‘Sky Rojo’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – Do Coral And Wendy Kill Romeo? What Happens To Moises?


Words fail us when we try to explain our feelings about the third Season of “Sky Rojo.” Seasons 1 and 2 had been all about a chase between the characters through situations of life or death. While one might think the third would follow a similar path, it shows real maturity in writing by making us question the characters’ choices between revenge and redemption. Though not as fast as the previous seasons, it still keeps you hooked throughout. We must also give points to the writers for knowing how to incorporate the elements of humor into such a grim narrative, though placing it in the genre of “black comedy” would be a bit of a stretch, at least for the last Season. Despite the gritty and realistic portrayal of the world of “Sky Rojo,” it was probably the first time that we found a bit of a fantastical element in it. In the previous seasons, every time the characters were surrounded by gunfire, at least one of them got shot, if only once. However, “Sky Rojo” Season 3 saw them escape unscathed every time, no matter how many people were firing at them. It almost felt like we were watching an action scene in a Bollywood movie, but of course, the protagonists are heroes who deserve that the audience feel the adrenaline rush of seeing them overcome larger-than-life circumstances. So, let’s see whether the third Season gave Gina, Wendy, and Coral the happy ending they deserved.

Spoilers Ahead

Life After The Escape Of Gina, Wendy, And Coral

Gina, Wendy, and Coral are comfortably settled in a place almost 2,000 kilometers from the club and the desert. They have rented a house near the Coast Guard and opened a bakery to launder the money they have stolen from Romeo. Gina’s pregnancy is coming along well, and she is in a relationship with another man named Toni. Watching her take the leap of faith, Wendy pursues a girl she likes. The girl, Greta, works at a gas station, so Wendy goes there almost every day, causing tons of environmental pollution and wastage of fossil fuel, to be able to see her. Thankfully, one day, she asks her whether she would like to go out so that they can get to know each other better. Greta tells Wendy that she is already in a relationship with someone, but the latter is not one to back down. She convinces Greta that it is just a matter of a few drinks. It certainly looks like the women on “Sky Rojo” flirt better than the men because Greta agrees. After what we assume is a few weeks, Greta tells Wendy that she has broken up with her girlfriend because she wants to be with her instead. Two people in our trio are in very happy relationships. But Coral is just sinking deeper into her addiction. She tells the girls that she has been clean for six months, but she has been lying to them. When they try to set her up with Toni’s friend Pao, Coral considers that she might just like him, but she realizes that her demons are too great for her to run away from. She understands that she has been looking for reasons to stay addicted, and that is preventing her from seeking happiness. She has convinced the others to keep their pasts hidden because she believes that the truth will forever alter their relationships with their significant others. Once the three of them collectively agree to it, Gina tells Toni that she wants to marry him. It was probably this life-changing decision that made her do something extremely risky. She went to a pay phone to call her mother and tell her that she might want to bring her son to her. Unknown to Gina, their call was being traced. Gina’s mother had been watched all these months, and her grandson had been kidnapped. She had to put her daughter in danger because there was no other way out.

Back in Las Naivos, it looks like it is peaceful once again. Right after Moises buried Christian, he had asked to see his mother. But Romeo had fooled him and told him that his mother had been checked in a hospital. What he had really done was that he had defrosted her body, gotten the girls to put makeup on her, and staged her on the hospital bed. The wires that showed her vitals had been attached to a girl named Rubi, who was hiding under the bed. The ruse had worked, and Moises was more loyal to Romeo than ever. But the latter was paranoid about him finding out the truth. He went as far as killing a guy who had started getting close to Moises in the fear that he might reveal the secret during one of their drinking sessions. He even promised the girls at the club that they would be allowed to go once they paid off his debt, as in, he would not be charging them for his “investments.” It was around this time that they found where the girls were hiding and were ready for revenge once again. Joining them on their mission was a deranged killer named Darwin. To be honest, he does add some spice to the plot, but doesn’t make a great difference otherwise.

Moises, Romeo, and his men catch the women unguarded during a trip on Toni’s boat when they are going diving. When the shots are fired, Toni gets hit, and Pao dies protecting Coral. The women are furious at Gina for putting them in danger by making that call. In the ensuing war of words, the entire truth about their history comes out. While they are trying to come up with a plan to protect themselves, Toni tells Gina that he doesn’t care about her past and he still wants to marry her. For every man like Fernando, who broke Gina’s heart and spirit, there is a guy like Toni, and we are glad they found each other. We would have been happier if they had spent their lives together, but the bullets catch Toni, and he is killed. A grief-stricken Gina fires the flare gun at Romeo’s boat, which hits Xuan in the face. Another bullet catches Gina in the chest, and she is grievously injured. Wendy and Coral go into the sea in their scuba diving suits with a plan to attack Romeo. Gina is left on the deck, and she goes into labor. Greta tries to help her, but the only thing they can do is cut her open to bring out the baby. Meanwhile, in the ocean, Coral manages to injure Romeo. He is rescued by Moises, but Romeo requests that they end this chase for the day and go back. When Wendy and Coral make their way back to the boat, they must finish the delivery. As they pull out the baby, he is still wrapped in his cocoon. Please forgive us; we don’t know enough biology to know the correct term for it. Either way, the girls rip open the cocoon and bring out the baby. Miraculously, he is alive, and Gina is able to hug him one last time before she hands him over to his aunts. Wendy, Coral, and Greta make their way to the shore, where they check into a hotel, and they decide that they want to kill Romeo and end this once and for all. Greta, who is still processing the shock of the revelation of her girlfriend’s past, decides to leave, but halfway through, she has a clearer head, and she is able to understand their circumstances better. She goes back and tells them that she will help them with their revenge. As for Romeo and his gang, Beefcake is shot and needs medical attention, which is being denied to him as they cannot get to a hospital. He angrily says that he doesn’t want to end up like Christian. Moises is alerted by the statement, and he finds Romeo’s reaction to it even more suspicious, but at that point, he stops Beefcake from getting medical help. Additionally, Xuan, the guy whose face was shot, kills himself.

