‘Out of My League’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Marta Marry Arturo?


To live is to die. For many, the end is uncertain, and grim could knock on their door any day. The fear threatens them till death. But for a few, they know precisely, “How much life is left,” and thus, each day is a blessing in disguise. In Alice Filippi’s romantic drama, Out of My League, the film’s heroine, Marta, suffers from an incurable genetic disease. But spare the drama, that ain’t kind of movie. Instead, Marta makes you feel good about everything she has, through indescribable enthusiasm and a child-like essence that can rob anyone’s heart.

Netflix’s Out of My League ( Sul più bello in Italian) can give a cinephile Amélie (2001) vibes, as Marta flaunts a similar bright smile and “look at the bright side” attitude. However, the film is a feel-good drama which is its only pro and con.

Plot Summary

Since childhood, Marta has dreamed of marrying a guy like Zac Efron or David Beckham, someone totally out of her league. Marta finds happiness in dreams and not an accomplishment. Eleven years later, an orphaned Marta lives in Turin with her two best friends, fashion designer Jacopo and Federica “Fede.” Jacopo is gay, Fede is lesbian, and Marta is straight as usual. Thus there is little romantic drama between these three friendly souls.

Here comes the wrong part. Marta’s parents died in a car crash when she was three. They left her a house along with a rare genetic disease, Mucoviscidosis. For her illness, she needs to take enzyme pills, use the nebulizer, do respiratory physiotherapy and avoid germs to keep her delicate lungs safe from an infection that can eventually lead to her death. Please don’t panic about her medical routine. Marta is quite chill about it, or maybe she has accepted to deal with each day as it comes.

“For Patients who have Mucoviscidosis, time’s relative. What matters most is your attitude.”

Marta works at a supermarket as an announcer. She embellishes the tedious offer voiceover with her compelling lip-biting voice to earn her daily bread. Nevertheless, everything seems normal except for romance. Marta never dated before because the guys she liked were way out of her league. 

“There’s way more dignity in being rejected by someone out of my league.”

One such adventure begins when Marta spots a handsome hot guy, Arturo Selva, in a nightclub. She gets fascinated by Arturo’s aura and starts stalking him day and night. After a month of stalking, Arturo faces Marta and asks her why for her passionate pursuit. The reason is quite simple, and thus Marta asks Arturo for a date and promises to leave him alone if they don’t click. Arturo agrees and invites Marta home for dinner. Still, soon she finds out that Arturo is filthy rich and royal and exceptionally out of her league. Marta and Arturo live in two different worlds, and Marta has always been a realist in her approach to life. She discards all hope with Arturo, but the opportunity knocks again. Is Marta going to find love in her life?

‘Out of My League’ Ending Explained

It looked like beauty wasn’t something the rich royal Arturo was looking for. Arturo, who lived in a big palace all his life, found his home in Marta. The two clicked, irrespective of their social withstanding or physical indifferences. Still, there was something Marta had been hiding all along.

Marta didn’t tell Arturo about her rare genetic condition. Unaware of the fact, Arturo took her on a date night for a ride on a gondola. The damp ambiance accelerated her infection, and Marta opened her eyes on the hospital bed. The doctor told her that she had a few days left, and the only possible way for her survival was a transplant which was hard to fetch. Marta accepted the dead-end and cut off all ties with Arturo without an explanation. However, she later explained to him the reason for her alienated behavior. Marta didn’t want Arturo to feel obliged to be with her because she had a condition. But even with numbered days, the couple decided to stay together and cherish the end of the tragedy as it comes.

In the end, Arturo found out about an experimental therapy designed by Dr. Fahim on pneumology that could increase her survival statistics up to 19 percent. I guess a little hope, a little light at the end of the tunnel, is all we need to keep moving forward. Arturo fulfilled Marta’s dreams and married her in the way she always dreamt of. With Fede as the priest, Jacopo as the bridesmaid, Arturo and Marta got married. Who lived, who died? Well, the curtains dropped before giving it all away.

Out of My League ( Sul più bello in Italian) is an Italian Romantic Drama film directed by Alice Filippi. It is streaming on Netflix.

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