‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – What To Expect From Season 3?


Netflix is going to bring season 3 of “The Office (US)” star Mindy Kalling’s famous teen rom-com series “Never Have I Ever.” It has always been in the top 10 of the Netflix watchlist for its dreamboat high school romance and its troublesome teenage protagonist, Devi’s constant attempts to embarrass herself. In previous seasons, the story started with Devi Viswakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a 15-year-old Indian American girl who studies at Sherman Oaks High School along with her best friends Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) and Eleanor (Ramona Young). After Devi’s father Mohan’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) death, Devi begins to face a lot of trauma, and her relationship with her mother Nalini (Poorna Jagannatham) becomes bitter. Devi’s mother is quite traditional and reluctant to allow Devi to assimilate into Gen Z American culture. But Devi kind of bumps her head, falling in love with her high school crush, Paxton (Darren Barnet), and the real struggle of her life begins.

In “Never Have I Ever,” besides Devi, we see many other side characters who have spiced up the story, such as Fabiola’s feelings towards one of the schoolgirls, Eve, and her coming out as gay, Elenor’s mother’s struggle, or Devi’s cousin Kamala’s (Richa Moorjani) harassment in her love life. The background voiceover of Devi’s life is given by the famous tennis player John McEnroe, whose life has many similarities with Devi’s. Chief among them were their temperament issues and Devi’s love and duty to her father, as Mcenroe had to his sports. But written and directed by Mindy Kalling, Mindy’s early life has the basic influence on “Never Have I Ever.”

‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 1: Recap And Ending

We see Devi going to school with her best friend Fabiola, who is the captain of a robotics team, and Eleanor, who is the president of the drama club. Then we see Devi’s parents, Nalini and Mohan, who are American Indian immigrants, and one day at Devi’s orchestra, Mohan has his sudden death due to a heart attack. After the incident, Devi gets traumatized that her legs have stopped working, but everything changes when she sees Paxton Hall Yoshida, who is a high school Casanova. It looks like Paxton is going to do some miracles! Anyway, when Devi’s nemesis, Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison), comments something rude to her friends’ group, she sets out to approach Paxton to have sex with her, and Paxton says yes. Despite her therapist, Dr. Ryan, vetoing all her plans, Devi still chooses to embarrass herself in every way possible.

After reaching Paxton’s house, Devi meets his younger sister, which embarrasses Yoshida, and he calls it off. But heartbroken, Devi pretends in front of her friends’ circle that she had sex with Paxton, which makes her slightly more popular among the group. But when Elenor’s mother spills all the bins in front of Devi’s and Fabiola’s mothers, Devi denies and confesses that she lied to her friends, which leads to breaking their hearts. On the contrary, Ben’s life becomes sour when his rich parents don’t even have time to look at him. So, having a bump on his chin, he shows the dermatologist, who turns out to be Devi’s mom. She invites Ben to her place, and there, Devi and Ben make a friendly bond between them. But when Ben throws a party on his birthday, he goes to kiss Devi twice, which offends Devi, and she runs off from the party. On her way back, she meets Paxton, and they have their first kiss in his car.

On the other hand, we see Kamala, who is forced to get married to an Indian guy, so she breaks her previous relationship but later realizes that she and the Indian guy both don’t want to just jump right into marriage. Nalini tries to settle back in India with her daughter, and Devi completely disagrees, saying that her mother should have died instead of her father. Devi leaves her house and starts living at Ben’s place, where her friends come to convince her to help Nalini rinse her father’s ashes in the river, which finally makes Devi realize that she has some responsibilities too. So Ben helps Devi to reach her mother, and on the way back, she kisses Ben, who even gets caught by her mother. And we see in the end, Paxton reaches Devi’s door and calls her to talk about his feelings. “Never Have I Ever” Season 1 ends with a potential love triangle between Devi, Paxton, and Ben.

What Happened To The Love Triangle In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2?

“Never Have I Ever” Season 2 starts from the last scene of season 1, and we see Ben and Devi kissing, which gets caught in front of Nalini’s eyes. Naturally, Nalini abuses Devi roughly, as it is a nightmare for every Indian parent. However, the love triangle that has been created around Devi, she definitely does not want to break. When her mother tries to move to India, Devi tries to have a relationship with Ben. But having Paxton, on the other hand, well, she can’t resist her high school crush either. And just like in the previous season, she does an even bigger dumb act. So now Devi has two boyfriends because she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to have an American boyfriend. What a dumb excuse! Where else is Devi to blame, though; all the blame is on the excitement of her age juncture. Well, Nalini finally drops her idea of shifting to India.

