‘Renegade Nell’ Season 2 Theories: Is Billy Blind Dead or Alive?


As far as original IPs go, Renegade Nell concluded on a pretty definitive note. The Queen needed to be saved, and that was achieved. Robert Hennessey, the Earl of Poynton, had to be stopped, and he was weakened by Nell and Billy Blind and then killed by Sofia Wilmot. Talking about Sofia Wilmot and her brother, Thomas Blancheford, they had to be taught a lesson for pinning the blame of Lord Blancheford’s death on Nell and then making her go on the run. That was achieved by the end of the show as well. Nell, Roxy, and George wanted their pub (which doubled as their home) back, and since they were instrumental in the rescue of the Queen, they ticked that off the list, too. So, it might seem that that’s the last we will see of Nell Jackson and her merry band of misfits. However, if the show does well enough to convince Disney to greenlight Season 2 of Renegade Nell, I have some ideas regarding the directions in which the characters could go. This is pure speculation based on what I have seen in Season 1. Therefore, take it with a grain of salt.

Spoiler Alert

Will Sofia and Thomas try to kill Nell Jackson?

Of course, they will. Sofia promised Nell that she would not forget what the latter was doing to the former and her brother. The lack of self-awareness is astounding because they really believe, or at least Sofia believes, that they should be pardoned for killing Sam Trotter and conspiring to overthrow the Queen. And I don’t think Sofia will realize that she is going off the deep end. I think that Thomas will try to knock some sense into her. But I won’t be surprised if Sofia puts Thomas in silent mode and dives headfirst into all kinds of black magic so that she is able to beat Nell easily. Sofia knows that the source of Nell’s powers is Billy Blind. So, maybe she is going to go after him, and when Nell is in her most vulnerable state, she is going to try to kill her. I bet that Thomas is going to get a redemption arc because he was acting like a hurt puppy dog by the end of Season 1. Does he deserve a second chance? Absolutely not.

Will the Dark Magic Wielders Go for the Throne Again?

Even though Robert Hennessey is dead, I don’t think the cult that he was working for is going to go away so easily. If the show continues to draw from real history, I suppose there’s going to be a big naval battle involving black magic and whatnot. Renegade Nell can stay true to the defeat of the Jacobites, or it can twist things and actually show James Francis Edward Stuart entering England through Scotland. I like that the show didn’t really explain the origin of the magical stuff in this world, whose history is similar to the one we (the viewers) live in. They just threw that into the mix and ran with it. I don’t know if digging into it is going to be a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe Season 2 can pull back the curtain on the dark magic wielders and their plans a little bit so that it generates intrigue and maintains the mystery as well. Word of Nell’s powers will spread like wildfire. So, it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll deal with her and Billy Blind.

Is Billy Blind Alive or Dead?

Yes, Billy Blind is alive, but I don’t know if he is well. At the end of Renegade Nell, we do see him whizzing past the screen. That means he survived the process of extracting and detaching Robert’s poisonous snakes from Thomas’ body. However, we have no idea what kind of toll it must’ve taken on him. So, maybe Billy Blind is going to spend the entirety of Season 2 recuperating, and that will give Nell a chance to be her own person. It was fun to see Blind enter Nell’s body and give her superpowers. But she needs to learn what it’s like to be a hero without their superpowers (like Peter Parker did in Spider-Man 2 or Logan did in The Wolverine). I am sure it’ll make her a more robust character, and it’ll motivate her to earn her reunion with Billy. In addition to that, Season 2 can shine a little light on Billy’s history, who he is, and how he became Nell’s guardian angel. They don’t need to give us too much information, though.

What lies in Nell’s future?

As mentioned before, Nell needs to learn who she is without Billy Blind’s help. She needs to hone her fighting skills. I am saying that because I want a training montage. Throughout Season 1, Nell kept running away from her home. But now that her center of gravity has been established, she needs to act responsibly. She has to take care of the pub so that her father’s memory stays alive. She has to ensure that Roxy and George get to be whoever they want to be. The goodbyes will be tough, but such is life. I want to see her romance, Polly. Those two were oozing chemistry. I want a happy ending for them. Lesbians in fantasy dramas rarely get one! That’s why I want Polly and Nell to happen. In addition to that, I hope she moves away from her habit of looting people and becomes some sort of private investigator who unearths pockets of dark magic. And I hope that the second season of Renegade Nell fleshes out her relationship with Billy Blind.

