‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ Review: A Pulsating Adventure Ride That Keeps You Hooked


“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” from Paramount Pictures is a continuation of the Sega Saga, where Sonic, the blue hedgehog, views his youth as a heroic quest. With his human parents, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) and his veterinarian wife, Maddie, Sonic strikes a balance between family and his new quest. He also meets new people and comes across his arch-enemy, Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), who now has a new accomplice, Knuckles.

Director Jeff Fowler resurrects Sega’s character, Sonic, for yet another adventure that both families and children will enjoy. Sonic’s mission to recover Master Emerald with his new friend Tails and save it from Dr. Robotnik’s grip to ruin Planet Earth is brought to life by writers Pat Casey, John Miller, and John Whittington. It takes us on a joyous and adventurous character-driven journey where Sonic and Tails come up with a strategy to save the world while fighting the G.U.N (Guardians of the United Nations).

Sonic discovers his power in the last film and learns to hone it over time, putting it to good use for the community. In the town of Green Hills, Montana, he finds a family and a place to call home, and he forges a new identity for himself. Sonic, the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with superhuman speed, faces Dr. Robotnik, who is attempting to send him to the mushroom planet via a ring that transforms into a portal. After being defeated, Dr. Robotnik shaves his head off as a result. Dr. Robotnik meets Knuckles, a red Echidna who is looking for a rare relic known as Master Emerald to have it returned to his custody the way his predecessors guarded it for ages. Legend has it that an army of heroes came into possession of the Seven Stones, which, when combined, gave the Master Emerald the ability to bend reality and actualize any vision the possessor of the Stone had. Sonic is suspicious of the legend until his guardian, Longclaw, appears to him with a message from another world, informing him that Master Emerald exists and that he must protect it at all costs.

The Wachowskis are off to Hawaii for Maddie’s sister Rachel’s wedding. Sonic is forced to fight Robotnik after meeting a new companion named Tails, who has two tails that can be converted into a butt-copter, giving her the ability to go anywhere. The two of them wind up in Siberia, only to learn that Master Emerald is in Hawaii, where Tom and Maddie are attending a wedding. When they arrive, they discover that Randall, who is set to marry Rachel, is a G.U.N (Guardian Unit of the Nations) undercover spy, tasked with capturing Tom, Sonic, and Tails. Sonic and Tails find a way to reach an island that appears amid the sea when Robotnik activates a compass to disclose its true location. When they get on the island and begin their quest for the emerald, they encounter a massive maze that they must navigate, and when they arrive at the Emerald, Knuckles battles Sonic. Knuckles does not believe Sonic when he informs him that his partner-in-crime, Dr. Robotnik, is preparing to steal the Emerald for himself. Knuckles must decide whether he wants to continue on his own or join forces with Sonic and Tails to fight Robotnik and safely reclaim Master Emerald.

Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Dr. Robotnik is a pitiful continuation of his “The Mask” era performance. Jim’s character took an oath to shave his head so no one would identify him. With a massive mustache, you would recognize him if he threw his jaw open, which is a dead giveaway. While we might expect him to play a role that is more in line with his personality off-screen these days, we’d want to see a more wise and witty Jim Carrey on screen. For the most part, James Marsden’s Tom Wachowski looks like a lost puppy. Comedic aspects were present and precisely timed for childish humor. Idris Elba’s dialogue was in old school English for Knuckles, while Ben Schwartz was excellent for Sonic.

Director Jeff Fowler returns to direct an animated film with the background score that is properly in place and sound effects that are done to perfection, giving us the real essence of being in the game itself. Pat Casey, Josh Miller, and John Whittington wrote the dialogue, which keeps us laughing throughout, making it a great outing for both youngsters and families. It’s a Sega saga done correctly by the original creators, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ is a 2022 Action Drama film directed by Jeff Fowler.

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