After being disloyal to Paxton and Ben in front of everyone at her house party, Devi humiliated herself by losing her two boyfriends at the same time. Paxton was injured in an accident on the way out of Devi’s house. Devi helps the injured Paxton with his homework. But now, both Paxton and Ben are against Devi, except Fabiola and Elenor, who have her back. In such a situation, a new Indian girl, Anissa, who comes to school, proves herself to be sharper than Devi and becomes a poison in her eyes. But problems arise when Anissa starts catching up with Ben, and jealous Devi tries everything to prevent the two from becoming one. It looks like she has some real temperament issues to talk about.

Anyway, when Jealous Devi accidentally breaks the news of Anissa’s anorexia to a girl in the school, it spreads like wildfire in the whole school, due to which two innocent girls have to be suspended. But guilty Devi finally admits her fault to Anissa, and naturally, Anissa gets mad at her and appeals to the principal to suspend Devi. But after trying some dumber acts to win Anissa’s heart, Devi finally makes Anissa accept her apology. We now see a glimpse of romance between Devi’s teacher and Kamala when she comes to bring Devi to school. But in all this, Devi finally gets to know about her mother’s boyfriend, Dr. Jackson, which gives her utter shock at how her mother could move on so fast. But after her grandmother’s pep talk, Devi soon realizes that her mother is too much of a human being and she has every right to live on her own terms.

However, we see Paxton peeking into Devi’s window, and the two get closer again, but Paxton feels rather uncomfortable introducing Devi as his girlfriend in front of everyone at school. Of course, very naturally, in front of everyone, Devi broke his heart, which was humiliating for Paxton. But finally, Devi musters up her courage to stand up for herself and tells Paxton that she doesn’t want to be anyone’s secret girlfriend. If Paxton really wants her, he should admit her as his girlfriend in front of everyone. For the first time ever, the viewers feel Devi is a bit discreet. But when prompts break out at school, we see all of Devi’s friends catching up with their partners. Fabiola pairs up with her girlfriend Eve and appears as “Cricket Queens.” And after breaking up with Malcolm, Elenor pairs up with Trent to dance. But a lonely Devi gets frustrated and goes out of the hall to walk into the street, but suddenly she falls in front of Paxton’s car, and we finally see Paxton is ready to take Devi as his girlfriend on prompt and dance in front of everyone. At the very end, we see Ben standing alone and sad to see Paxton and Devi together; Ben thinks that Paxton was Devi’s first choice from the beginning, but Eleanor says that Devi’s first priority was Ben; that’s why she didn’t want Ben to hook up with Anissa. At the end of “Never Have I Ever” Season 2, Ben looks more confused about his feelings for Devi and takes the opportunity to create the same love triangle again.

What To Expect From Season 3?

Season 1 and Season 2 both end with hints of Ben, Paxton, and Devi’s love triangle, but this time it is assumed that Devi is going to be in a proper relationship with Paxton, whose romantic moments we are about to see in the next season. But we can tell that Paxton is going to be embarrassed with Devi again because of her stupid realizations, which we already saw in the trailer for “Never Have I Ever” Season 3. But this time, we hope she will think about something for herself without hurting anybody. Besides, Ben might develop a solid friendship with Devi without making the mistake of getting involved in a relationship. However, if Ben breaks up with Anissa, it is questionable how much it will be possible.

Like in every season, we get to see a new face, and “Never Have I Ever” Season 3 is bringing that too, which we already sensed with the arrival of an extremely hot Indian guy. But the question is who this guy is. And guess what the vibe might suggest? Is that Devi going to have an encounter with the boy, which will make Paxton hurt again? Kamala deserves an episode of her own to elaborate on whether there is any past history or old trauma involved in her fear of marriage. On the other hand, we can see Nalini and her boyfriend, Chris Jackson’s relationship getting clearer or giving a final outcome. Although season 3 is going to hit the Netflix screens within a few days, let’s just clear our doubts with the upcoming season.

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