‘Silo’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Douglas Trumbull Dead?


Just when Juliette thought in the previous episode of Silo that she had found an ally in Deputy Marnes, he was murdered for some unknown reasons, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. To Juliette’s disappointment, there was no significant information in Wilkins’ file, and she couldn’t understand why Holston had to hide it in the first place. Just then, a porter arrived at her door, and she came to know about Deputy Marnes’ demise. Juliette reached the crime spot where Sims was examining the body with Deputy Paul Billings. It was no hidden fact that Sims wanted Paul to be the next sheriff, and obviously, because of the conflicting interests, there was animosity between Juliette and Billings.

One thing became clear: Marnes’ speculation was right, i.e., the main target of the killer was not Mayor Ruth but him. Sims was quick to blame Juliette for Marnes’ death, and he said that the new sheriff should have been proactive and deployed a few deputies to Marnes’ doorstep, then nothing of that sort would have happened. The mortuary team arrived, and Juliette asked them to wait outside for a moment because she just wanted to look around and see if she could find anything suspicious in the house. She found a list in Marnes’ pocket on which Doris Kennedy’s name was marked. Marnes had made a sketch of Mayor Ruth, which he had stuck on his walls, and Juliette noticed that whoever had killed him had taken that as well.

Bernard was clear about the fact that he didn’t want the people of Silo to know that Deputy Marnes was murdered. Bernard wanted to create a fake narrative to cover up what had happened, and he proposed that they could organize a race in honor of the dead and bury them in the same grave to make it look like Mayor Ruth and Deputy Marnes were lovers. When asked if he had reason to believe that they were lovers, he said that it was merely speculation from his end, but the accuracy of it made us suspicious about the IT head who was now, the temporary mayor.

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Why Did Douglas Trumbull Mayor Ruth And Deputy Marnes?

Paul knew that Juliette didn’t trust him, but in reality, he had no intentions whatsoever of backstabbing her. In fact, he, too, wanted to find out the truth, and by the looks of it, he was an honest man who liked doing things by the book. He knew the Pact, which was like the constitution of Silo, by heart, and he didn’t like it when people violated the laws enshrined by the founding fathers. Paul went to the Judicial to check if they were suspicions of someone, and he got to know that they believed a guy named Ralph Melby had killed both Marnes and Ruth. He came back and told Juliette about it and asked to immediately take Ralph into custody, but Juliette had not realized until then that the judiciary was misleading her.

Earlier, in Silo episode 5, Juliette had gone to Patrick Keneddy’s house, and she had found the missing sketch of Mayor Ruth and a box of rat poison in his cupboard. As soon as she saw that, she realized that he was being framed by the Judicial, as whoever planted the evidence to make him look like the murderer didn’t know that Patrick didn’t stay in that house anymore. His new address hadn’t been updated in the records due to a technical error, and that is why the culprit had no clue that trying to keep things in Patrick’s old home would only expose him. Juliette immediately went to Patrick’s house once again and found Douglas Trumbull from the Judicial Department standing there. Douglas wanted to be Sims’ shadow, and he had been secretly given the task of eliminating George Wilkins and Deputy Marnes for some unknown reason. Juliette and Douglas entered into a scuffle, and he almost threw her down from one of the levels. Fortunately, Juliette survived, but Doug Trumbell was able to escape from there. Sims was disappointed with Douglas, and the kind of blunder he had committed didn’t leave Sims with a lot of options. Sims knew that he had to make sure that Julliete wasn’t able to link him to Doug and continued to believe that he had acted on his own accord. Sims pushed Doug Trumbell from one of the levels and made it look like he had committed suicide for fear of being caught and punished.

What Did Martha Tell Juliette About The Pact?

After finding out that Douglas was responsible for the deaths of Mayor Ruth and Deputy Marnes, Juliette decided that she would visit Martha at the lower levels and spend a couple of days there. She told Bernard that she wanted to pack her stuff and bring it to her sheriff’s quarters, but in reality, she wanted to see the relic that Martha was working on. The Silo dwellers didn’t know how life was before the earth became inhabitable, and they had spent their entire lives inside the enclosed space. They hadn’t seen the trees, stars, animals, etc., and moreover, they weren’t aware of the entire concept of recording videos, though they were aware of still photography.

While going to the lower levels, Juliette stopped in between to see what Lukas Kyle was up to. Lukas used to come every day to look at the night sky and see the stars. Lukas called them lights as he showed Julitte that they appeared to form a pattern and seemed to be moving in a big circle. Juliette was fascinated too, as from the lower levels, the view wasn’t clear enough to see the night sky. The ending of Silo Episode 5 took place in Martha’s room, where Juliette arrived with the camcorder she had found and was trying to repair. Both of them didn’t know what it was called or for what purpose it was used. They needed a powerful magnifying glass to examine it, but Martha told Juliette that the pact did not allow them to do so. Martha said that she was always very curious to know why the founding fathers had banned the use of a magnifying glass above a certain power and the use of lifts and pulleys to go up and down the levels. Martha asked Juliette why she was not quitting her job because she felt that she was not safe up there. Juliette told her that by solving the two murder cases, she had been able to win the trust of the acting mayor, and she just needed the correct bait to find out what exactly had happened to Wilkins.

Though Juliette was hopeful, she had no clue what the real agenda of people sitting in power was. Juliette once again went back to the underground tunnel, and in the upcoming episodes, we will probably see her making an effort once again to find that door that Wilkins spoke about. We still don’t know why Sims sent Douglas to kill Marnes, as on the face of it, both of them shared a good relationship. It might be possible that Sims felt that Marnes knew something that he shouldn’t be knowing, or maybe he was close to finding the truth that would expose their corrupt practices and bring their foul play to light. On the other hand, Bernard looks like a straightforward guy, but at times it feels like he, too, is hiding something and trying to act naive so that nobody comes to know about his real intentions. Juliette was not going to give up so easily, and it is possible that she might find an ally in Lukas, considering he was also curious to know more about Silo and the world that existed outside it.

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