‘Straight Outta Nowhere’ Summary & Ending Explained – The Mystery of Giant Cicada Army


Our beloved ‘Scooby-Doo’ meets the adorable ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ in the animated film, Straight Outta Nowhere. The film, directed by Cecilia Aranovich, brings Scooby and his mystery gang to Courage’s eerie town, Nowhere, Kansas. The gang and Courage investigate the strange ultrasonic frequencies that attract a giant Cicada army.

‘Straight Outta Nowhere’ Plot Summary

Following their adventurous routine, Mystery Inc. catches a notorious bank-robbing clown. While they cherish their victory, Scooby-Doo suddenly hears ultrasonic frequencies and gets hypnotized. He runs to Nowhere, Kansas, while Shaggy and the gang follow their beloved friend. Scooby ends up at a farmhouse where he meets Courage the Cowardly Dog.

For some strange reason, Courage hears the same strange music and starts dancing animatedly. However, before they can decipher the mystery, an army of giant cicadas (bugs) attacks them. The mystery van comes to their rescue. Courage’s owners, Eustace and Muriel Bagge, welcome Scooby and the gang. Velma Dinkley believes that the strange vibrations picked up by Scooby and Courage have something to do with the Cicada army. To get to the bottom of the giant bug mystery, they dig further.

What was Nowhere?

According to a news report, creepy stuff happened in Nowhere Town. The gang visited the Nowhere museum and found out the history of this eerie town. It was home to monsters, aliens, mad scientists, and other perils from myth and legend. Nowhere was also known for its evil mastermind, Katz, and international thief, Le Quack. Some reporters speculated that the mystery stemmed from a nearby top-secret military base.

‘Straight Outta Nowhere’ Ending Explained

Scooby and the gang were invited for dinner at the Mayor Mansion. The Mayor of Nowhere reluctantly welcomed them. And as the gang explored the mansion, they found the strange broadcasting step up in the basement. The machine sent signals to cell phone towers across the country and connected with affluent people. The frequency hypnotized them and compelled them to bring their riches to Courage’s farmhouse.

Velma needed a fluent internet connection to investigate further. Still, a flying Cicada army abducted the gang on their way to the farmhouse. Scooby and Courage took charge and consulted with Courage’s all-knowing computer, who explained that Courage’s farmhouse was in the middle of an impact crater. It was caused by one of the most deadly meteors in the history of the planet. The meteor was composed of dark matter, a notoriously unstable substance that was the root of all the eeriness.

Scooby and Courage located a spot outside the farmhouse and dug to the bottom. They finally found the dark matter meteor and figured out its immense power. In the depths, they also found the gang held hostage by the Cicadas. Scooby and Courage rescued their family and stole the meteor. However, as they reached the surface, queen Cicada attacked them. It harnessed the power of the meteor and transformed itself into a titanous Cicada. Courage used the same power and turned into a giant Courage. In the battle of the titans, Courage finally defeated the Cicada and changed it into its normal size with the help of the meteor.

The mystery gang caught the nasty bug and found out that the evil mastermind, Katz, and international thief Le Quack used the mayor and Cicada costume to commit a supernatural heist. Katz revealed that they harnessed the power of the meteor to hypnotize rich people and steal their wealth. Suddenly, the mayor’s butler, Mr Glockenspiel, and lady cook, Frau Glockenspiel, arrived at the scene and revealed that they were a general and lieutenant in costume. The officials were looking for the dastardly criminals and thanked the mystery-solving teens for stopping the nefarious plan. However, Velma and the gang refused to believe that Katz and Le Quack were real entities until the end. They thought they were humans hiding behind a mask.

Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog is a 2021 animated adventure film. It is directed by Cecilia Aranovich.

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