‘No One Will Save You’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Brynn Survive The Alien Invasion?


The new science fiction horror film on Hulu, No One Will Save You, has a rather unique style—there are hardly any dialogues in this tense and thrilling film. Telling the story of an ostracized homebody named Brynn who has to survive a horrific alien invasion in her hometown, the film remains mostly wordless, just like the protagonist herself. But with exciting sequences, good use of sound otherwise, and the mixing of other creature-horror genres with the age-old alien story, No One Will Save You is a rather fun watch.

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Plot Summary: What is the film about?

No One Will Save You begins by introducing its protagonist first—a young woman named Brynn. But unlike everyone else her age, Brynn stays all alone in her big home, quite far from the town and any other locality. There is nothing strange about her, though, except for her habit of not talking at all, which seems to be part of her decision to live in isolation. Brynn gets prepared on this particular morning, lights up the miniature town that she has made with extreme care and love, and then puts the finishing touches on a dress. It seems like the woman makes and sells dresses online, shipping them to other states far from her home.

However, as Brynn drives to town to post this package, the extent of her loneliness becomes clearer. All the townsfolk who see the woman avoid her directly, as if they are extremely angry at her for something. Brynn herself avoids any interaction, particularly with the police chief, Collins, and his wife. Although the reason for such a situation is not revealed, it is very apparent that Brynn is actually shunned and ostracized by the entire town and community. As a coping mechanism, she has arranged her life in a manner that does not require her to talk or interact with anyone in person. The only heartfelt, but silent, conversations she seems to have are one-sided, as she often visits her mother’s grave in town and writes letters to someone named Maude but never posts them.

The life of Brynn, however, takes an unimaginably wild turn that night when she suddenly wakes up to loud noises coming from downstairs. Noticing that the electricity is out, the woman bravely starts to go down the stairs when she realizes that someone has already broken into her house. But when this intruder is seen more clearly, Brynn cannot believe what is happening to her, as it is an alien creature that has broken into the house. It is very quickly established that the alien, with a big head and long limbs, is aggressive and wants to hurt humans, starting with Brynn. The woman gathers courage and uses her intelligence to stab the alien creature dead, but she also has a feeling that more sinister events are to follow.

How Did Brynn Fight The Aliens?

After managing to kill the first alien at her home, Brynn spends the night in utter shock and waits for morning. She intends to call someone for help but quickly realizes that there is no electricity in her house, and even her car’s battery has been drained, most probably because of the alien’s presence. The woman covers up the dead body, still unsure about how the murder will be perceived by others, and then rides her bicycle to town. But on her way, Brynn notices that all of the homes by the side of the road look ransacked, as if they had experienced the same alien attack as she had on the previous night. She also sees what looks like circles of dirt on the yards of these houses, and she had earlier spotted a similar thing in her own yard before the alien invasion took place. Reaching the town, Brynn thinks of lodging a complaint at the police station, even though she might not be believed, but then her plan falls short.

The woman comes across the police chief, Collins, and his wife when entering the station, and although the husband is more contained, the wife directly spits on Brynn’s face before walking out. This again suggests that there is something particular that has happened between Brynn and the Collins in the past. The young woman is left humiliated and dejected by this unfortunate confrontation, and she even suffers a panic attack. Deciding to no longer pursue the authorities, she buys a bus ticket to leave the town and boards the coach as well. However, things take a very serious turn when suddenly a man attacks Brynn and makes the same warbling noises as the alien earlier. This man, who is immediately recognized as the mailman, had been turned into a minion by the aliens, and Brynn had also spotted the crashed mail delivery van on the road on her way to town.

Very soon, more humans attack the woman in a similar manner, and their movements and noises make it clear that they have all been taken over by the aliens. Brynn manages to somehow survive and run back home, where she checks on the dead alien once again. However, now she sees a trail of liquid that has come out of the corpse’s mouth and has spread some distance out of the house. It is almost as if the dead body had sent out some sort of signal to inform others of its death, and as night falls, this does indeed seem to be the case. With gigantic dark clouds spreading across the sky, Brynn decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back in some way. She lights candles all over her house, since there is no electricity even now, and then also boils water in pails as a weapon to use against any attackers.

When night time comes, an alien spaceship hovers over the house and shoots a bright beam of light, which pulls away the dead alien body. Although what is done with this body is not revealed, it is clear that aliens, like humans, do not want to leave behind their fallen comrade’s body. To make matters worse for Brynn, another alien creature, this time much smaller but with very long limbs, enters her house and attempts to track her down. The woman again fights her way out of the situation, using the space of her massive house, and then finally manages to kill this creature as well. Panicking at the whole situation, Brynn attempts to flee her house but is soon attacked by a third alien.