Is there a spirit looking after Roxy?

Roxy is a naturally gifted medical practitioner. But, much like Billy Blind and Nell, it did seem like someone was guiding Roxy’s hand. It could be Billy who was doing all that, but there were moments where it seemed like it was some other spirit that was helping Roxy. Her Uncle Jack did say that Roxy is a lot like her mother. So, is it a stretch to say that that’s Roxy’s mother’s spirit who is looking after Roxy from the great beyond? Either way, if Roxy figures out that she wants to practice medicine, she has to open up a shop in her village or go to London and properly learn how to be a doctor. That endeavor will obviously come with its fair share of challenges, but seeing Roxy overcome them will make for some good storytelling. That can be used to test her relationship with Amadin. They are in their honeymoon phase, and when Roxy starts to prioritize her professional aspirations over her romantic inclinations, it’ll make way for some drama.

What is Amadin’s destiny?

I have a feeling that Amadin is going to take over the Blancheford manor. They are the ones who enslaved him, treated him like a toy, and then betrayed him as well. So, it’s fitting for him to be the leader of the village and take it in a direction where wealth distribution is the priority, and people get what they need and want. He has to make sure that the village’s history of classism comes to an end. And then there’s his relationship with Roxy. As mentioned before, they are bound to go in different directions, even though they are very much in love with each other. But that’s not a bad thing. Maybe a little distance between them is going to make their relationship even stronger, or it’s going to make them realize that Nell was right all along and they aren’t actually meant for each other. By the way, Amadin has some scores to settle with Thomas, and if he tries to reclaim their manor or come for Nell, he’ll get his chance to do a proper rematch with Thomas. He needs to be careful, though, because Sofia will be there to support Thomas. So, Amadin either has to learn magic or hope that Nell gets her mojo back.

Will George Join the Printing Press?

It’s a really small moment where we see George being awestruck by Lady Eularia Moggerhangar’s printing press. Out of the three sisters, she is the most intellectual and well-read sibling. She has constantly rebelled against fake news, especially because she has seen how it can tarnish the reputation of a person. With Polly as the editor and George as her assistant, it’s possible that Eularia’s newspapers will shift from petty stories to real news. That said, it can cause her to get into some trouble with the monarchy because kings and queens usually need the press to print fluff pieces. Whether or not George will succumb to such pressures will be the true test of her character. By the way, George is the only Trotter sibling who doesn’t seem to have anything magical going on with her. George’s uncle did say she was a lot like her father. So, who knows? Maybe Sam Trotter is going to show up in some shape or form to help her when the going gets tough.

What Kind of Knight Will Charles Devereux Be?

Charles Devereux went on quite the journey in Renegade Nell Season 1. He was a highwayman. Then, he was accused of conspiring with the Jacobites. His marriage to Lady Eularia Moggerhangar was canceled. But then he helped save the queen and became a knight. Where could he possibly go from there? Well, given his penchant for mingling with the rich and the affluent, I guess he is going to use his newfound status to gain popularity and wealth. He is undoubtedly going to complicate his relationship with Eularia. However, due to his proximity to the Parliament, I think he’s going to be the one to inform Nell about the inevitable attempt at invading England or any other Jacobite activity. Do I think that someone is going to let Nell know that, in order to save his skin, Charles did try to throw her under the proverbial bus? Yes, I do. Will that affect Nell in any way? Yes, I do. Initially, Nell didn’t think very highly of Charles. That said, over the course of the show, Charles did prove his worth. So, the knowledge that he tried to tarnish her image to save his reputation is going to complicate things again, and Charles has to win her trust and, hopefully, keep it that way. Also, I want Charles and Nell’s relationship to be platonic. Let her romance, Polly!

Will We Witness the Return of Japhia?

Japhia, the down-on-his-luck streetside actor who kidnapped George to capture Nell and earn some money to support his business, seemingly got poisoned by his own drink (there was some interference by Billy Blind) and died. But after carefully reviewing the footage, I have come to the conclusion that Japhia isn’t actually dead. I think the cup didn’t have any poison. Maybe there was some mild sedative. So, I do think he is alive, and although there’s no prize money on Nell’s head, he is probably going to go after her for ruining her troupe. However, what you have read are just my theories regarding the yet-to-be-announced and, hence, hypothetical Renegade Nell Season 2. Please go and watch the show so that we can get another season of wild adventures, and let us know what you’d like to see in it.

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