‘Para Betina Pengikut Iblis’ Ending, Explained: Where Was Sumi’s Mother? What Can We Expect In Part 2?


Netflix’s Indonesian horror film, Para Betina Pengikut Iblis revolves around the lives of Sumi and Sari. Sumi lived with her father in a village. Due to a severe infection in her father’s leg, it had to be amputated. The village doctor, Dr. Freedman, performed the process at their home. Sumi carefully watched the doctor ampute her father’s leg, and strangely enough, she enjoyed watching the bloody mess. Sumi’s father was bedridden, and she had to find a way to bring food to the table. Meanwhile, Sari’s sister, Ningrum, was found dead in the woods, and Sari was in search of the person who dared to harm her sister. Sumi and Sari lived in the same village, and their paths crossed in the most unexpected way.

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‘Para Betina Pengikut Iblis’ Plot Summary: Why Was Sumi Frustrated With Her Life? 

Sumi lived with her father alone, and she had to take care of the household. Her mother left with her brother when she was young, and Sumi blamed her for ruining her life. She not only had to perform household chores, but she also had to fulfill the many demands of her father, Karto. Sumi wanted her father to get better so that she could be free of responsibilities. She had decided to leave her home as soon as her father recovered. She wanted to find her mother in the city and live with her. She discussed her dream with her friend, Saber. Saber reminded her that the city was too big to get lost in, and he promised to help her navigate the city to find her mother. Saber was Sumi’s only support system, and he was clearly in love with her. To help her, he offered to introduce her to his boss, Mr. Mimin. Sumi requested that Mr. Mimin give his goats to her so that she could take over her father’s curry shop. Mimin wanted something in return for his investment, and he asked Sumi to meet him again next year when she would be a grown woman, and he could keep her as his mistress. Sumi was furious upon hearing his suggestion and stormed out of the room. While her conversation with Mr. Mimin was not fruitful, she discovered that she had taken a serious interest in butchering and enjoyed watching it.

Sumi’s father had instructed her to bury his amputated leg, but she did not find the time to do it. She was strangely fascinated by the dismembered body part, and she kept it in the freezer. At night, when she told her father that there was no food in the house, he tried to choke her. She somehow managed to escape, and she found the demon waiting for her in the living room. The demon promised to solve all of Sumi’s problems if she agreed to be his friend. Sumi was hesitant at first, but seeing no other option at hand, she agreed to his deal. The demon lured Sumi by promising her to reunite with her mother in the future, and in return, he asked her to cook her father’s chopped leg and feed it to him. Karto had no idea what he was being fed; he was simply happy that he got meat for dinner. Upon the demon’s advice, Sumi dug out a fresh corpse from the graveyard and used the meat to run the curry shop. The villagers took a liking to the curry Sumi prepared, and her business was quite a success.

Who Killed Ningrum? How Did Sari Escape Her Sister’s Death?

The corpse that Sumi brought home from the graveyard was Ningrum’s. Sari was shocked to find her sister’s body missing, and the demon instigated her to avenge her sister’s death. He was ready to guide her to the murderer, and he reminded her of the help he provided when no one was around. Sari had made a deal with the demon when Sari’s sister fell sick. She traded her freedom for her sister’s life. With her sister dying, she no longer had any purpose in life. According to the deal, she had to submit herself to the demon, and in return, he offered to help her avenge his sister. Sari realized that there was no way to escape the demon, and the thought of avenging her sister gave her a purpose to live. The demon showed Sari how her sister suffered at the hands of the perpetrator, making her thirsty for blood. She performed black magic and followed the advice of the demon. The demon instructed her to kill the murderer.