Unlike the previous two creatures, the third one looks much more sinister and powerful, as it is in the shape of a gigantic spider. Brynn keeps running from the monster when she is suddenly approached by the possessed mailman as well. Seeing that the woman is cornered, the alien creature now starts to make gestures with his limbs, just like the previous creature had also done, and it is revealed that this is the way for the creatures to call out to their spacecraft. The real reason for the alien invasion can be guessed in this regard, as it seems like they are here only to take control of every human and rule over the planet. It is revealed that the aliens have, in their possession, some spiky parasite-like insects, which they forcefully push into the mouths of humans. These parasites then grab hold of the throats of humans and allow the aliens to control their bodies.

It might also be that the more a human tries to shriek and scream, the more effect the parasite has and, therefore, grows stronger. This theory seems plausible because Brynn is able to overcome the parasite’s effect and pull it out of her throat. Had it been so simple, the other humans could have done this as well. But since they had all succumbed, the only difference between them and Brynn seems to be relevant—the young woman had lost the habit of using her voice. Perhaps she did not scream like the others, and so she was able to get rid of the parasite from her body in a short time.

When attacked by the mailman, Brynn luckily gets the best of the situation, as the alien spacecraft also hovers over them at this same time, and it shoots the bright light that is used to pull things up into the sky. Instead of Brynn, it is the mailman who gets pulled up by the beam, and she manages to escape. As the spider-shaped creature chases her, the woman cleverly traps it inside her car and then lights it on fire. The creature dies, and for a brief moment, it seems like Brynn has indeed escaped the alien attack.

What Is The Reason For The Townsfolk’s Dislike For Brynn?

As the protagonist returns inside her house, she is attacked by a fourth alien creature, and now it seems like this loop will never end. Eventually, though, Brynn gets pinned down by this alien, or rather by a bright red beam of light shooting from the spaceship, and it is in this manner that the controlling parasite is planted inside her. As the parasite starts to take effect, Brynn finds herself waking up in the morning inside her own house, with no sign of the aliens or any attack. As she climbs down the stairs, another woman her own age walks into the house and approaches her with great joy. Although Brynn cannot really see her face, she knows that this guest is her best friend from childhood, Maude. There were photographs shown in the film earlier that established that Brynn and Maude had shared a very close bond of friendship, and the two were almost inseparable.

However, Maude’s absence in the present and Brynn’s words of apology in her letters addressed to her best friend suggest that Maude has passed away and Brynn perhaps could have done more to save her. The police sheriff Collins and his wife also happen to be the parents of Maude Collins, and their very staunch hatred towards Brynn further suggests that she had something to do with their daughter’s death. In this hallucinatory vision of hers, Brynn also apologizes to Maude with heartfelt emotions before realizing that all this is the parasite’s effect. She gets rid of the parasite and then has to run into the nearby forest since the alien spaceship gets hold of the parasite and creates a duplicate of Brynn, who vengefully chases the original woman.

Brynn manages to survive this attack, too, as she stabs her clone copy with a box cutter and kills her, but she is also seen consoling the dying woman. The exact significance of this is revealed a little later, when Brynn ultimately gets abducted by the spaceship, and the aliens conduct some sort of operation on her. Instead of killing her, though, the aliens actually access her memory, and in the process, the viewers are also made aware of Brynn’s past. During her teenage years, Brynn and Maude had a severe fight over something, and in the heat of the moment, Maude pushed Brynn to the ground. In blind retaliation, Brynn picked up a stone and hit her best friend with it on her head. This led to Maude’s death, and therefore, it was Brynn who had caused her best friend’s death.

Brynn had confessed to her act, and she was immediately ostracized by the Collins and the other townsfolk because of her action. However, the girl had no intention to do any harm, and she regretted her actions ever since, but the townsfolk were not willing to forgive her, even after all these many years. The woman had accepted her isolation, but she also felt sorry for herself deep down, for she understood that her teenage self really did not know what she was doing. It is because of this emotion that Brynn is seen consoling her dying clone and then also consoling her teenage self inside the spaceship later. These scenes are symbolic of the guilt that the woman has carried inside her for this long and then finally forgiving herself for the grave mistake she had committed.

Did Brynn And The Townsfolk Survive The Alien Invasion?

When the aliens access Brynn’s memories, they seem to realize that she is very different from other human beings. This difference is probably due to the fact that the others lacked any form of empathy towards an adolescent girl who had mistakenly committed a grave crime. Or, it could also be that the aliens recognize an inherent evil inside the protagonist and feel that she is closer to them in this regard than the other humans. The difference is not outright highlighted in No One Will Save You, but either way, the aliens let Brynn live, and they dropped her out of their spaceship.

The woman wakes up the next morning, inside her house, and looks much more excited than ever before. She gets ready, even wearing makeup, for her visit to the town. Unlike before, every townsfolk now responds to Brynn’s waves, and they have all turned extremely friendly towards her. The reason behind this is immediately clear, as the alien parasites are still visible on the throats of the townsfolk.

Duriing No One Will Save You‘s ending, Brynn happily dances with the townsfolk at a party in the evening, and it is revealed that the aliens have completely taken over the human world, controlling every human with their parasites, except for Brynn. Now that the whole world is silent but cheerful, just like she is, Brynn does not mind this new world at all.

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