‘Peacemaker’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending – Charlie the Gorilla Is Found


Peacemaker Episode 5 begins at a gloomy pace with Chris still remembering his brother, Keith. However, his sidekick, Egly, motivates Chris with a morning hunt, and soon our superhero slips into his costume and gets ready to seize the day with peace.

The fifth episode of Peacemaker usually focuses on the hunt for the butterflies as the core team infiltrates the suspicious Glan Tai Bottling Company, which is secretly mass-producing food for these extraterrestrial creatures. Clemson Murn, who is a butterfly too, commands the team with diligence, and hence it is hard to guess his loyalty. However, he still briefs Chris and Vigilante about the nature of these butterflies, and therefore, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Alien Butterflies Infect & Influence Their Host

With the help of a whooshing PPT created by Economos, Murn informs the team about Alan Kupperberg (ref. to the late comic book writer), CEO of Waresoft, and pop singer Vandalia, who died in a plane crash a year ago. Doctors found small insect-like winged creatures inside their skulls during their autopsies that looked like extraterrestrial butterflies. A covert team investigated the matter and found out that these creatures have infected a handful of high-profile people throughout the country.

They enter the human body through an orifice and find their way to the human brain, from where they control the entire body. Murn explains that due to their unique genetic structure, these creatures chemically interact with the human body to enhance its abilities and provide it with super strength.

The team also found a viscous amber fluid under the premises of all the infected butterfly hosts. The viewers witnessed Senator Royland Goff and his family sipping this fluid in Episode 3 too, and Murn exclaims that this is their only source of food. According to the lab results, this fluid doesn’t belong to Earth, and hence, someone is developing this fluid on a mass scale for these extraterrestrial creatures.

As per the evidence collected by Leota from Goff’s house and an employee batch from Annie Sturphausen, all these butterflies are linked to a bottling company, Glan Tai. Murn suspects that the amber fluid may be getting processed and bottled at Glan Tai and thus sends the team on a mission to collect concrete evidence.

Captain Locke Fixes The White Dragon Situation

In Peacemaker Episode 4, Chris tells his father about how his team accidentally framed him for the murder of Annie Sturphausen. As soon as the revelations hit Auggie, he decides to take revenge on his own son. In Episode 5, he calls detective Sophie Song and reveals to her that the fingerprints in the data belong to his son, Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker.

Detective Song collects Auggie’s fingerprints, matches them with those obtained from the crime scene, and concludes that Auggie wasn’t present there. Hence, it means that Chris could be the suspected murderer of Annie, and to confirm her theory, she revisits the couple, Evan and Amber Calcaterra, who testified against Auggie. When the couple finally gives in and reveals that they lied in their testimony, Song decides to release Auggie with the intention of arresting Chris. However, a change in management spoils the whole plan.

Murn personally deals with the White Dragon situation and seeks help from Amanda Waller, who sends Captain Locke to cover up the mess. When Locke first visits Murn, he reminds him of his mercenary days in the jungles of Nyasir. Probably, Murn belongs to the Sakira tribe, which was mass slaughtered by Locke under the command of missionaries who wanted to turn these tribals into Christians.

Nevertheless, the two rivals put aside their differences and attended to a delicate situation. Locke has become a respected government officer, and he uses his influence to take charge of the Sturphausen murder case. He overturns Song’s request to release Auggie and informs the jail management that the forensics have matched Auggie’s fingerprints with those found on the crime scene. When Song tries to tell Locke about her personal investigation, Locke shuts her up and sends her home. In short, White Dragon is not going anywhere, but his anger is boiling behind bars, which may take an ugly turn.

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 5: Ending – Charlie the Gorilla Is Found

The team infiltrates Glan Tai Bottling Company, and Chris makes use of his x-ray vision helmet to scan the heads of its employees, only to find that all of them are infected with butterflies. Hence, without any second thought, Chris shoots them all with guns and blows them up with a DIY Russian tank shell-cum-grenade.

Harcourt and Vigilante check a carton box and conclude that all these boxes are filled with amber fluid, which means that Glan Tai is indeed producing food for the extraterrestrial creatures. However, one of the workers soon finds Harcourt peeping inside the production unit and triggers the alarm. As Vigilante and Harcourt run for their lives, they lock them in the locker room where the angel protector (ref. to Charlie’s Angels) of these butterflies, Charlie the Gorilla, attacks them.

In Episode 4, Charlie was reported stolen from Evergreen Zoo. Thus it could be speculated that one of the butterfly hosts infected Charlie with a butterfly to use his muscle power for their benefit. Economos previously stated that chimps are four times stronger than humans, making a butterfly-infected gorilla significantly stronger. Hence, when the Peacemaker fails to fight Charlie, Economos intervenes and slices him with a chainsaw to save the day. Looking at the bonding of the team developed on the field trip, Harcourt names the group ‘11th Street Kids’ after a single created by the Finnish rock band, Hanoi Rocks, because it is the Song that connected Chris and Economos.

Touched by Harcourt’s gesture, Chris invites Leota to his trailer and reveals to her that he really likes Harcourt. The revelations suggest the buildup of a romantic relationship between Harcourt and Chris in upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, Leota uses the opportunity to hide Chris’ diary in the trailer. It is the same diary that Amanda gave Leota while she instructed her to keep an eye on the whole operation. After the field operation, Leota returns to the base, where, in a tipsy state, she uses a Peacemaker X-Ray Vision helmet and finds out that Murn is a butterfly. Leota tries to escape, but Murn attacks her on the street; however, her fate isn’t revealed in the end. Murn has been infected with a butterfly since the beginning, but he doesn’t look like a potential predator. Hence, the upcoming episode of Peacemaker will look further on the nature of this mercenary and finally shed light on his loyalty.

‘Peacemaker’ Episode 5 is streaming on HBO Max.

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