‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does John Weir Escape From The Cops?


We learn something new every day, and today we learned that there are jobs like the one John Weir has, orchestrating corporate espionage and making people lose millions of dollars simply by making a few coincidences line up. With just the first two episodes out, “Rabbit Hole” has already made an impression, and its crisp editing is helping elevate an already tight script. Essentially, the story is about a man on a mission to save democracy while fighting forces that are trying to give him a taste of his own medicine. This is how the first episode of “Rabbit Hole” plays out.

Spoilers Ahead

Who is John Weir?

The politics of the corporate world go beyond the boardroom. Making money is not just about the best opportunity but also the best deception, and that is where John Weir comes in. He is a corporate espionage agent, and he makes sure that the competitors of his clients lose money by subterfuge or false narratives, whichever is required. His first case, which we see at the beginning of “Rabbit Hole” Episode 1, shows how he makes Barry Merril, a hedge fund manager, lose money and stock. He had invested in Esper Ethika, a medical company whose drug for erectile dysfunction was rumored to be causing cancer in many. But surprisingly, nobody except Barry Merril had heard of this news, and that had been John Weir’s ploy.

When John was at the bar, he wasn’t just enjoying a drink; he was overseeing the scheme he had put in place. A beautiful woman had been speaking with Alan Strapsetter, and then she came to sit at a table next to Barry, telling her friend that she had gotten a tip from Alan about a report to be released about Esper Ethika’s problems with its medicine. A while later, Barry got a message from his people to check the news, where he saw the company’s stock tanking. Except that there was no such broadcast. John had paid the bartender to run the fake news clip just for the benefit of Barry Merril, and he had taken the bait. He sold his stocks, even though he did not need to, and his rushed sale had caused the price of the stock to go down, only for it to be bought by KOT Capital at a profit. KOT Capital was John’s client.

When Jo Madi, an officer with the FBI financial crimes unit, asks him about it, he denies everything. KOT Capital may be his client, but she has no proof that John staged this entire fiasco for them. It’s too fantastical and far-fetched. But that is John Weir’s modus operandi. Do things so out of the box that people have a hard time believing them simply because of how ridiculous they sound.

After John had accomplished his mission, he went to a hotel with a woman to spend the night. But the next morning, he accuses her of being a spy planted by Jo Madi when he finds a camera in the room, which Hailey claims to have had no knowledge of, but that doesn’t douse John’s suspicions or what he considers to be facts. Even Jo says that his paranoia is getting worse than usual, which means that constantly doubting the people around him is probably a part of his lifestyle. John is divorced from his wife, Olivia, and both of them are co-parenting their son, Sammy. When John goes to Sammy’s recital, his ex-wife asks him how he has been, indicating that John has been suffering from some mental health issues over the years, which were probably the cause of their divorce. Apparently, Sammy blamed Olivia for the longest time for the separation, but she writes it off, saying that it is how teenagers are. It did not escape our notice that John made no effort or offer to clear the air.

Meanwhile, we don’t think his struggles are over. At the beginning of the episode, which was set three weeks ahead of current events, John confesses to a priest that the person he used to confide in all the time is dead, and he no longer has anyone to talk to, which is why he has come to the church. In the current timeline, John messages someone on the “Magic Squares” game, presumably that person, but he doesn’t get a reply.

The Case For Arda Analytics

Arda Analytics is run by Valence, an ex-colleague of John Weir, who is currently, in his own words, making sense of data in private intelligence. Valence is the middleman between the client and John, as he wants the work done but doesn’t want his name known. The job is as shady as it gets and has no bearing on morals. Luxbrant (a company that deals in luxury products) has been accused by Banomar Group of using child labor in their production, and they are now being investigated by the Treasury Department. Luxbrant has said in its defense that this is all a ploy by Banomar to tank Luxbrant’s stocks so that they can buy them cheap. While that is not true, Luxbrant wants to prove otherwise so that they can come out of this investigation, and that is where John Weir and his team come in.

Their plan revolves around taking a few incriminating pictures of Dana Heinrich (CEO of Banomar) and Edward Homm (Treasury Department investigator), two people who have nothing to do with each other. How they plan it is that they make Dana take a wrong detour on her way to work; with a cab driver they plant, she reaches where Edward is waiting for his cab. Since she is scared of dogs, they push her towards him by making a dog walker go past her. Finally, someone drops an envelope related to Banomar next to Edward, and he asks Dana whether it belongs to her since she is standing next to him. When she takes it from him, the group clicks their pictures, which are going to be the fake proofs they need.

‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – How Does John Weir Escape From The Cops?

John has been struggling with flashes of his past. He keeps seeing himself running in the forest and, in another instance, being unable to shovel dirt into a grave. He goes to the graveyard to visit the grave of someone who died in his childhood and whose memory clearly follows him even now. Maybe it is the troubling effect of these memories that makes him try to confirm whether Hailey was actually a spy or if meeting her was an actual coincidence. He finds that she is a lawyer but that she also has some expensive tastes, which her job does not support. He goes to meet her, and Hailey is understandably trying to avoid him. He asks her what she was doing in the area that night, but before she can answer, they see the news that claims John has murdered Edward Homm.

John escapes immediately from a policeman on horseback, and when he calls his office, they tell him that there is footage airing on TV of Edward getting into John’s car. This video could have only been taken by someone who knew of their operation, namely, Valence. Just as John reaches his building, that particular floor of his office blows up, killing his co-workers and erasing any and all evidence that John might have had to implicate Arda Analytics or Luxbrant. John makes his way directly to Valence’s office and confronts him about the things happening, but Valence is just as dumbfounded as he is. Valence asks for a minute and goes onto the balcony to take a call, which is when John sees an email on his computer asking Valence to do something right then. When John looks at the balcony, he sees Valence get on the railing and jump to his death. To a bystander, it looks like John was the one to push him down. John makes a run for it and barely manages to escape the building. He drives to his childhood home, and we see that Edward Homm is alive but tied up. The next episode of “Rabbit Hole” will see John trying to make sense of his situation and find clues to prove his innocence.

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