Sari found a bangle that belonged to Asih Cempaka, and she realized that her son, Buras, had recently stolen her bangle. She concluded that he was involved in her sister’s death. The next morning, he went with Dr. Freedman to inspect a dead body that had been found. Buras’s body was hanged from the ceiling and covered in blood. This indicated that Sari was behind the murder. Sari was invited for dinner at Dr. Freedman’s house. At the dinner table, she revealed that Dr. Freedman was the one who planned Ningrum’s murder. Freedman had a physical relationship with her, and when she got pregnant, he wanted to get rid of her. Buras was attracted to Ningrum, and he thought he could win her heart by gifting her the bangle, but she ran away from him. Freedman instigated Buras to act against Ningrum for rejecting him and taught him the best way to murder her. Buras executed the doctor’s plan, and without getting his hands dirty, the doctor got rid of his problem. Freedman was impressed by Sari’s deduction skills, but he refused to be afraid of her. He did not believe she had the power to harm him, but to his surprise, Sari turned out to be a witch with supernatural powers. She pinned him to the wall and pulled his guts out using her extraordinary power. Sari finally avenged the death of her sister.

‘Para Betina Pengikut Iblis’ Ending Explained: Where Was Sumi’s Mother? 

The demon encouraged Sumi to get rid of Saber when he found out that she stole Ningrum’s body from the graveyard. Saber wanted to help Sumi escape from the village, but the demon told Sumi that she could only find the answers at her home. Eventually, her father found out that she had killed Saber and had pretty much lost her mind. Sumi knocked her father out of his senses and kept him in captivity. He screamed for help and attracted the attention of Sumi’s customers. She somehow managed to convince them that he was sick and was asking for her help. Sumi locked her father in a hut that was away from the eatery and begged him to remain silent. Sumi was tired of the hassle she had to deal with because of her father, and she decided to leave her home. The demon once again stopped her. He suggested that her mother’s secret could be found in the house and that she should remain to get to the bottom of it. Sumi noticed that her father’s wound was healing, and she was pleased with it. As she hugged her father, he pushed her away and escaped.

When Sumi came to her senses, she searched for her father in every corner of the house. She opened the freezer and found him hiding in it. She pulled him out and tied him down to question him about her mother. The demon advised Sumi not to listen to her father’s lies and instead to pressure him to answer where her mother was. He initially lied that her mother ran away with her lover, but after repeatedly threatening him, he finally admitted that he was responsible for her mother’s disappearance. Karto was in love with a prostitute named Asih Cempaka but his family married him off to Sumi’s mother.

While Sumi’s mother gave birth to Ahmad, Asih gave birth to a deformed child (Buras). Karto was constantly reminded of his sins whenever he looked at the child. He physically tortured Sumi’s mother out of his guilt for sleeping with a prostitute, and when she retorted, he killed her. Karto admitted to killing Sumi’s mother and hiding her body under his bed. All her life, Sumi had dreamed of traveling to the city to find her mother, and suddenly her dream was snatched away from her. Sumi brutally killed her father and searched for her mother’s body under the bed. She found her skeleton and hugged it since that was all that remained of her mother. Sumi dumped her father’s body in the same spot. Now that her father was gone, she no longer had to escape from her reality. The demon was happy with Sumi’s progress and asked her to worship the devil every day. At the end of Para Betina Pengikut Iblis, Sari enters Sumi’s house in search of her sister’s body, and a few moments later, Asih Cempaka comes looking for Karto’s body. Sumi could not control her temper when she saw the woman who destroyed her family enter her house.

What Can We Expect In Part 2?

With an abrupt ending, Para Betina Pengikut Iblis confirms that it will return with a second part. The three women had submitted themselves to the demon and traded their freedom in the hopes of fulfilling their goals. Though we are yet to find out why Asih Cempaka submitted herself to the demon, perhaps part 2 will be all about her. Sari will possibly try to harm Sumi because she not only stole her sister’s body but dismembered it to feed her customers. Each of them had reasons to kill one another, but they were united by the demon that controlled them. Will the demon find a way to unite the three women to rule the village? Also, what happened to Sumi’s brother? We have to wait for the second installment of the film to find the answer.

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