‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Hae-In Learn About The Divorce?


I’ve always thought K-drama episodes were a little bit long, but a show with every episode averaging 85 minutes blows my mind. I’m not sure why so much needs to be packed into an episode when there are 16 whole episodes that could’ve been an hour long, giving us the same information. Still, somehow, the show doesn’t feel boring; it’s just like watching 16 movies from a single series in a month’s time. Queen of Tears episode 6 gives us an insight into Hae-In and Hyun-Woo’s relationship and their past. It seems Beom-Ja needed to be around to really find out who Seul-Hee is, and I can’t wait to see the drama that will ensue soon enough. Though I’ve not really been skeptical of the relationship between Hyun-Woo and Hae-In, I did have a few questions about what exactly happened between them that led to Hyun-Woo wanting a divorce. However, now I’m certain they do love each other, and Hae-In’s always been all-in. So let’s quickly get into the recap of Queen of Tears episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

What do Eun-Sung and Da-Hye do in Hyun-Woo’s Room?

At the beginning of Queen of Tears episode 6, Eun-Sung and Da-Hye sneak into Hyun-Woo’s room. It’s not quite certain what they’re doing there at first, other than looking around at their things; however, later, we learn that they’ve planted something in the room. In the meantime, Hyun-Woo finds himself listening to his wife tell him how to write her obituary and how to deal with her death. However, Hae-In ends the conversation by speaking about her will. She says she was forced by her mother to write a will if she wanted to marry Hyun-Woo. However, she now plans to change the will and give him some part of the inheritance. Later, when they’re back in the hotel, Hyun-Woo tells Hae-In that he’d like to sleep in the same room as her again. Not just for the trip, but from now on for good. Now, Hyun-Woo seems scared about his wife’s condition. He goes to church too. Hae-In learns that the hospital is willing to continue with the procedure on her despite denying it at first. Unbeknownst to her, Hyun-Woo had told the doctor as soon as he landed in Germany that he would sue the guy if he didn’t treat his client. 

On the other hand, something’s brewing between Da-Hye and Grace. They think they’re coming close to their end goal of taking over the Queens group; however, Hyun-Woo is a massive obstacle. On the other hand, Grace thinks Da-Hye has gone soft on her husband and actually has feelings for him. They almost get caught by Da-Hye’s mother-in-law while yelling at each other. They handle the situation, and Grace plants the seed of doubt in the mother-in-law’s mind regarding Hyun-Woo’s interference in her son’s deal. In the meantime, Soo-Cheol tries to convince his grandfather about the same deal, considering how Eun-Sung’s making the investment. However, his grandfather reminds him that Eun-Sung’s money could have come from anywhere, and Hyun-Woo’s always been thorough when it comes to checks. 

In a flashback, we see an interaction between Da-Hye and Soo-Cheol when they’re kids. Apparently, Soo-Cheol has trauma regarding women older than him because his older sister always bullied him as a child, but Da-Hye is actually 5 years older than him. Additionally, she had proposed to him in their first meeting in the orphanage when Soo-Cheol was crying because he got hit in the head with a ball. She realized he was a rich kid and tried to take a chance on him. This is when she was probably 9 or 10. In the present day, at the dining table, Soo-Cheol’s grandfather wonders out loud if a DNA test has been done on Soo-Cheol’s son, considering he’s handsome and smart, unlike his father. Soo-Cheol doesn’t appreciate the insult and takes his wife and son away from the table. However, there’s a strange look between Grace and Da-Hye when the subject comes up. Is the kid really not his? They could’ve easily messed with the papers. 

Why Does Hae-In Run Away From The Hospital? 

Back in Germany, the couple seem genuinely happy in each other’s company. They decide to take a trip down memory lane and visit a couple of the places they did back during their honeymoon. They even look for the lock on a bridge that they left three years ago, but they can’t find it. At a farmer’s market, they find a store where a man is selling four-leaf clovers. They’re a symbol of good luck in Germany, so Hae-In buys one. Throughout this episode, we understand that Hae-In is actually scared to die. She’s got a lot on her mind, and since she’s been uptight and only concerned with work all her life, she’s finally learning to live a little. At the hospital, just before her treatment, Hae-In sees a young boy running out of the hospital. She follows him out without telling anybody. The hospital informs Hyun-Woo much later, and he spends an hour looking for her. Eventually, she shows up out of nowhere and tells him she’s hungry. When the situation calms down, Hae-In tells Hyun-Woo that she saw her older brother at the hospital and followed him out. It seems like she’s been guilty about his death her whole life, and it’s probably manifesting in her hallucinations. Hae-In’s older brother died trying to save her from drowning when they were kids. Hyun-Woo explains to her that she’s not at fault and that, though her mother hasn’t treated her the same ever since, she shouldn’t feel guilty about it. 

How Does the Family Learn About the Divorce? 

Back at home, Man-Dae learns about some embezzlement in the office. It seems the Queen’s Group is in a soup, and they need to figure out who was the mole. When he’s speaking with his wife about the situation, she pretends to drop something off the table and then finds a recording device on the table (obviously, she’s known it’s been there for a while). Apparently, this is a device that has a monitor within a small radius, so the monitor should be in the house somewhere. After a thorough search, it’s found in Hyun-Woo’s office. This is what Da-Hye and Eun-Sung were probably doing in the room earlier. Hae-In’s mother calls her up and tells her that her husband may be a threat to the family, but she doesn’t believe her and asks for proof. Her mother then tries to call Hyun-Woo, but Hae-In tells him not to answer, turning off both of their phones for their date night in the city. The family breaks open the safe and finds the divorce papers there. 

On the other hand, Beom-Ja learns from her private detective that Seul-Hee is, in fact, not Seul-Hee but Sun-Yeong. Basically, she’s impersonating somebody else who died 30 years ago. To add to that, she went to prison and had a child while she was there! (We knew it! Eun-Sung has to be her kid, no?)

At the end of episode 6 of Queen of Tears, Hyun-Woo leaves Hae-In to stand in lines for kebabs, something she’d have never done before learning she was dying. He runs back to the farmers market and buys all the four-leaf clovers, making a bouquet of luck for Hae-In. On his way back, he finds the little lock with their names on it and takes a picture of it. He excitedly returns to Hae-In, and they’re on either side of a crossroads when Hae-In gets a message from her mother. It’s a picture of the divorce papers, and Hae-In’s demeanor completely changes. When he tries to talk to her (I was praying she wouldn’t drop the food in her hand, but alas), she pulls away, dropping both the food and the bouquet. She asks him to tell her that it’s not true and that it was also planted by someone else, but Hyun-Woo doesn’t lie. He apologizes for not telling her earlier. 

In the epilogue, we return to the scene of the umbrella that Hyun-Woo gave Hae-In before they were together. We see her take her car while Hyun-Woo runs with his bag over his head to the nearest bus stop. It seems Hae-In was the one who fell harder. She used to follow him around in her car as he took public transportation. We now know that the love between Hae-In and Hyun-Woo was real, but eventually, because of circumstances, something went really wrong. Now, it seems they’re going to be in a sea of misunderstandings yet again, and it’s going to be a truly frustrating ride. 

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