‘The Baby’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Did Mrs. Eaves See In Her Vision? Was Jack Still Alive?


In the HBO miniseries, “The Baby,” Episode 4, we saw that Natasha and her younger sister Bobbi had reached their mother, Barbara’s commune. Mrs. Eaves had also accompanied Natasha, and was trying to find ways to kill the baby. That night, Mrs. Eaves heard a voice saying that the baby wanted Natasha to know about a woman named Helen. Both the women get a hallucinatory psychic vision and witness the story of Helen.

Episode 5 then took us back in time, where we got to know about Helen, who gave birth to the baby. Helen McGregor refers to Mrs. Eaves as her maiden aunt, and she was married to Jack. She was having a secret relationship with a woman named Nour. Helen had run from her husband’s house and gone to live with Nour. She was pregnant and used to visit the hospital for her routine checkup. On one such visit, the doctors informed Jack about her, who had abducted her from the hospital. Helen found herself once again in her husband’s house. She was kept intoxicated by Jack until she gave birth to the baby. Helen didn’t even want to see the face of her newborn. She despised the mere presence of the baby. For her, it was a reminder of that night when her husband had almost forced himself upon her. Helen never wished to be pregnant, but she was not given a choice. Her father-in-law was suffering from bowel cancer, and Jack wanted to have a baby as soon as possible. Helen stabbed her caretaker, and pushed Jack down the stairs to escape the house and get reunited with Nour. She went directly to the secluded cabin at the foot of the cliff, as her husband didn’t know about that place. The baby appeared there one night, and a petrified Helen jumped into the sea and gave her life. The baby vanished from the cabin and then went on a killing spree. Each and every woman who had the baby met their fateful end. And now Natasha had him and had to find a way to get rid of him before he could do any harm to her and her loved ones.

Was Natasha Able To Control The Baby?  

In Episode 6, Natasha and Mrs. Eaves woke up from their slumber after seeing what happened to Helen. Natasha’s mother, Barbara, had the baby, and she refused to give him as she thought that Natasha had gone senile and was in no mental capacity to take care of the little one. Natasha urges her to give the baby and tells her that she is unaware of what he could do. Just then, a group of children come and snatch the baby from Barabara’s arms. All the children had gone and sat inside the den, an abandoned space in the Jupiter house itself. Sally, one of the girls living in Jupiter House, held the baby while the other kids were busy scribbling and painting a picture in a hasty manner, of Helen drowning in the water. Natasha urges Sally to give her the baby. But she says that he wants his mother. Bobbi naively tells her that her mother is Natasha only, unaware of the weird developments that had led Natasha to meet the little devil. As soon as she says that, all the kids sitting behind Sally start shouting in unison, “Mummy’s gone into the water.” The baby had witnessed Helen going inside the water and taking her life.

Sally takes the baby and once again escapes from the den. Barbara and other members of the commune finally find all the children and ask them to stop behaving in such an erratic manner. The children start pelting stones at them, severely injuring Barbara and others. Sally tries to drown Barbara in the backwaters, but just then, Natasha and Bobbi arrive on the scene. Natasha knows that the baby is somehow making all the other kids become violent. She tells Bobbi to distract him with her magic tricks so that she can save their mother. As soon as Bobbi runs out of her tricks, the kids become possessed once again and start chasing the others.

Natasha was sick and tired of fighting her sister Bobbi. She goes and tells the baby that she is sorry for his mother. The possessed children had slept, and it seems that the baby was also done hurting people and throwing violent tantrums. The chaos finally settled, and Natasha sort of reconciled with the little one. Natasha picked him up in her arms and left the Jupiter house with him and Mrs. Eaves.

Episode 6: Ending Explained – What Did Mrs. Eaves See In Her Vision? Was Jack Still Alive? 

While searching for Sally, who had taken away the baby, Mrs. Eaves lies down suddenly and once again gets those psychic visions (which she terms as a heart attack later) that used to feel like lucid dreams, but in fact, were more of a revelation. In her vision, she saw Helen going through all the adversities of her life. She saw her smiling with Nour and facing the wrath of a husband she no longer wanted to be with. But the most significant thing she came to know was that Jack, Helen’s husband and the father of the baby, was still alive. How she got those visions is still a mystery, and maybe the upcoming episodes will reveal it. But for now, one thing was clear: Whatever she saw in her visions was not a figment of her imagination but a reality. Jack was still alive, and it meant that the baby could be controlled. The baby wanted his mother back (which became evident after the possessed kids communicated the same), and maybe it was the loneliness that was making him do such evil things. Maybe he only longed to be with his parents and nothing else. Maybe he was just filled with a lot of indignation and felt that the world had been unfair with him.

Mrs. Eaves thinks that she has an actual chance of either stopping or getting rid of the baby. But Natasha is in no mood to once again go in search of people. She was done fighting with her sister, her past, her present, and everything else that had been happening in her life. For now, she just wanted to take a pause and breathe.


Natasha had a heated argument with Bobbi, and told her bluntly that she only wanted a kid to overcome her fear of abandonment. Bobbi felt that everybody would eventually leave her, and that is why it was so important for her to adopt a kid. Her request had been put down by the social worker who was looking into their adoption case, and Bobbi, in all her frustration, blamed Natasha for it, as the latter had arrived unannounced when the social worker had come for an interview. But Bobbi knew somewhere deep down that it was her fear, frustration, and angst talking. Natasha had not spoiled her interview. If anything her arrival did was to make things better for Bobbi, as she was able to put the baby to sleep and the social worker got convinced that she could handle kids.

Towards the end of episode 6, it felt like Natasha had started to understand the baby. She knew he was angry and maybe felt the same fear of abandonment that her sister Bobbi had felt her whole life. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Mrs. Eaves is able to convince Natasha to go and find Jack or whether Natasha has a change of heart and decides to keep the baby.

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