All Might to descend down and give the torch to someone else, someone who has a light like him, the light of a hero. Finally, David is able to see that light in Midoriya.

“My idea and that device were nothing more than ways to keep the status quo. Even though the future and hope were right in front of me.”

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a beautiful film that explores the idea of breaking the status quo. At some point, even the mighty have to understand that they are here for an interval, and it is their obligation to make space for the younger generation when their turn comes. The most arrogant and ignorant would be those, who’d think they are going to rule forever. All Might understands this but David has a hard time accepting it. The film gracefully pictures the clash between ideologies. While the action sequences pump out adrenaline, the message is bound to make one emotional.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a 2018 animated superhero film created by Kenji Nagasaki. The film is available for Video On Demand.

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