The Revenge Of Wendy and Coral

Wendy and Coral make their way back to the place where it all started. They plan on killing Romeo at the first opportunity, which comes to them soon enough. However, when they try to do that, they find that his daughters are with him, and they have to stop. But Wendy sees that while she has stopped, Coral hasn’t. She has put on earphones and is single-mindedly heading toward Romeo. When trying to stop her, Romeo is alerted to their presence. Though he escapes, it now means greater danger for the girls as their cover is blown. They check into a hotel for their hideout. Moises is now hot on their trail. Romeo mentions that he is considering whether they should let go of this revenge, but Moises tells him that they must do it for their own pride and anger.

While Moises tracks them down, Romeo tells Rubi that he wants them to be together. The distaste and fear at this idea are clear on Rubi’s face, but she is helpless. When Moises calls Romeo to tell him the girls’ location, Rubi takes the chance and tells him the entire truth about his mother and brother. An angry Moises is now determined to take his revenge. He goes to the girls’ hotel room and gets them out right before Darwin and Beefcake can find them. While escaping, Wendy finds Coral’s drugs and pills, and once they are out of the assassin’s vicinity, she tells her that she wants nothing to do with her anymore. She leaves and takes the baby with her.

A broken Coral asks Romeo’s help in getting clean. He promises her and takes her to a client’s empty house. We must admit that the timelines get a little messed up from here on. How long was Coral locked up to beat her addiction? It had to have been more than one day. But it looked like Wendy and Greta were on the road for just a day. Let’s ignore this tiny glitch and go ahead with Wendy’s story. The couple and the baby take shelter with a man and his sister in their garage. The man, Diego, seems like the type of person who prioritizes “vibes” over facts, and this doesn’t sit well with his pragmatic sister, who is not happy about the two strange women in their garage, whom she rightfully believes are lying. Wendy has to tell a few lies to increase the duration of their stay, but that upsets Greta. When they talk about it, she states how she should not have abandoned her friend Coral. Seeing her point, Wendy fires the flare gun as her way of calling Coral to her. The trick works, and just at the right time. After rescuing Moises from an attempted suicide, Coral finds herself unsupervised and in the vicinity of some pills. But seeing Wendy’s flare gun gives her the motivation to do the right thing, and she chooses to stay clean. As she is making her way to Wendy, the latter must deal with Beefcake and Darwin, who have also been alerted by the flare. But Greta and Wendy get the better of them and give them a brutal death by setting them on fire. When Coral comes back, the friends reconcile, and it is on to the next part of their plan now.

‘Sky Rojo’ Ending Explained – Are Coral And Wendy Able To Kill Romeo At The End? What Happens To Moises?

After the girls go missing from the hotel and Moises can’t be contacted any more, Romeo is convinced that his lies have been discovered and that his death is near. After his daughters told him that they did not want to live with him anymore, Romeo was even more desperate for some kind of support system, and he was getting none. Maybe knowing that nobody was on his side was what drove him to seek forgiveness and likeability from the very people he had been trampling on all this time. He summoned a priest and tried to confess his sins for God’s forgiveness. In fact, he even got all the girls in the club to do the same, but it was painfully evident that they were just playing along through their helplessness. But Romeo was no better off at this time and was running purely on fear.

When he heard from his guards stationed outside that Moises had taken the girls hostage and brought them back to the club, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Romeo was euphoric. But unknown to him, this new trio had turned the tables on the guards and taken their ammunition. They had also stripped them of their clothes and forced them to run away. Moises picks up the walkie-talkie and asks Romeo to prepare the drinks for them. But Romeo immediately understands that it is an ambush and asks the guards inside to close the doors. But his instructions are too late, and they have already made their way inside. They tell the remaining guards that it is just Romeo they want and that the others should leave to avoid an unnecessary body count, which they listen to.

Romeo rushes to the girls’ room and aims a gun at their heads to protect himself. But Wendy catches him off-guard and incapacitates him. Coral, Wendy, and Moises stuff Romeo in one of the establishment’s pipes and set the whole place on fire. The girls are all free, and they have taken their revenge on them. While Wendy and Greta start a new life, Moises and Coral say their goodbyes, with the latter making plans to start afresh.

Final Thoughts: What Works For the ‘Sky Rojo’ Series?

“Sky Rojo” really is a beautiful series that captures the darker side of the lives of the people in the oldest profession in the world. While we do believe that Season 3 got a tad bit indulgent, we enjoyed seeing our protagonists in their element as the heroes they are—and we are not talking about Moises here. We believe he should have received a harsher punishment, but that was glossed over. Our favorite part of “Sky Rojo” Season 3 was definitely Wendy. She was funny, smart, and bold and exhibited remarkable intelligence and the ability to think on her feet. Our research showed us that the actress playing her, Lali Esposito, is a superstar. Well, her charm really showed in this Season more than in the others when Coral was the one in the limelight. The only thing we wanted was for her to be able to shake off her addiction, and that is really the only thing of substance that she has done in this Season. Greta was a nice addition, one that showed us the contrast between Wendy’s and the “normal” world’s moral compass. “Sky Rojo” is really a “must-watch” series; from its crisp writing to its fast-paced storyline, everything was perfect, and we cannot recommend it enough to everyone we know.

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