‘No Pressure’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Oliwia Stay Back In Her Village?


Directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz, No Pressure is the feel-good story of a chef named Oliwia who goes back to her village after she gets the news of her grandmother passing away. But once Oliwia reaches there, she is shocked to find out what has transpired. The entire trip changes Oliwia’s perspective, and she realizes that there is more to life than one’s profession. So, let’s find out what happened with Oliwia back in her village and if she decided to settle there or come back to her city.

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What happened to Olivia’s grandmother? 

Oliwia worked as a chef in Wroclaw, and she was doing great in her career. For the last five years, her boss was dependent on her, and he knew that his cafe was so well known because of the exquisite dishes that Oliwia used to make. One day, Oliwia got a call from her village, situated in the Podlaskie province, and she was informed that her grandmother had passed away. She asked her boss for a leave and rushed to her village immediately, as she knew that she was the only family member her grandmother had. Oliwia got the shock of her life when she realized that it was all an act and her grandmother was pretty much alive. Her grandmother, Halina, had lied to her, saying she wanted Oliwia to come back to the village and stay with her. Oliwia got mad at first, but then she realized that her grandmother missed her way too much. Still, Oliwia knew that she would go back in a couple of days, but she had no clue about what Halina had in her mind. She went missing just a day before Oliwia’s departure, and she left a note for the latter, telling her that she was leaving her farm in her care.

Oliwia was stuck, and additionally, she didn’t know how to manage an entire farm. Luckily, she met a man who told her that he was Wojtek, the caretaker who generally provided a helping hand to Halina. Oliwia was glad that she found someone on whom she could put all the responsibilities and leave, but she had no clue that the entire village was conspiring together with Halina. Everybody knew that Halina was hiding in Jan’s house, but no one informed Oliwia about it, as they, too, wanted her to stay back with her grandmother. In No Pressure, we came to know that the man who said he was Wojtek was actually the owner of the Herbal World, and his real name was Kuba Wolak. Kuba made sure that Olivia’s car didn’t start the next day, hoping that it would coerce her to stay back. Although Oliwia was annoyed when her car didn’t start, she decided to see the brighter side of things. She knew she had a hectic life in the city, and she realized that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to stay back and take some downtime. Halina was happy that her plan was working, and she wished and hoped that her granddaughter would stay there for good. 

Why did Oliwia get mad at Kuba? 

Now, firstly, Kuba had lied about his identity, and secondly, Oliwia got to know that he was an arch-nemesis of her grandmother. In No Pressure, Oliwia got to know that, first, Kuba and his father had filed a suit against her grandmother for the damages caused to their business. Oliwia realized that maybe Kuba was a monopolist, and he was envious of the fact that Halina’s cheese production business was doing so well. Halina won awards every year for her product, and it was said that her cheese was the best in the entire region. Also, the health department had come for inspection at Halina’s farm, and after that, they had put a ban on the production of cheese. Halina’s cheese was of the best quality, and it felt like either the health inspector had a grudge against her, or somebody had bribed him or used their influence to destroy Halina’s business. The suspicion fell on Kuba, as he was the one who had these legal battles going on. Kuba had fallen for Oliwia, and he wanted to tell her that he was not the person she believed him to be. Kuba tried telling Oliwia that it was all a big misunderstanding. He told her that he had not called the health department, and in fact, it was Halina who had filed a complaint against him at first. Kuba had separated from his wife sometime back, and his girl stayed with him. Kuba wanted things to work out between him and Oliwia, and so one day, on the advice of his daughter, he decided to express his feelings to her. Oliwia also liked Kuba, but the fact was that she was never going to stay in the village, and a long-distance relationship was something that she felt was not doable. 

Did Oliwia stay back in her village?

In No Pressure, over a period of time, Kuba realized that not only did he have a strong bond with Oliwia on a personal level, but they were also too good when it came to professional partnerships. One time, people from Warsaw were coming to meet Kuba as they saw potential in his herb world initiative, and they wanted to invest money in the new venture that he was going to open in Bialystok. At the last moment, Kuba realized that his father had fired the chef and there was nobody to cook food for them. He asked Oliwia to help him out, and considering she was a professional chef, she made the most gobsmacking lunch for the guests. The Varsovians were impressed, and they decided to invest money in Kuba’s venture.

During No Pressure‘s ending, when Halina came back from hiding, she got to know that it was a lady named Maryla Jura who had snitched and informed the health department. Halina accepted Kuba and Oliwia’s relationship, as she knew that there was a possibility that because of Kuba, Oliwia might stay back. But Oliwia was a practical girl, and she decided that her life was in the city. She had huge dreams, and so to fulfill them once again, with tears in her eyes, she went back. Kuba stood there on his farm, watching Oliwia drive her car away. He wanted to stop her; he wanted to tell her how much he needed her in his life, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. Kuba knew that their relationship wouldn’t be sustainable if he forced her to stay. Kuba wanted her to get the realization, and he was prepared that probably she wouldn’t ever return to the village. But something happened to Oliwia once she got back to her city. She felt a void inside her, and she just couldn’t focus on anything. Yes, her career was there, but there was nobody around her whom she could call her own. She craved her grandmother’s presence; she longed to be with Kuba, and she felt deprived of that warmth that she got there from everybody else. That’s when Oliwia decided to go back to her village. It was a tough decision for her (probably too good to be true in real life), but she was very clear about her priorities. In the end, Kuba was elated when he found that Oliwia had come back, and he just couldn’t stop blushing when he heard the hooves of her horse approaching him. In the end, Halina got what she wanted, and probably in the future, Oliwia wouldn’t have to compromise on her career, and she would take her grandmother’s home-grown business to greater heights.

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