‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Moo Young Dead?


After watching so many K-dramas, we find it is safe to say that much of the narrative is similar to our Bollywood films. Take Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, for example. Here, Lee Yeon is the male protagonist, and hence, everything revolves around him. He is literally doing all the work and though it is good to see the hero hustle, after a point, it gets monotonous. The other characters haven’t been given much space to evolve, and we are getting tired of how useless they have become despite having supposedly equal powers. The eleventh episode is the perfect example of what we have discussed above, and thus we look into the recap of episode 11 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 to point out the instances that irritated us in the episode. 

Spoilers Alert

How Does Yeon Deal With The Shinigami Mercenaries?

We get that this is a Yeon, aka Lee Dong Wook, show through and through, but it feels absurd that the two other equally powerful mountain gods in his company always need him to come to their rescue. When Nyudo (in Yeon’s body) leads Hong Joo and Moo Young to a clearing where Yuki and Oogama arrive and they all get into a fight, Yuki is able to overpower Moo Young and subsequently, Hong Joo, with her ice skills. But Moo Young had said that he knew about Yuki’s skills. How could he fall for them so easily then? In the meantime, Nyudo decides that he likes Moo Young’s body more, with his fighting skills and his ability to use the power of fire. He decides to claim his body next, but he stabs Lee Yeon’s body before that. Just as his spirit is about to enter Moo Young’s body, Yeon (in Nyudo’s body) gets in the way, and each spirit returns to its respective place.

The mountain gods successfully kill Nyudo, and they find themselves back in the hotel room. But as usual, they are not out of trouble yet. The fifth member of the Shinigami mercenaries, their boss, is a powerful illusionist, and he creates a lie for the gods that they are back in Myoyeongeok. But Yeon catches on to that when he notices that Rang has no shadow and alerts his friends. The three of them are still in the hotel room, and the illusionist hypnotizes them (one of his powers) to attack each other. Of course, Yeon is more alert than the others, and he breaks out of that. It turns out that one of the powers of a nine-tailed fox who is a mountain god is that he can hypnotize people as well. It is a little too convenient, and it is getting tiring that Yeon is the all-encompassing superhero all the time in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938. Two seasons of this can get old. Regardless, Yeon’s hypnotism makes Oogama and Yuki attack their boss. Yeon tells them to throw him off the roof and then follow him themselves. We don’t know what Yeon was thinking when he decided that a fall from the roof would kill a Shinigami mercenary. But that is just the first step in the havoc about to follow. The second thing is that Moo Young is able to steal one of the treasures, the golden ruler, and escape to do whatever it is he plans with it.

Back in Myoyeongeok, the real one this time, Yeon is getting ready for his goodbyes since he leaves in two days. But there is another roadblock, or, should we say, another mission in his way that he willingly takes up: that of Ginko Tawara’s wedding. Ginko’s parents have been wondering whether they can hold her wedding in the hotel since the massacre. But Ginko insists on that venue as it would send a message that the hotel will always be a hotspot. Marketing is really not a modern concept. Ginko’s plan is that since all the pro-Japanese delegates and the demons will be at the hotel, she can take them out in one fell swoop. She also asks for Shin Joo’s help to make sure her plan is successful since she can’t be sure whether a bomb will kill Ryuhei. That is when Yeon agrees to help her as part of his contribution to the freedom fight.

Is Moo Young Dead? What Happened To Yeo Hee?

Yeon thinks that Moo Young is going to use the golden ruler to revive his dead brother, but the problem goes deeper than that. Yeon had to kill Ho Young because he had gone crazy and was destroying everything in sight. We finally know why. Taluipa tells Yeon that there was originally only one mountain god instead of four. That mountain god had lost his mind, and that is why his power had been split four ways and each assigned to a relic. Two of those were the golden ruler and the guardian stone. They had been placed in different eras so that the relics would never be in close proximity, as that would revive the god. Ho Young had gone crazy because of the original mountain god himself, and right now, Moo Young was unknowingly about to revive him and not his brother. Sadly, that is what happens, and a revived Ho Young (let’s call him that until we know the name of the original mountain god) stops the heart of Moo Young. Though Yeon is rushing to save Moo Young, he is too late, and Moo Young breathes his last (at least that is what it looks like).

Back in the city, it turns out that Yuki and Oogama are still alive. We are assuming that if they survived, their boss must also be alive since it seems wasteful to think that such a powerful being only existed in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 for barely 20 minutes. At the end of Episode 11 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, Yuki and Oogama kidnap Yeo Hee and Jae Yoo, certainly to use as bargaining chips against Hong Joo and Yeon. Rang is devastated, but he is going to fight alongside his brother to get back the love of his life. It is also going to be a difficult time for Hong Joo, with Jae Yoo in danger and Moo Young dead.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to know that Yeo Hee is safe and that Rang has not completely lost her. But we think that it is going to happen later in the series since Yeo Hee is not present in Rang’s future either way, as we saw in the prequel, Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020). We also think that Yeon might not be able to go to the future yet. It is his only chance to go back to the present, but the series still has five episodes to get through. Either Yeon will have to come back to 1938 again, or he won’t be able to leave just yet. We also caught a glimpse of the 1938 Yeon in the precap. It would be interesting to see how he contributes to the story.

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