‘Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Great Detective in Animal World


Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape is an animated film that centers around a mysterious robber, White Storm chased by the famous and intelligent, Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Matthew Chow and Yuen Kin To, this computer-animated film sets Sherlock in an animal world where all the characters are personified as animals.

Set in 19th century London, the film follows Sherlock’s pursuit to catch a heroic outlaw named White Storm aka Mack. Mack steals from the rich and distributes it to the poor, mostly to the slum-dwelling people who have lost their job and livelihood as sailors. The modernization of shipping companies has led to mass unemployment, and Mack couldn’t bear the pain of these people.

The Scotland Yard brings the case to Sherlock but his failure to catch White Storm instills doubt in the minds of the people around. However, Sherlock is just waiting for the right moment to strike back.

“Even the cleverest man makes mistakes sometimes.”

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock through his wit and observation catches White Storm when he comes to meet his only daughter, Katie, in an orphanage. Sherlock successfully catches White Storm but the citizens, people, and press call Sherlock “heartless” for putting a heroic outlaw behind bars.

After four years, White Storm runs away from the prison, an event termed “the great escape” in the title. Even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t break down and solve the mystery of his jail-break. With White Storm, another prisoner, Scarface who developed enmity with White Storm runs away to take revenge. Hence the chase continues.

‘Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape’ Ending Explained

Sherlock Holmes finds out that White Storm ran away from the prison to attend his daughter’s wedding. White Storm was about to voluntarily surrender to the police when Scarface abducts Katie. White Storm teams up with Sherlock to find Katie but to save his daughter, he surrenders himself to Scarface.

Scarface hides White Storm in a deserted town outside the city, and with the help of Katie, Sherlock finds Scarface’s hideout. Attacking them with a smoke bomb, Sherlock blinds the gang and takes them out one by one. Scarface threatens to kill White Storm with a gun placed on his head. Katie comes forward and offers the priceless jewel to Scarface, but White Storm tries to fight back. Scarface notoriously shoots White Storm but Sherlock put an end to the chapter by kicking him out.

Dr.Watson checks White Storm’s bleeding and eases the situation by telling that the bullet hasn’t bruised any important organ. The film ends on a happy note with firecrackers in the sky, celebrating Queen’s birthday.

Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape (Animated Film) is a simple and entertaining film. It lauds yet another tale of sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s celebrated character, Sherlock Holmes. The calculations and deductions of Sherlock throughout the film are amusing and engaging. Seeing the world from an animal perspective is entertaining. The characters have been personified depending on their traits, for example, a greedy wolf, a cunning fox detective, and Sherlock Holmes as the dog, a creature who can smell any clue. If you are into animated films then do not miss this unique avatar of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and the Great Escape (Animated Film) is available for Video-on-Demand.

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